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Meat Collagen Is Your Protection Against Evil Dead Spirits Trying to Penetrate Your Immune System

High frequencies.. The dead will contact the living... Some people are not prepared for their retribution..

Protect yourself release the demons. I know when frequencies change so aggressively. And the dead are contacting me that even my refrigerator goes hay wire.. Pictures fall.. People get diagnosable conditions or becomes so entrenched in their politics their religion and science ... They become even more sexual..

Watch your Facebook.. Everything is in plain sight.. Even the dead can destroy the living. Because people hold so much damage within and they allow the deadly spirits to control them and possess them. And you see people are hungry for power..

Why do you think children are out of control.. Why do you think they are giving you options for delivery services? So you don't get in the way of someone who has allowed their demons to control them become out of control. That's why the medical system and the surgical system exists.. Because doctors are allowed to cut out the evil spirits. But then it causes the body to be even more traumatized and compromised.. Then the evil spirits metastasize..

Died suddenly or major deterioration.. Herbs and remedies make a spirit stronger and deadlier.. The world is not what you think.. Be careful of the sexually aggressive hot girls in our society.. They are made to literally suck the life out of weak men.. Nothing is by accident.. I'm not puritanical.. Far from it.. But I understand the programming.. That's why the nineteen sixties was a major turning point..

The weaponization of beauty and the family.. and the medical system and holistic system causing more trauma.. People can't get ahead.. Not when they are surrounded.. That's why the jay world is a minority.. Because once you face that demon.. You will literally stop selling sex and beauty on the internet... You will stop advocating people cause trauma to themselves..

You will look like and sound like a puritan.. Ironic isn't it.. That was literally the birth of America was from the puritans.. But even the puritans became impure.. Absolute power corrupts absolutely..

And now you see how compromised even those who claim they are trying to take America back.. Having so many children is the issue... So many children with trauma to their body, mind and spirit is why we are in this situation.. You don't take your country back.. It's already gone.. Now you have to take your personal life back..

Some of you are not equipped to do that.. You are still too traumatized by old destructive relationships.. And you have major hormonal imbalances.. And you are dropping platitudes of survivability because somebody wronged you around love and sex.. You are still so deep in trauma that even your religion can't save you.. They can only give you absolution. Because that's what you're looking for.. You're not looking to change or evolve.. I can't save you...

The jay world can't save people who are too far gone.. I could only observe and hope that some seeds of my information will reach you.. If you have the intellect.. To be reached.. But again, the temptations of money, power, and wealth, and social capital is far more lucrative than realizing how much of that addiction is going to destroy you Good luck..

All of you will need it.. Remember your sperm and your eggs are you.. When you produce so much sperm and so much eggs, you are taking pieces of yourself and releasing them.. And so when men are around beautiful women.. They become a weak.. In so many different ways.. During climate change women drop so many eggs.. And then they get menopausal.. Deteriorate lose collagen.

All under the influence of politics religion and science.. I only drop a few eggs when the climate shifts.. There was three months in between my period. And you know predatory men out there will be looking for someone to procreate with.. Be careful of predatory men and women..

They will sell you sex love and beauty and image... Why.. Because they can.. siphoning off your resources.. They are selling you something.. You better figure out what it is.. And you better figure it out fast.. They aren't selling you life.. And if they're not selling you sex love and an image.. They will sell you absolution through their tinctures and remedies and surgeries.. That's the destruction of mankind.. And people don't even know it..

Once you know it... You cannot unknow it.. Which is why people don't like me.. Which is why the spirits don't like me.. Now you see the world for what it is... And it's painful.. This is why I stand alone.. This is also why it must be necessary to be on your own. Once you discover what's going on... You really can't go back.. Again I'm not trying to convert you.. I just want you to be aware of how this world operates..

Everything is in plain sight.. Everyone deserves a choice in the matter.. I mean everyone.. I'm just getting better at explaining it and observing what I observe..

