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Minimalism does not lead to a Hitleresque mentality

People get caught in the trappings of wealth. And that includes a large social network a large following and a spiritual dogma.. Because imagine if you talked about things that were completely the opposite of what you've been propagating for the last twenty years.

You will lose your friends. You will lose your family and you will lose your following and you would even lose the money.. People paint themselves in a corner.. when people depend on their friends family social capital and social networks to keep them alive, The unwritten rules of that contract is they are not supposed to change..

That's why people justify with the word belief.. Because they can't change they're not allowed to.. They would die if they changed.. That's called lack of evolution..

When people say they believe in nothing.. Nothing is something....

I believe in life here on earth.. Indefinitely..

But when you say you believe in nothing.. It's the way for people to intellectualize death..

It's how somebody grieves for their own death before they die..

When somebody says they don't believe people are one unit..

Again their justification and grieving before they die.. People die before they die.. The walking dead.

They have lost touch with themselves.. They can't see themselves in other people..

They're following of people is more important than understanding the reflection of themselves and the people they like or hate. Or resist..

And so their division is them resisting themselves.. They are trying to wake up humanity. And they also realize most of humanity will not wake up not even themselves..

And so you will see the spiritual dogma come out of these people when they realize they can't control anyone else.. Hitleresque mentality Doesn't always look like 1945..

The energy healing world is all about spiritual dogma.. It's the church without the walls.. The frankincense turned into cannabis

It turned into a spiritual dogma.. Psychologically keeping people stuck within their own paradigm of resisting life.. Taking as many people down with them as possible.. Under the influence.. Resisting change.. And blaming somebody else..

That's 1945 on cannabis That's why I advocate a relatively open immune system so i don't allow growth to accumulate

The pain of release and movement is not fun but it will save my life. Which is why salt is important.. ionic

I just hope other people have the body for it I would hate to be the only one to survive climate change The addiction of Hitleresque Behavior I do not have that problem.. lol i did when i had my groups.. RELYING ON FOLLOWERS Drunk with psychological power add/delete to a group/following

NOT anymore The lack of massive validation keeps me grounded. My hubby keeps me grounded

People think because I don't have a lot of likes or responses that I'm not getting any views.. Oh I get views..

I get enough of them that it even brings new people to watch my stuff or attempt to troll me

The fact I don't get a lot of responses or likes means that I'm not selling my soul to anybody

When you cater to a particular audience and you have a large following of people who like your stuff and comment continuously like so many people sharing your information and sharing your stuff

And you're not saying anything to both sides of the argument, only ONE SIDE!!

And you're always looking for agreement

Playing to one side or the other or being very careful to be non-controversial and All About Love

You sold your soul

I challenge everyone not just one side of the argument

I don't expect anyone to like me or my information because I will challenge everybody even myself

I challenge everyone not just one side of the argument

I don't expect anyone to like me or my information because I will challenge everybody even myself

When I go off and get all critical about something or another it also reminds me to listen to my own advice

In my opinion freedom is the ability to speak without having to please somebody else

Freedom is you don't have to worry about catering to a base of people because you need them to keep you alive because you're dependent on their capital

Freedom is when you own yourself and nobody owns you

When you have a base to please you're owned by the people you have to cater to

Activists are owned by their followers

And they don't have the freedom to change

That's how the system sold you into Hitleresque Behavior

And it's very addicting when you have such a large following of people who will give you love and light and support and their money and you need their validation

Women still have a ways to go..

she's either answering to her family or her husband or boyfriend or friends

The thing is women become trapped when they have health issues and they're forced to depend upon somebody or be on some kind of drug to get her through..

Women need time to get their life back.. Will she get the opportunity to get her life back or be forever enslaved in a family or answering to somebody else and then die suddenly..?

When will she answer to herself?

When I listen to right-wing YouTube pundits talk about marrying their daughters off and expecting them have a baby that's basically Family and Child enslavement. When you expect your daughters and sons to have children.

In this environment it is very dangerous for anyone to have a child. Because it taxes the immune system and the cardiovascular system and people are already laden with predisposed issues

When I see left-wing women groom their girls to be Stepford Wives but not encouraging children you're basically saying that she's only good to be somebody sexual plaything otherwise known as courtesans

Women haven't really broken the glass ceiling. The men and the fathers of our society still dictate how they use their body and who they give it to..

