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your fear campaigns against the food supply is the intention of the ancestors to destroy their children/family/friends

it is phucking sad to watch people actively infusing fear of the food supply against their own culture.. you are destroying your own culture... it is PHUCKING SAD TO WATCH parents radicalize their kids into intolerance in body mind and spirit and do not even know it.. If you do not like my snarkiness.. then phucking eat and feed your kids, stop starving them... deal with your symptoms totally differently.. if NOT.. stop bitching.. hugs

Gen Xers, prepare for the future in America

boomers, what are you doing to stay alive and take care of yourself.

Millennials what are you going to do to prepare you and your kids to survive climate change.. or will they be temporary?, like you are unlike you..

survival is not dependent on anyone else but YOU.. so will you stop blaming or stop inducing food fears.. i can betcha most likely not..

how you react to symptoms in the next 17 years before gen x retires will be so telling... sooooooo telling..

will you survive getting to retirement or retirement?? if all the boomers passed before they draw social security, more money for us.. is that your plan boomers. ????

If it is, thank YOU.. please DO NOT CHANGE.


please be in fear of meat milk cheese eggs fruits lab created or not... you will leave us more money to redirect the future..

thank you for your fears.. thank you for starving yourself and kids and culture and religion.. your fears and intolerances will allow the future to develop..

American Retirement Age: The law raised the full retirement age beginning with people born in 1938 or later. The retirement age gradually increases by a few months for every birth year, until it reaches 67 for people born in 1960 and later.

Obese people should be drinking milk and releasing the demons..

Since milk is rich in protein, it may aid weight loss and muscle building. Protein-rich foods like milk can boost weight loss by improving metabolism and increasing fullness after meals, which may lead to lower daily calorie intake ( 5 , 6 ).Healthline

People with high blood pressure and diabetes should be drinking Milk and releasing demons..

People who've just been to surgery need to stop getting surgery and start building their body up

Aging people need to drink more milk.. Skinny ass people need to drink more milk..

Humans are malnourished

An analysis of nine studies that looked at a total of nearly 60,000 people found that consuming just a little more than two cups of milk a day was associated with lower blood pressure.Sep 29, 2014

After two cups of whip cream I was shitting my brains out.. If I was obese I would be losing weight.. Because I would be losing the programming that causes all that weight to pack on the pounds.. Your s*** is the programming..

Some of you are suffering and miserable.. And yet you still hold onto demons because they are your friends.. You're afraid to lose your identity of suffering.. You love to suffer and you hate it.. But you still hold onto it..

A little bit of suffering is conditioning to strengthen you.. Addicted to suffering means you have no incentive to change.. You love to suffer..

Most people are addicted to suffering.. Just look at your facebook..

Your body wants to be proportional.. Your body wants the weight.. Your body also wants to lose the excessive weight..

Are you willing to do the work.. Release the demons..

You are the gods.. Ambrosia the nectar of the gods..

What is the story of ambrosia? Ambrosia Was the Food of Immortality

In one story on the birth of Apollo, Zeus used ambrosia to turn him into an immortal after Apollo's mother lost her life. Zeus made sure that Apollo was born successfully despite his mother's death and after he was born, he ate ambrosia.

Milk is the answer to gaining the substance.. And yeah you're going to have to blow your nose and you're going to have to s***

You're going to have to cough and sneeze.. Hawk up loogies..

If you eat prodominantly carbs and vegetables.. You'll turn into a noodle and a vegetable..

You are what you f****** eat.. The system has been turning up electricity/CERN for some time now.. And of course blaming the unstable proteins on the vaccines.. Was a perfect way to hide climate change... And develop a patsy.. Even if it was a therapy..

F****** brilliant..

Then when they turned up electricity even more so causing more proteins to be unstable.. Developing another therapy for someone to blame the instability on..

F****** a that is awesome.. That's what you call controlled opposition..

You've been all had..

At this point you couldn't tell a person so deep in the blame game against the vaccines this..

Because they devoted the last twenty years of their lives against the vaccines..

Oh my god that's conditioning..

That's some conditioning for you...

Not to mention all the campaigns against food water and air.. And evolution..

Controlled opposition

A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents.

Milk is life.. It's concerning when people cannot handle life.. Was that the design.. You tell me..

