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Making Love Starts the War of Life and Death

Everyone who "loves" you, will tell you to see a licensed professional or find ways to take away the life/pain/symptoms..

that was how love was weaponized in the hippy generation and the hippy generation carried over into all religions.. i mean all of them..

Make "love", not "war" is really, making love is war..

John Oakes said: And those that respect you will leave you to make your own decisions and not interfere

Jillian Epperly John Oakes exactly... and you know, as well as I, many family and friends lack respect for one another.. which is why the HIGH divorce rate and why people fall out with each other..

So when someone asks Facebook what they should do for an illness everyone who lacks respect for them will tell them to go see a doctor or use their remedies..

I even put in my book, go see a doctor because I know the world I live in ( I can't suggest doing nothing or doing it my way).. and I am not trying to convert anyone into life so if you want to die, go see a doctor.. and i am just supporting your decision, your already developed choice if my suggestion to see a doctor is enough for you to actually see a doctor..

You were not meant for my info anyways.. and subconsciously, I know my readers...

The one who actually respects them the most doesn't even answer them because it's not their place to even make a suggestion.. Lazy people will ask the community what they should do for anything.. That's how they absolve themselves from any responsibility for their lifestyle their belief systems and everything else..

The system figured out how to weaponize your friends and family and social interest groups against your life force.. So many people are desperate for validation they can't do anything without some kind of confirmation from friend's family which is why I have taken myself out of influential groups because of that very notion..

I make my own decisions and I put it out there and I stand by them and I put my money where my mouth is and I blame no one but myself. But even though I did not start the war on my dog, I have to deal with the fall out of the veterinary butchery system and I will NOT destroy my dog because people who do not even live with me, are desperate to destroy all life, even their own.

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