It's when the women release themselves from their mothers, grandmothers fathers grandfathers and even set themselves a bit more independent of their husbands and girl friends and develop her own path away from those traditional roles

But as you know human sexual slavery has been around for thousands of years and they just made it credible and legit through the family

Most men have it easier because they were built to work everyday and they have been conditioned to be the breadwinner

But if he wants somebody to get him off, he either has to go and buy a person or marry someone or date somebody..

Men don't really need women.. She has to be the one to sell herself to him.. And she does and then she disfigures herself to do that.. that includes pregnancy

What if she doesn't have to do that..

Reproductive factors in women contribute to risk of cardiovascular disease. An earlier first birth, a higher number of live births, and starting periods at a younger age may be linked to higher risk of cardiovascular problems.Feb 27, 2023

Reproductive factors in women contribute to risk of cardiovascular disease. An earlier first birth, a higher number of live births, and starting periods at a younger age may be linked to higher risk of cardiovascular problems.Feb 27, 2023 This is also why you don't want to encourage your daughters and sons to have children.. Because the writing is on the wall. Not only does it makes the mother weaker but also the offspring

Cardiac Arrest is no joke.. 50/50 chance

Your daughters and Sons deserve to have a long life if you value life mother and father The J WORLD does and can temper ALL sexuality.. no proof my juice can turn gay to straight or vice versa but it was a consideration and worth exploring

science exploration must ask ALL THE HARD QUESTIONS and wonder..

When you balance your system, your hormones are not so at the surface, wanting to phuck everything.

That's why people are getting relief. When they release their demons..

Because i've felt the changes and i've had other people tell me, as well..

It's when you hold so much diversity within so much microbial diversity that people want to have babies procreate, have big families.

And yes, they also get cancer.

And of course chasing pleasure..enacting self harm (surgeries, remedies, antibiotics, war)

Remember even hom0/hetero sexuals mix fluids together developing microbial offspring.. It won't always turn into a baby.

However, two rat males developed offspring

Some of the comments around sexual orientation are extremely PREDATORY.. esp the parents..defending their children who are not actively under attack by anyone who they havent already invited into their home and presence/remedies

Which shows you that aggressive sexuality leads to very predatory behaviors even defending it

So a very sexual Society becomes a very predatory Society

Which is why having so many families develop so many predatory wars against other people

and so I've proven that when you're not so focused on SEXUALITY penis breasts vagina and feet (thigh high boots) that you actually can use your brain in a different way What a novel thought

So a society on drugs/remedies is a very predatory society because of all the microbial offspring and that includes prescription drugs..

leading to SEXUAL ORIENTATION People choose to believe the official narrative for two reasons

1. Why would you question government. They are mostly right... Their programming was set. They won't even question one little thing about what's going on in the world..

2. Because it would have happened anyway. What's done is done. Getting any therapy or remedy, you're going to trigger your immune system.. Death was going to happen anyways.. Remember people believe they should die some day, it was just a matter of time especially during climate change..

Why people choose not to believe the official The official narrative..

1. They already were against the government. 2. They already had a scape goat in mind The birth of the new hitlers.. And assuming the government is changing the climate intentionally allegedly.. I have no proof.. It just goes to show they don't want to go back to world war two or any other governments who genocide and torture their own people..

They're giving you the choice to redirect.. And evolve and change..

My information is just one option out of a billion.. You have the choice.

They're not trying to repeat history like those old governments out there and current ones.. And yes there are politicians who have committed crimes just like the celebrity music industry.. Some of them are very Corrupt.. But it doesn't have to mean you repeat their mistakes and their lifestyle..

Let the justice system and mother nature be the judge jury and executioner.. When selling pictures of your feet can lead to the morgue and world war two..

When people sell pictures of their body parts to make money.. Even just their feet

I think about the slave trade..

We are a glamorizing the atrocities of the past..

But it shows you how easy it is for people to sell their body parts to the world.

Now is it hurting people.. I guess that's a matter of opinion..

When men and women are reduced down to their body parts.. Does it lead to violence and ignorance And sexual predation.. I would say yes

And then of course family and children and then disease..

There's a method to the madness

What type of people do this..

The ones who will get married and have children or have so much sex drugs liquor and then get disease and cancer and potentially blame someone for it

The domino affect when you are reduced down to your body part.

They end up in the morgue..

People enslave themselves.. And then they blame other people..

That's why you had world war ii and hitler..

