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Magic Kinetic Energy

You are seeing everyone's demons come out

if you are not evolving, you are like a person on a treadmill (you aint going anywhere),but you are walking, running and forcing aggressive frequencies on everyone and themselves, kids, etc and winding down their own away resources Vital Information Resource Under Siege

V.I.R U.S.

Is a frequency algorithm that brings up all of your predisposed issues..

They have different names.. Based upon the frequency..

When you get a virus uploaded into your computer it is an algorithm.. It is a frequency that jumbles up and causes chaos.. They have specific scripts and codes to cause the frequency shift in your internal operating system..

And then your body releases different frequencies attached to proteins used to attach itself to the nearest biodiversity..

That's what viruses are.. They are frequency shifts that are held inside proteins.. Earth is one big protein.. Somebody influences a frequency shift and affects everything in its surroundings..

If you want to take back your life.. And stop the deterioration process.. You must release some of the life sucking energy from your world..

Even calm down your exercise regimes.. Because that is a main reason why people are deteriorating very quickly in this highly aggressive environment..

Release unnecessary demons, like excessive "friends and family".. As well as little microbial stowaways who take more than give back.. And then reconsider your diets..

Maybe the reason why you need to fast or stay away from food is because you're not properly processing the nutrients because you are harbouring demons who are misplacing the energy..

In other words you are starving..

Starvation is the number one reason or the ONLY why people die from heart attacks and strokes and bad choices.. AKA NATURAL CAUSES When you hit a kid or a person place or a thing.. An animal... You are building rage in them.. That kinetic activity causes energy to build up and if they don't have a proper release process.. It could bite you i* t** a**. Then society pays for it..

Corporal punishment as a behavior modification doesn't always have the desired outcome you expect based upon what you have researched..

We are seeing it now in the population with kids who've had microbial Corporal punishment through the pharmaceuticals as well as the abuse from parents who think that hitting their children is toughening them up or psychologically abusing them is appropriate to tough them up..

That build rage and bullies in the schoolyard..

As well as in society..

The wounds do last even though you might get a desired outcome.. It's not always desirable for the person receiving..

Pragmatism is a double edge sword..

Is despicable to watch people also beat their animals into submission.. It is horrific to watch.. I've seen it and heard it even from those who are animal handlers in the k9 department..

Any kind of kinetic activity.. Builds rage and energy.. And wires get crossed..

Don't get me started about the medical and the veterinary system... Just because you went under anesthesia doesn't make the act of cutting into someone or something any better..

Even using religion as a tactic to behavior modify someone.. To release the demons through religion..

Because i've seen religion being used as an abusive tactic to someone who was incapacitated, who did not have the strength to take the earphones off him.. He was quadruplegic..

Forced to listen to bible verses hour after hour after hour..!!! I know they thought that forcing bible verses into his brain will conquer satan..

Are you sure about that..? Or else why would you do that..

What if they were developing more demons by doing that..?

Maybe figure out what the root of the issue is..

Versus trying to beat it out of someone or person place or thing.. Or force them to hear words that potentially are casting spells on them..

I know, people say, don't judge someone if you haven't walked a mile in their shoes..

But was done is done

now this is for the future..

The vampire diaries said once you get your humanity back you will mourn what you ever did because what you were taught..

Some people will have a hard time looking at themselves at the way they were in the past..

It's okay to look back.. And it's okay to move forward.. But first you must release those demons.. If it's even possible.

To simplify even more.. Being pragmatic means doing whatever works to get a desired result.. The ends justify the means. So if you are proud that you hit your kid or you're proud that you were beaten as a child to keep you in line..

That's not something to be proud of..

Because those demons are still there.. And they do metastasize..

Not everyone channels that rage into something useful.. Even if they do..

When you have a child what kind of rage is going to build up in them..

When you practice the same things that was done to you as a kid to your children.. I'm tired of seeing schoolyard bullies and adult bullies.. Y'all mothers are about protecting your kids from everybody..

But who's protecting them from you..

When you say the government doesn't give you a choice.. Actually the government is giving you choices..

Are you giving your kids choices..

When is it appropriate to give your kids a choice..