In this environment turbo cancers come from aggressive spiritual sexual reproduction.. Cancer disease, chronic illness, and autoimmune disorders is like housing a permanent baby in your body.. Literally sucking the life out of you.. Or bearing, so many of her own children that you become bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and..

To survive this, you must learn how to release the demon safely and take on substance..

All the orbs that you see around a person who has compromised portals in their body are the dead sperm trying to inhabit and take over and possess the person...

If you are not reinforcing your body with all the food in the food supply.. And NOT releasing demon safely and effectively..

You will become a vessel for the dead to destroy you..

Spiritual possession is a thing.. And people practice spiritual possession through the occult practices.. People don't survive possession.. That's called heart attacks and strokes.. That's the world you live in..

So while people find it fun to play with the dead spirits through all the different devices.. They don't realize they have left themselves open for possession.. That's the torture of humanity.. That's why they age out in the system.. And they get absolution through politics religion science and activism..

I'm upstairs preparing for Facebook live.. I hear a loud crashing downstairs.. I come downstairs and my neck hairs are on end.. I look around for what crash couldn't find anything.. Lo and behold the picture.. Just fell..

I know my husband is very good at what he does.. There should be no reason why anything should fall.. In this day and age I don't trust anything above my head.. Except for the ceiling..

The spirits.. The thin veil between the above world and the below world.. It's obviously apparent..

What Does Having Jowls Mean?

jowls means lack of collagen

botox and plastic surgery is hiding the lack of collagen in the face..

obesity to keep the face "smooth" can also work against you..

The term “jowls” describes sagging, loose skin below the jawline, which most people develop with age. Aside from ageing, a number of other factors can also contribute to having jowls. Both sun-damage and smoking can accelerate the ageing process, resulting in a loss of the skin's elasticity and collagen.

Collagen rich foods MEAT MILK So all you vegan and vegetarians. You are destroying yourself... Improved heart health.

Collagen helps keep the shape of your arteries and blood vessels. When you lack collagen, your arteries may weaken. Fragile blood vessels increase the risk of atherosclerosis, which can lead to a heart attack or stroke.Dec 13, 2022 Health Benefits of Collagen: Pros and Cons, Nutrition, and More - WebMD,a%20heart%20attack%20or%20stroke

4 Sources of Collagen Collagen protein is digestible The sources of collagen are limited, but very accessible in grocery stores and online. There are only 4 sources, or food groups, that contain collagen protein which are:

Bone Broth Certain Organ Meats such as Tripe Meat on the Bone including Cartilage, Skin, Bone, Joint Material Eggs, more specifically, eggshell membrane That’s it. No, you can’t get collagen from green leafy veggies (more on that soon).

I am not promoting collagen supplements. I just want you to see where I get my info from.

For People Who Cannot Handle Suffering, a little or a lot, then A Died Suddenly is Your Future

A died suddenly is a gift to those who refuse to evolve.. some of you are great candidates for died suddenlies.. and you are saving your friends and family from the suffering of watching you deteriorate.

so maybe.. look at died suddenly as a gift.. not a curse..

You have a chance to redirect.. but if you do not want to change.. I hope your life is great and you never suffer and you have the luxury to die suddenly.. It's not that i'm discounting your ancestors.. Maybe you deserve to have a different outcome than your ancestors

The fact you have a judment regarding love hate unity... says you are judging.. And we know what the bible says about judging.. You see why people have a problem with religion.. It turns into a meme below.. To judge other people's perception..

So I take care of myself.. I don't convert anyone else..

I keep myself together.. I don't expect to keep others together.. I don't use anything to have a judgment for or against or whatever you want to use as an adjective to develop a judgment of hate love whatever..

Why judge.. Why have an opinion about what someone thinks about something.. If you love the bible.. Exemplify it.. Who cares what others think about it..

I articulate why the J world deserves consideration..

My protocol is NOT FOR everyone, but that is for you to decide..

"Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

Terrestrial immortality is not about absolution..