People develop the hell they're in and they blame the world for it.. And they project and then they genocide.. They're not defending themselves..

No one was attacking hitler.. He attacked people he didn't agree with.

I didn't attack anyone who came through on my facebook hunting me.. They attacked me because they didn't agree with me. Little hitlers Because no one's coming after them.. They are going after the people they don't like..

Because everything started off as a picture.. making five dollars off a foot pictures

When you are reduced down to your body parts you don't expand your brain.. Because it's the body that's getting people by not developing their brain..

And then they get disease.. And they hate science and the establishment and they go after people they think are destroying them.. And they could be two thousand miles away. Then they become political.. Religious.. Using science as a weapon..

Remember you're given all the choices in the world..

And you are also being given so many different storylines.. The ones you believe in.. Are the ones that expose your true heart and nature.. Even your denial.. In my opinion.. Minimalism in microbial diversity and social capital could actually mitigate cardiac arrest.... Of course, you must have an open system and access to food and water and shelter. And if heart attacks are in my genetic line, i would have to experience some and survive them.. But it doesn't always mean i will suffer and die from cardiac arrest..

I've never had a heart attack.. Or heart conditions.. Because that's not in my genetic line.

I had many vaccines in the military.. I did so many supplements and detoxes in the holistic world..

I even drank so much of my jj..

Heart conditions are genetic. I can't catch a heart attack.. Nobody can give me a heart attack..

If I ever had a heart attack it was because i already held heart conditions inside.. It's just a matter of when they activate.. Anything can activate a heart attack if one already holds it inside..

That's why u can't be so focused on not feeling The symptoms

It's surviving them if u have them and never getting them ever again in the future..

it is not holding them back until they can't be held back anymore..

That's people's issues.. They survived the first one.. but all the protocols and operations and remedies ensure they don't survive the next one..

Some people don't even survive the first one because they're so skinny.. And undernourished..

Or they survived a heart attack and they're partly paralyzed..

That's why all foods important..

Starvation will never give you the allowance to survive your genetic predisposed issues.

Diabetics and heart patients.. Starving.

Constant dying and reproducing develops aggressive predisposed issues.. That's why right now in this environment people having children.. They will be subject to conditions and suffering for the rest of their life.. Short life.

And they will blame everything.. But they were born with those predisposed issues. Everyone was born with some kind of predisposed issue.. And many people are born with heart conditions.. dying suddenly from them..

People are born with relatively closed immune systems leading to cardiovascular issues.. They have weak blood vessels.. And they stay away from things that cause them higher blood pressure because they don't understand.. People with high blood pressure dont drink enough water.. And so the adh hormone kicks in.. anti diuretic hormone Kicking in raises blood pressure..

Plus people are deficient.. In so many ways.. Which is why these kids are dying suddenly.. They don't have enough substance or life experience to handle a sudden change in the environment.. Even adults who are nutritionally deficient

Some of these adults are dying suddenly.. Because the growth was too much for them and they couldn't release in time..

I had low blood pressure..

Now i'm probably normal..

But salt actually regulate your blood pressure.. Of course you need water

ADH's main role is to conserve the body's fluid volume by reducing the amount of water passed out in urine. ADH causes the kidneys to release less water, decreasing the amount of urine produced. ADH also helps control blood pressure by acting on the kidneys and blood vessels.

What are the chances of surviving your first heart attack? Always seek help to be sure. “Not all heart attacks lead to cardiac arrest,” says Dr. Spurlock. “Generally, your survival rate long-term with a heart attack is about 97 to 98%; with sudden cardiac arrest, your long-term survival rate is only about 50%.”

Cardiac arrest is when the heart stops beating suddenly. This can happen when an electrical problem causes the heart to stop pumping blood. Without blood flow, a person will become unconscious and stop breathing. Cardiac arrest can be fatal within minutes. And so the 1960s was all about developing little hitlers and love con artists all over the world to see what people are capable of.. That's why charles manson was very important to understand .. And who he targeted..


Now look at your facebook Look at the political religious and science hitlers and con artists out there.

The system wanted you to experience world war two in your own community on facebook youtube and in the schoolyard.

So you never forget how easy it is to be that corrupted. And how easy hitler leaders can rise up.. And destroy if given the opportunity.

Now you're watching it happen in families.. What these mothers are teaching their children to do.. That's how easy it is to breed a little hitler in this world.