When is it appropriate to introduce to them the world..

At what point will they learn tolerance to diversity..

What is harm.. Is seeing something different harmful.. What are they seeing..

Yes everyone has a right to raise their children.. But what are you raising them with.. What are you installing into them.. instilling into them..

Are you raising a future bully.. Someone who has the potential to be intolerant..

Are you raising a ticking time bomb....

As a former child possibly bumped into the parents as kids, I'm an expert in the matter..

Everyone is if they're willing to stand in the shoes of their childhood and who they were..

I agree some things in the media have taken diversity way too far to the point of introducing sensitive matters that are not appropriate..

That's when you must differentiate between somebody's private lifestyle and what they are wearing.. And what they look like..

If booty shorts are okay for a hot girl on the beach.. Remember equality.. Oh boy feminism inverted..

Just because you can does not mean you should however who determines..

Social constructs are changing.. Some people are abusing the fact that they can flaunt whatever they want . Abuse can be looked at as evolution. Again that's a fine line..

Holy s***.. I don't know the answer.. It's different for everybody.

Do you risk early exposure and potentially let the genie out of the bottle..

Do you withhold early exposure and then risk person becoming drunk with exposure Or completely intolerant..

What is early exposure.. Anything you think needs to be controlled..

Like drugs alcohol perceived violent or sexual images..

And in this environment people are releasing their demons.. Now you get to see what people's demons are.. Not everything is what it seems.. And you may not like the demons people are releasing.. This person/hotel mgr could not control his urges..

Just like I can't keep my mouth shut when i'm releasing my demons.. But i'm not breaking the law.. And i'm redirecting the energy for good for myself and for the world without destroying somebody else.. Showing that you can channel your energy to something constructive and honest..

This person below is breaking the law. What in his world thought that that would be appropriate on any occasion.. People used to control their urges.. Now people just don't give a d*** Ex addicts use their past addictions as a badge of honor.

Ok so you overcame your you are perfect and above reproach and can do no wrong..

Overcoming addiction Isn't the end of the road..

That was just the beginning.. Not to be used as a badge of honor forever..

When you stop using your past as a way to justify your present..

You finally overcome your addiction because it's not being used as an excuse for your current behavior.. It's not being used as a weapon against how other people view you..

Now you are responsible for your own behavior..

The addiction has nothing to do with other people anymore..

That's when you know you have overcome addiction..

Some people are addicted to being an ex addict..

Please don't characterized as post as being narcissistic..

Maybe someone ought to say that there's always room to improve..

Maybe someone believes moving forward beyond those feelings and release the demons..

Maybe being an x anything is not a badge of honor..

It's a way to explain stuff.. But at some point ownership.. Own your s***..

I might be in a generation x.. But i'm not my whole generation.. It's just part of me but it's not who i am..

At some point I won't have to differentiate myself from other people..

And I won't own that label anymore...

And in the future I won't ever own that label to describe exactly what I am.. I may have been influenced by gen x, but that it's not me..

I am my own person..

You be you..

When you stop leading with your wounds.. You have a room for so much more..

If you live long enough.. You can get the wounds out on fb.. And over time it will get buried.. Unless someone resurrects the past for a reason .. Like religion.. Here we go. We will have some extremely intelligent adults out there.. Sleeping beauty..

We thank them for their service.. Because they will be under pressure to do so many things to fulfill their destiny.. I can almost bet you they are blood type a b

High neural activity has its own drawbacks but it's great in the beginning capitalizing on that energy and gifts and quick energy conversion in the brain.. Over time.. Down the road.. It will be Predictable.. High neural activity has a predictable outcome..

But enjoy the journey.. And I hope he comes across my information in the future if he chooses to release the demons.. Because those gifts will turn into demons. Unless he redirects and is given the time to do that..

Summary: A new study reveals an increased risk of psychological and physiological disorders in high IQ people compared to national averages. Researchers report 20% of Mensa members, with an IQ of 130 and over, have a diagnosed anxiety disorder, compared to 10% of the general public.

Source: Pitzer College.

A new study in the journal Intelligence reports that highly intelligent people have a significantly increased risk of suffering from a variety of psychological and physiological disorders.

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