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Menses' is the Body Purging Out the Demons from the Change in Environment

Just like mother nature she had to drop an egg right after that evolutionary change.. Unfertilized egg is the menses.

Nothing happened in January but February absolutely.. Makes lot of sense..

Everything is right on track..

The only time you get your menses is when your body is evolving and it must drop a representation of that world.. an egg..

Which is why in a calmer environment with not too much diversity you could go a few months without dropping an egg.. But as soon as the conditions change.. Eggs start dropping..

It doesn't mean that you fertilize it it just means and shows that your body is changing and evolving.. And ready to carry on the human race because it was involved in a traumatic change..

And so when you stop dropping eggs for a long time.. The environment is either so calm.. And of course you're the best copy Or your body does not have the ability to bear children at the time..

So if the climate and the world is so diverse and dynamic and you're not dropping eggs yeah that's a sign of the end of your specific genetic line..

Pain is life!!! Feed it.. then release strategically

Update: So yeah right after an evolutionary change the PMS symptoms are mirroring whatever it is you had to deal with prior to the pms. It was as if my body was remembering a second time around via my uterus what it needed to do to push everything out.. Like revisiting an old friend from the last couple weeks..

Mother nature ensures that you remember every little mistake you've made and she doesn't play nice and she doesn't hold back.. But she does reward you if you sit with the pain and feed it and don't do anything to cross her again..

And so yeah I will never forget this experience and I will also do things differently in the future if the same situation arises.. I won't tell you exactly what I'll do because it will be in the future and I can't predict the future.. But I know I will do things definitely extremely differently.. The choices I make prior to what I might do differently will be different thus eliciting a different outcome..

In my opinion it is a job of a human to learn from their mistakes not keep repeating them generation after generation..

In my opinion this is why humanity is in the predicament it's in because humanity keeps repeating history repeating the same mistakes over and over and over again.. Mother nature gets tired of having to deal with humans mistakes and she becomes extremely impatient..

I don't blame her..

Instead of being emotional and upset about what did or didn't happen.. Learn from your own mistakes in your own genetic line and own your s***..

You can make declarations about other people but there's no guarantee that your declarations about other people will come into fruition or not come into fruition.. But we all make declarations about ourselves and this is why people end up the way they end up because they've already declared to the world who they are and where they will end up now and in the future.. In other words if you already declared to the world where you'll end up, that is exactly where you will end up

All humans are self righteous... They will make sure they are right because that's humans that's humanity..

Humans are intentional and they are intelligent.. The issue with humans are some of them were never given the chance early enough to save their own genetic line so some humans will not know they have other choices because they want to be clear to everyone the only choice they will choose is the one that was given to that many years ago even before they were born. So in reality that's Not a choice but they inherited their belief systems and they will not change it.. And if they don't want to change they don't have to..

But some people can change their belief systems and their lifestyle.. And they can make different declarations for themselves..

Go figure.. That's math physics and English and chemistry.. That's science.

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