Just look at those few comments that came through on my facebook.. And people laughing at serious information.. They are raising the children out there.. Who might actually destroy other people intentionally..

under her direction.

Again, I've had Christian Mothers email me they instruct their sons to laugh and bully me..

It's in plain site. She's breeding a type of hitler.. Literally she's breeding that..

And you want your daughters to marry her sons..

I feel sorry for the children out there.

And people will kill you with kindness and love and light. But only if you allow it

I saw through that bullshit very quickly the last seven years..

The picture below shows you what your ancestors were capable of in 1823.

Psychologically virtually physically torturing another human being shows you to what depths humans go to when they feel justified.. And people will assume and use their religion their science and even their political thought process to justify .

These are your ancestors.. And some of you would repeat what they did if given the opportunity.. Just by what you say.. I have to hand it to psychology and the government.. You guys are phenomenal.

You know how to pull out information from people who don't even fucking know it.. And people will bleed everywhere and they will show you who they are.. Just read their facebook.. And look who they attack.. And look at who they write about..

And they also pay attention to those who are oblivious.. Who will never dare write anything controversial or thought provoking..

But you see they fly the colors of their gangs..

The system knows who you are.. And they know your intentions.. And they know the stories you want to believe and choose to believe because of what your intention is around the human race and other people.. And you're showing your intolerance..

And you're showing why the nazi regime back in 1945 was able to be so powerful.. Because the people made them powerful..

When you blame one person or a group of people, And you are a leader in the activist community, you support little hitlers out there.

And we are watching little hitler's rise up in their little kingdoms of followers all over facebook.. Repeating history.. But in a controlled circumstance..

Repeating the nineteen sixties oh let's go live off grid and go love each other.. Don't you have to respect yourself first before you can give some kind of respect and possibly a little love to somebody else..

And I can feel the hate and the love which is basically hate in these leaders and their followers.. It is phenomenal to watch. It's like oh my god..

And so many people become gurus.. Cult leaders.. life coaches because they think they can lead your life for you or help you.. Little hitlers.. Love bombers.. Sex artist.. Just look at the diversity.. Look at what these men and women gravitate towards.. The archetypes are unmistakable.. Predictable.. And you can tell what people are being groomed for.. You can tell what they're grooming their children for.

The system wanted you see how easy it is for people to become hitler.. They watched you build your little kingdom.. Of love and togetherness.. Against somebody else.. Oh my gosh it's so in your face.. Holy crap wow.

The memes below.. This is projection is all over the place.. And this is why the system is forcing us to adapt and change.. And if you can't change or evolve despite you being given every possibility and option to change.. Whose fault is that..

The system is changing the economy, so you put the priority in food and shelter and the basics.. Because people are destroying themselves with alcohol drugs and useless items that sit in your basement..

I know there are some spelling errors sorry..

And you are the one who chose to believe the stories.. The stories of conspiracy.. Myself included.. Believe me i'm no stranger to this.. I came from that world.. And I understand the world..

It doesn't even matter if it was true or not.

If you are given three different stories..

Which one are you going to choose to believe.. And why..

That's why the system gives you choices to believe whatever story you want..

Then you reveal your inner core of who you are and who you are against.

I remember that carnegie mellon surveys back in the 2020 pandemic.. One of the questions were. Do you believe that what's going on is a conspiracy to control world events..?

At first I answered yes.. And then i answered maybe.. And I answered I don't know..

It really just dawned on me yet again..

How people perceive world events and significant events are like the ink block test..

Revealing what you are projecting..

I've taken those tests as a child..

I know those tests very well.

The Rorschach test is a projective psychological test in which subjects' perceptions of inkblots are recorded and then analyzed using psychological interpretation, complex algorithms, or both. Some psychologists use this test to examine a person's personality characteristics and emotional functioning. Wikipedia

People choose to believe the official narrative for two reasons

1. Why would you question government. Their programming was set. 2. Because it would have happened anyway. What's done is done.

Why people choose not to believe the official The official narrative..

1. They already were against the government. 2. They already had a scape goat in mind

And so all of you have shown your cards..

Oh my gosh extraordinary information..

By the way.. Intolerant people will have an issue with climate change.. They won't survive too long.. Resistance is futile.. People don't want to change when they are in resistance.. And that includes those who are gurus oblivious to what's going on in the world.. Even the conspiracy theorists

The system is equally targeting those who are intolerant in body mind and spirit to evolution..

