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Maturity is when..

Maturity is when you know you can destroy someone spiritually and could probably feel justified given how much Drama came from that direction, And you choose to take the higher road because you understand where it came from..

Even if you don't understand where it comes from you still must appeal to the psychology of the masses even if one person represents so many people literally and figuratively..

The Internet is an amazing place.. It is a place where you can pretend to be something you are not, It is a place to hide behind Your favorite personalities..

You can literally create any personality profile belief system and people will buy it and some will figure it out if it really does come from deception..

Everything in the darkness eventually comes to light which is why I'm so active on Facebook live so you see the person you can look at my eyes you can look at my face you see who the mannerisms the muscles and the facial expressions behind the ideas..

Which is why I don't hide behind pictures and filters.. You get authenticity city that you would not get from many people because of so much past trauma..

This is why the system is Guiding reproduction carefully because many parents have f***** u* their kids as well as people have been victimized at the hands of horrible horrible family and friends and ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends.. And they can't get out of their trauma..

It's probably therapeutic to unleash anger onto a stranger.. I'm sure even the therapist out there say it's OK so as long as they're not breaking the law..

But you must understand the mentality of trolls and they're not always misguided activists.. Some have deeper rooted issues that even you can't penetrate and you don't want to that is something left to a professional..

Do not attack a person, place or thing. Question the healthcare industry feeding into all the systems people are reacting to..

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