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Maybe it's time to question why you still want reparations from years ago..

If you're willing to question what's going on with the Dalai Lama.. Maybe it's also time to question your belief in the horoscopes.. Jesus Christ and other prophets..

Free yourself from Your own enslavement of living in the past of retraumatizing your friends and your family.. And your children. When you keep replaying the past over and over. Like the bible and atrocities.. What makes you think the future will be any different.. You're just traumatizing a new generation of people.. That you can control.. And give a remedy to..

Heat fungus and growth

What if you found out the person you worshipped Who was infallible to you, did the most heinous things..? Faith in yourself.. Because you will see the leaders will have foibles.. Just like you..

Dead or alive leaders were people that were revered because they had a different experience.. That someone else did not have because they didn't know how they came upon that experience..

And so they could have been under the influence high as a kite.. Preaching the word of whatever.. Then came words.. Spells.. Gifts.. cures and curses.. cursive

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