And so you could be such a "good person" "helping" people with your company.

But you're taking all the different remedies.. Buying everything under the sun.. Selling sex Drugs rock and roll.. And you would also have an issue with climate change and evolution..

We are all competing on a level playing field and we get to see the interpsychological goings on of everybody on facebook..

By the way.. At this point.. I stay out of other people's wars..

The georgia guidestones Is the new bible so you don't think we're repeating history by genociding people.. I've had people come after me.. And if given the opportunity they would lob grenades and hurt me. Like literally hurt me.. Which is why I involved the fbi.. Because what people say.. They could do if given the opportunity.. And so when somebody is defending themselves.. Stay the fuck out of their war .. When people are trolling you in your neighborhood.. Like out there in the middle east.. When people are trolling you on facebook.. You have to arm yourself to the fucking teeth.. You have to put down protective measures against trolls in the world and on facebook..

Just look at the comments in the pinned post.. A stranger attacking me.. Just look at my last video a stranger attacking me.. Causing me to defend myself.. I have to block her.. I'm not gonna retaliate against her.. Because she's not a threat.. But imagine if I lived next door to her.. She would fucking terrorize me.. If given the opportunity people will terrorize people they don't like.. If they don't like what you look like or what you say or what you believe in.. They will terrorize you.. And they will galvanize people to terrorize you. Look at the hate groups..

This is why the georgia guide stones exists..

Because your facebook is full of little hitlers and love con artists..

Which is why I am not active in any groups.. I'm not trying to run any stupid ass groups.. I'm not trying to advise people or galvanize them.. I have no hate in my heart.. And I stay away from political bullshit.

And I have no intention of saving you.. Because you would blame me if things didn't go the way you expected it.

So I just speak my peace..

Give you the opportunity to consider what I have to offer.. But I have no expectation you do anything that i'm doing..

But I also deserve a voice..

Just like you deserve to have a voice.. The differences I don't need a bunch of fucking followers to validate me.. And I have no intention of converting you.. Just don't genocide me or people like me.. Just like you don't want to be genocided.. That's why you're in such a fear because you're projecting.

I validate myself. I don't need to live off grid.. And I have no hate against anyone.. And I choose to evolve. And while I appreciate the few people that do follow me the five people.. We have twenty seven years to see the fruits of our labors..

Because even ten years is too soon.. My information takes a while for people to understand if they even have the capacity to..

And so i'm glad I was tortured the last seven years by my peers.. Which is why I left a few bad comments on my Facebook. So you can see yes yes strangers get attacked by perfect strangers.. Radicalized extremists.. I had the luxury to understand what happened in 1945

America may have brought over the scientists from germany but you're seeing how easy it is for all humans all over the world to turn into a hitler..

It's that easy.. While they tell you they love you. And they're all about light as they are casting darkness against other people.. Strangers they don't even know..

That's how fucked up the world is.. They're all love and light.. Until that light turns into darkness. If you allow it.

Why don't you learn how to lead yourself.. Instead of following some slick tongued guru who has it in for people who are different .

Or who feels they are the savior of humanity, who says they're enslaved while posting on facebook jet setting all over the world feeding there expensive chickens so they can look trendy. In the city of l a.

I can only save myself..

Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

You are acting like a hitler..

Scape goating somebody else.

And then you do virtual genocide in your groups.. As well as on facebook youtube..reddit

That's why World War 2 could happen again if the system doesn't control people who don't understand science and evolution..

Why do you think we are in 1984.. NOW YOU KNOW

Because we have people who act like little hitlers all over the world.. yes, you included.. I did too 9 years ago blaming gates..sigh.. sorry bill

"The excerpts below are from a speech given by Adolf Hitler on the sixth anniversary of his appointment as chancellor of Germany. Amidst heightened war preparations, Hitler frames the looming hostilities as the fault of the Jews. He pledges a German defense against the Jewish people, whom he accuses of being war profiteers, communist traitors, parasites, and manipulators. "

And here's a thing..

I never thought of using this card..

I never thought I would be the one to expose how hitler came to power..

Certain personality types and behaviors is what gave rise to the 3rd Reich!!

And you're watching it on facebook..

And if people had the chance to destroy someone through chambers.. Made of gas..

They would have already done it to me a long time ago..

But they did it through youtube.. Articles.. Facebook.. Instagram..