Religion is about absolution.. aka Whatever version of the bible you choose to study..

I understand psychology behind this meme.. Projection

But we're not working from the same platform... I believe in terrestrial immortality.. this meme believes in spiritual immortality..

It's not the same thing..

I'm not looking for absolution from anyone, much less strangers..


the internet is your freedom.. But now you must have discernment to save yourself..

But people have been brainwashed for years.. So even when they're given freedom.. They choose to stay ignorant..

Even the woke.. Are still asleep because there is still another layer to understand.. And uncover.. And the onion needs to keep being pulled back..

There is either not enough information.. Or too much information..

And people are like deer in headlights.. So they just stay traditional..

So how would you promote your world.. By giving people the major upsides.. And knowing not everyone is a fit for your world..

I have yet to see anyone explain why religion is so necessary even in their world. Because no one has converted me yet... And I have been open to conversion for many years.. But there was never an argument strategic enough to sell me on the upsides.. I don't look forward to death.. I don't even advocate people should die.. I don't pretend to save anyone's life.. I don't ever want to be a savior..

I think everyone is great.. Even the ones that don't like me.. I don't claim to love you or hate you..

I want to give everyone a choice.. So you can stop blaming or martyrizing somebody else for your absolution.

You absolve yourself stop using people..

That's why the j world exists..

I'm done with scapegoating.. Because as soon as you find a satan.. You will worship a savior.. And vice versa..

Then you just declared war..

I'm done with fighting your wars.. I keep warning my California friends.. when insurance companies stop covering properties due to climate change and wildfire dangers, what do you think will happen to your own body, mind and spirit in this high high heat..

your body is like your house and home.. so if insurance companies refuse to cover your home.. your body is next.. your children's bodies' are next.. they won't have enough insurance in their immune system to withstand aggressive frequencies..

everything is connected..

Is State Farm still insuring in California? State Farm is no longer accepting property insurance applications in California. The FAIR Plan, which offers minimal coverage at high rates, is meant to be a provider of last resort, but enrollments have surged 70% since 2019 to 272,846 homes in 2022.Jun 2, 2023

It's easy to get caught up in someone else's world.. But then you don't pay attention to your own world.. Then it is constantly keeping up with someone else.. Or they are constantly trying to keep up with you.. You could be too influential for some other people..

There's only one leader in a relationship.. Unless you're in a relationship for survival... Then you both must work together..

Having so many relationships for survival can confuse the issue.. And then who is cannibalizing who..

It's better everyone in the j world figures things out for themselves.. Nobody is depending on anybody else in the j world..

how will the j world enhance your life..

The j world is a lifestyle but it's also an enhancement to your lifestyle..

We will see how the j world affects different lifestyles..

We have plenty of time....

Make your life great for you..

How much has the j world impacted your life...

Have you made significant changes.. Have you done things differently..

Do you think differently..

Only you know..

It's not just quantity of life.. But also quality of life..

And respect for life..

There is nothing to prove in the j world..

Only you know what kind of impact it has made on to you..

There is no proof or specific measurable result that would be acceptable to the public.. Because they would have to know where you came from.. And where you want to go.. And the public does not have a frame of reference..

The jay world is an individual journey.. It's not something you prove to the public.. It's impossible unless they have been a witness to the beginning of your journey and where you are today.. Even myself not everybody has seen where I came from in the J world from 2016.

Only your friends and family know where you came from and know where you are today.. If you can escape their clutches..

When people drown they tend to pull everyone around them down with them.. Be careful surrounding yourself with drowning people..

The J world is something you individually take on and consider..

Which is why I stand mostly alone.. With a few people I banter with on Facebook.. And I am married in a contractual relationship.. I know how influential I am with high expectations..

We all have our own journey..

Time is on the j world's side.. Chemistry biology and physics and english back up everything around this world..

Everything is up to you..

Set people free.. Set yourself free.. Hold no prisoners..

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