An analysis of nine studies that looked at a total of nearly 60,000 people found that consuming just a little more than two cups of milk a day was associated with lower blood pressure.Sep 29, 2014

When you have a closed immune system.. And you can't handle symptoms... Of course evolution and life will be a problem for you.. Holy s***.

How do you develop lactase enzymes.. You must release the demons that are causing you to be deficient.. Too many people want to hold onto their demons.. So they are afraid of all the food supply.. And they are starving.. So then all food is poison to them.. Because the body is desperate to evolve.. And the person keeps taking away food from their own immune system.. And they are more intolerant to food..

Holy f****** s***..

I knew it.. I knew it.. Northern european sweden finland all the extremely tall caucasians.. Can handle life and milk.. I f****** knew it

You can train the body to develop a tolerance for milk and have a strong body. Without ending up with hypertension diabetes and other types of issues..

Theoretically, this may result either from a strong local selection pressure for lactose tolerance, or from immigration of lactose tolerant people to Northern Europe.

According to the NIH, in adults lactose intolerance shows up most often in people of East Asian heritage, affecting 70 to 100% of the population. Encyclopaedia Britannica adds that the condition affects about 75 to 90% of Native Americans, Black people, Asians, Mediterraneans, and Jewish people. Only about 5% of Northern and Central Europeans have lactose intolerance.

Nutritional product - proteins

Lactase is an enzyme produced by many organisms.

Thirty to 50 million Americans are lactose intolerant.

Like anything... Everything has to get worse before it gets better..

When you are telling parents to stay away from milk because it makes the autistic symptoms worse.. Yeah maybe your kids need to release the demons.. Maybe they need to poop.. Blow their nose.. Get sick.. Get hives.. Release all of those things causing them to be so deficient in their cognitive and neurological levels of awareness..

But are parents equipped to deal with that kind of suffering.. Suffering to live and develop oneself

They're not...

So the child is stuck in the same way forever until they pass away.. Hopefully with some kind of life.. Hopefully with some kind of joy in life.. When food makes you break out in hives it means your body is trying to release the demons. The food was never poison.. You just had a lot of b******* in your body that needs to leave..

You have been psychologically programmed to starve yourself.. And when you are lactose intolerant.. And those northern europeans are not..

Makes you wonder what kind of psychological operations were infused in your politics your religion and your science dogmas..

Your religion turned you away from the food that was to keep you alive.. Because they only wanted to use you temporarily.. And you fell for it..

Now you have a chance to save your religion your culture your children if you can handle releasing the demons..

Because Look at which culture is not lactose intolerant.. Yes some people are obese/underweight in some of these northern european countries because they have a closed immune system.. They haven't released the demons.. They're too afraid to..

Now they have a chance..

So many people in the first world and maybe in developing countries have a chance..

Even klaus schwab.. Has a chance to save himself.. And everyone in the world economic forum..

What caused death rates to fall around 1950?

Between 1940 and 1960,

Currently antibiotic resistance is still an issue with sulfa drugs

When you get antibiotic resistance and your body still wants to live developing life and releasing it.. The antibiotics are not supposed to be used..

You should never use Antibiotics.. Your body is supposed to grow and release.. You're not supposed to attack your body with any antibiotics.. You'll make the demons in your body stronger and work against you..

milk is the golden ticket.. too bad some of you are too intolerant to see it for what it is..

i hope you survive climate change.

it is NOT a coincidence those in northern European countries are lactose tolerant and those in east asia and and near the equator are lactose intolerant but are bred to perform...extremely labor intensive duties or cognitively stressful academic situations..

and then both the mentally innovative and the physically innovative, die off..blaming everyone but their own intolerances...

everyone else, falls through the cracks in their politics, religion and science dogmas trying to save their kids, pets, animals, and the world and have yet to even consider saving themselves..


the salt in the JJ world reflected back all the truths some of you are avoiding.. and will continue to avoid until your whole family is gone.

ALL BY DESIGN AT YOUR OWN HAND.. praying for relief or under the influence of love, drugs, hate and ignorance... worshipping nature, politicians and your own "goodness".. of "kindness" and love love love,,,,..... distracted by performance artists.. and vacations and activism..

oh boy..

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