And they spared no expense.. And they made money they profiteered off of stringing me up..

And the articles and the people against me manipulated you into thinking I was the Demon..

If you could have you would have lynched me if given the chance.. You know you would have..

Many of you would have because you listened to those who manipulated you into hating one person or many people. That's how easy world war ii could happen again..

And come to find out salt was never poison.. People were drinking water.. and i was NEVER HARMING ANYONE.. and people were already dieting away from gluten, meat, milk, cheese, eggs, fruits, veggies, etc

People also already held those predisposed issues in their body.

And they were the ones who starved their children and remedied their immune system away..said all types of food were poison

They also propagated diets and detoxes and feeling pain back in the holistic world. Even before I came into the scene..

That was called herxing

They said they had an immune system and all they did was activate it, like it was supposed to have been..

And yet i'm the blame..

And yet the jews are to be blamed for all of your misfortunes back in nineteen thirty nine..??

You see how easy it is to blame somebody regardless of race creed or religion..

That's why you have a surveillance society.

Because what happened to me could happen to somebody else when somebody gets their nose out of joint and wants to blame somebody for whatever is going on in the world..

Now look at these activists out there..

And they are galvanizing people against those in science in in the different industries out there and politicians..

And I don't care what rumors you've heard.. I don't care what accusations somebody made against a person place or thing..

If you have the freedom to jetset and tell people you are enslaved on facebook in your nice warm home.. Then you're just an opportunistic person who likes to make money off of drama.. And you also like to lynch people.. You get off on the blood lust

Now watch the activists out there.. pounding the gavel of blood lust..

And if you're going to attack anything attack the industry not the people in it..

And you're going to have to differentiate between the person and the ideas.. And develop an intellectual intelligent argument..

Because when you can differentiate between the person and the ideas and the industry.. That's how revolution and evolution can be credible..

Otherwise you're just lynching that person. No different than what happened way back when.. Even eighteen 60 and nineteen sixty

That's why it's important to be well read.. Educate yourself.. And listen to other ideas.. Otherwise you are lynching people.. Otherwise you will genocide people.. Because you're not intelligent enough to understand the arguments provided to you..

That's the difference between ignorance and intellectual capability and intelligence.

Learn how to develop an argument. Not attack a person.. Learn how to question an industry. Not attack the people in it.

And remember BIDEN is just a figure head he doesn't run the country.. The cabinet and congress and the judicial system runs the country.. It's called checks and balances.. attacking octogenerians doesn't help your cause..

2018 My 60k person group had files We listed symptoms one might experience We had a diet similar to those in the diets world I allowed everyone in and kicked out trolls I knew oncology was not the answer

I was ATTACKED first I minded my own business I only charged certain people for my time since they didnt want to read the files I answered to my govt Changed my advertising

That is it.. i was NOT THE AGGRESSOR I was and still am attacked and a minority That's why you don't want to be a kind soul or a bleeding heart Republican. Or liberal.. Because it will be turned around on you..

You don't want to be cold and unfeeling.. But you don't want to save anyone.. Cause I'm telling you. They will turn it around on you and so will their family..

When somebody is so desperate for help.. You call the police.. You lead them to the agencies to take care of them..

But as soon as you step in and try to help somebody or save them.. When it doesn't go the way they expect, they will blame the fuck out of you.. And say you tried to hurt them.

Sometimes you have to turn your back on people.. Because that's the only way you're going to save yourself.. Because as soon as you try to save them or help them.. They will drown you.. And turn it around on you.. A person could be minding their own business and would be blamed for this person's death..

This is the outcome when people practice alchemy against their own immune system.. And I don't care what kind of alchemy..

This is happening because people have practiced the same practices for thousands of years..

And somebody who watched doctor phil.. Recently.. Would find a way to blame me for this person's death..

That's the kind of society you live in.. They are looking for someone to blame for peoples belief systems and lifestyles..

That's why I mind my own business.. I stay on my facebook.. I do my own facebook lives.. I don't share in any groups.. I don't sell this lifestyle to people.

I just share my experiences. I don't talk to too many people.. I choose not to have a lot of friends.

Because the only way you're gonna prove to people that they are the devils in their own world.. You stay the fuck away from them so they can't blame you for shit ..

You don't personally talk to them, you don't advise them.. Which is why I stay away from private messenger from most people..

And they will go find somebody else to blame.. Because how can they blame you..

You're a stranger to them..

You're a house or two thousand six thousand miles away from them.

They looked for you.

And you don't hang out with them.. You don't even fucking know them.

But you saw people survived their heart attacks and strokes even in my world, when I ran those groups.... No they didn't die.. The only person who died was someone in hospice who was going to die anyways..

But somehow they had to still blame me for what the system couldn't do for them anyways because they had to do a hail mary at the end..

While drinking a cough suppressant called pineapple juice.. When they should have been coughing out the demons and eating food.

But the system knew how to scape goat me like world war two..

And boy did they run me through that type of concentration C@MP..

And I'll tell you people carved me up.. And they were proud of it.. And the even made money from it.. Gotta love capitalism..

If it bleeds it leads..

What I was doing back then was no different than what somebody else was doing.. The only thing that was different was some people didn't get to relief they were looking for.. While others did.

Which is why you never claim cures .

All cures even in the health and wellness industry are deadly. Because you do end up in the morgue someday.

And there is evidence to show for that..

Go to the morgue right now.

People have buried their family and friends recently.. And no they were not in my world as far as the j world..

They stayed far away from me.. And i'm glad they did so nobody in their world could blame me for anything..

Now go look at all the hate groups against me..

Read everything they're saying..

See who the leaders are.

They are proud to string somebody up a stranger up.. They are proud to scape goat somebody.. They are proud to teach their children this..

Rubbing their hands with glee.. Blood lust.

And NOW you're watching people die from heart attacks and strokes.

And they're not even in my world.. I don't even fucking know them

Ironic isn't it..

That's why world war ii happened..

You're watching people exhibit the characteristics of those who genocided so many people of the past, their ancestors..

But now you're going to watch people do that virtually..

Because the system won't let you hurt somebody physically.

Or you'll go to jail..

That's why we're on facebook because the system knows people will say things and exhibit behaviors before they do them..

And you will watch them teach their children how to be predators..

Watch these parents teach their children how to be so predatory against strangers on facebook.

Now you see why the system is doing a great reset.. Parents teaching their children how to destroy somebody else..

And these children grow up to be people you have to protect yourself from.

And you wonder why these girls are abused in marriages.. And why these men have to watch these predatory women.. Who stalk and terrorize other females..

You raised these type of people in your families right now..

Just look at how you raise your children and look around you.. Look at your friends and family.

The evidence is right in your face. We are paying for the sins of our fathers... Our ancestors..

The fact your ancestors used all the different alchemy to remedy away their pain and suffering is why you have predisposed issues. Why your children have issues as well..

It happened way before any generation alive today..

Which is why you have to change the way you do things if you don't want to have more of the same happen. Or accelerated..

It was your ancestors who did it to your genetic line.. You didn't come here out of nowhere .

You came from a long line of people who practiced alchemy against your/their immune system..

And some of you have ancestors who have hunted people and destroyed people because you/they don't like what they look like or said in the past..

And some of you are exhibiting what your ancestors have done to people of the past..

If you want to change the trajectory you're on and what your children are on.

Somebody has to break the spell.. Somebody has to break the curse..

Will it be you? The Walking Dead warned you this day would come..

The saviors are on the attack.. Working with the zombies.. I think doctor phil has aired their episode again.. This should be fun..

People think i'm so dangerous and i'm like so far away.. And yes the j world can temper your sexuality gay or straight.. I never said you would turn straight

What's dangerous is your friends taking all the remedies.. And all the surgeries.. And dying suddenly in this Environment.

Obviously you're not doing the j world because you're so scared of it.. But your friends are still dying..

So who's dangerous here

I'm just showing you a different lifestyle that you're so afraid of.. The system is doing a great reset.. Because people hunt other people and they bully them. And if given the opportunity, they would hurt them and do damage to them with their hands.. Just watch them hunt other humans.. They can't listen to diversity but they would rather hunt you and destroy you.. Again you will see them prove that they will destroy you if given the opportunity..

And I am nowhere near them.. I'm not even on their facebook.. But they definitely hunted me..

Those are the predators in our society.. They hunt humans..

And they teach their children to hunt children and other humans and hurt them.. Those are the predators in our society.. And they raised children.. That ought a fucking scare the shit out of you..

Watch these grandmothers and mothers hunt other humans.. Watch them look at their facebook they have children and grandchildren.. Look at what their teaching their children..

Yeah you should be scared of them.. They are the predators. They are the ones that h@ng people that they don't agree with.

And they're all around you.. They are your friends and your family.. And they hunt other humans..

And they virtually go after people.. And genocide them through virtual reality..

Those are the people the racist people in our society that pretend they're not. They are the ones that hunt humans who look different.. And yes they try to hide their face.. They try to hide behind their goodness..

But as soon as you challenge them.. They will string you up.. And they Teach their children this..

They are raising the predators in our society.. These are your warm grandmothers and mothers.. Selling you everything under the sun.. showing you how wonderful they are..

And now they're showing you evidence they would hunt somebody and destroy them..

They aren't warriors.. They are hunters.. And they don't care who they destroy.. Because they are the intolerant people of our society..

And they are the ones raising your children.. In your school system..

So who's the predator here.. I'm here minding my business.. And i'm being hunted by mothers and grandmothers.. No they're not as warm and beautiful as they claim to be.. No they're not representation of what a society or civilized society should be.. They are fucking up society.. And they're teaching that to their children.

That should scare the fuck out of you.. And they are everywhere.. They're in your mommy and me groups.. Claiming to be the all peaceful mother.. The warrior. The mama bears..

No they are hunters and destroyers. Using their children as bait.. Using their belief system as a justification.. Their religion their politics their science..

Here's the evidence.. Watch my facebook as these hunters come through.. Look at their facebook..

If they have nothing then they are trolls too afraid to reveal their identity..

I don't blame them. I would not want someone to know whoI was if I was going to hunt somebody and destroy them virtually..

it is not a very pretty face When you're hunting humans..

But you'll see it's your next door neighbor who will hunt somebody and destroy them..

Your local grandmother and mother.. Baking you cookies.. Gritting their teeth.. Looking for something to go and pounce on.. This is why the system has to do a great reset.. We have bread predators in our society.. And here's the evidence..

You'll see it on my facebook..

The ones that laugh and angry face my information..

If given the opportunity they would hurt somebody with their hands physically.

Oh I would not put it past some of these people and these mothers and grandmothers..

They would hurt somebody.. They would seriously hurt somebody in their presence.. And then they would justify it..

They already justify it now.. Just look at the hate groups..

They already justify their activism.. And they're proud of it..

They are the predators in our society.

And they have no problems showing their face.. Cause they think they're saving you from me..

That's why now you have to pay attention to people coming through on my facebook..

The ones that laugh at my information are the predators in our society..

And is not about agreement..

Cause I could care less if they agree with me or not..

It's the fact that they searched me out and purposely put out an energy that if they could replace it with something else, they would..

They purposely hunted me..

We need to save society from them..

The saviors of our society we need to save our society from them..

Again it could be your mother and daughter.. Grandmother father and son and grandson..

Hunting people purposely because they don't like what they say or look like..

They don't like their belief system..

That's why this system is doing what it's doing.. And I don't blame them.

People harm themselves and they project and look for a demon as they claim, they are the savior..

The reason why you have to have fda approved protocols to take away the pain is because you're not supposed to take away the pain.

You end up dead when you take away the pain..

That's called the morgue..

You're not supposed to take away food from people..

But guess what, those who harm themselves and take away food from people.. they blame society for starving them..

Those are the predators in our society..

And they blame people for their conditions and position

Those are your mommy and me groups..

Those are your grandmothers..

And they are raising the children in our society that we have to develop drugs and agencies for.. And have a large police force for.

That's what you are cultivating..

These are the people that you party with..

These are the people you hang out with.

intelligence: the plants evolved the mammals and the mammals evolved into herbivores, carnivores or omnivores..

the hominids had a wide array of choices to choose from and his food all food, is what gave him adaptability and even potential immortality, ie Noah living to be 950 years old.

migration, evolution, adaptation increased mankind's intelligence as he ate his way north, south, east and west... the more complex his diet, the more complex and increasingly intelligent he became.. and he was NOT worried about chemicals or heavy metals because he did not treat disease until he became a bit more intelligent and then over did it, hence why all the last great floods and resets..

Mankind back then did NOT worry about bacteria with elements like what is found in the v a ccines because mankind BACK THEN dealt with disease and did NOT mischaracterize it or treat it until he was enslaved by the Nephilim who told Imhotep how to use alchemy to keep the slaves working and controlling their growth.. etc.. ie surgeries, and deploying pets to keep them entertained and weak with love and distraction...

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