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Mother's and women have been used as a tool..

Main take away.. Women must follow the guidelines of being a whore in the sheets and a lady in the streets. That's how women have been pigeonhold into.. That's how these families are going to raise their girls to be. Especially when they promote family.

That's the enslavement of women.

The notion that you don't have to die someday will set the women free from that enslavement.

Once she finishes up her duties in the old world... If she survives transitioning from the old world to the new world..

She can finally redefine herself..

Symptoms are your immune system. Treating your Symptoms is disabling your immune system..

Mother's and women have been used as a tool.. They have been used to shove religion family and antibiotics down everyone's throat.

Watch your facebook.

Until she realizes she's been used as a tool.. No evolution for her family..

Until she realizes she has been used by the government, She is not a person to anyone.. She is just a purveyor of death and destruction.. Distraction.. And used for entertainment purposes and to produce children.. and that is it..

Mothers have been trained to disable their family's immune system..

Women and mothers have been trained to destroy themselves over time.. When women and mothers destroy themselves.. The men are to follow behind.

If a woman had no kids who could she be..

Women can't even answer that.. They can't even fathom not having children or not having to take care of someone or something..

Women are owned by everything they think they are taking care of.. Women and mothers are owned.. They are enslaved..

And they are in the velvet coffin.. It's a relatively comfortable existence until they start breaking down and are not useful any more.. And should they want to change.. Everyone around them keeping them enslaved will stop the change very quickly..

That's why the matriarchs own everyone under them.. They call themselves the mama bears..

That's how they're able to get away with whatever they do to people and themselves and their children.. And no one will question it unless it violates the laws.. But the system will give you every access to all fda approved anti life protocols..

That's how the system supports the mother in destroying herself and the family .

And it's all legal.

That's the world you're choosing.. That's the world you live in..

She's so overprotective don't get in the way of her destroying her children and family. If it's any one that's going to destroy her family she says.. It must be her.. She will attack anyone who she thinks is destroying her family and her.. She wants to be the one to do it..

The anti life system made her god.. They turned her into a death angel.. After allowing her to give life temporarily.. They also allow her to destroy after the life is not useful.. By teaching her children how to self destruct..

That's the legacies these mothers leave behind when they die..

THE feminist and antifeminist is still the enslavement of women..

Women.. Let's hope you use your power for good.. That's all relative..

If you are about dying someday.. Please don't mislead your audience by telling them you're saving them.. Tell them you are taking them down systematically with your FDA approved herbal antibiotics and supplements making it easier to pass away.. Be honest with your audience..

If you're in the j world.. Don't ever tell them life is painfree.. Releasing excessive life can be very painful.. And people have a lot to release right now..

Be honest..

The downfall of women is their lack of integrity..

Now you understand what's going on. Women have been programmed to destroy themselves.. And justify it.. Through politics.. Through religion.. Through science.

And when they destroy themselves. They destroy their families.

All by design.... That's the depopulation agenda..

No matter what your intention is women.. Be honest..

so where do women fit in when they finally stop feeding into the enslavement of themselves..

she eventually leaves the family and stop catering to the desires of testosterone in both men/women..

she is not a party girl groupie anymore.. and she is not selling sex, drugs and rock and roll.. and she is not selling antibiotics or family or religion..

the slavery of women was built into the 1950's and 1960s model..

Women are not free until they set themselves free... Men, as well.. the women and men are enslaving the male..

so who are you when you are not a mother and seller of sex and drugs, pleasure and family and religion?

good question.. I hope you find out before it is too late.. The system owns the mothers and women who own the men and the children

And then she teaches the men and the children they own her..

That's how the women and the mother keeps themselves enslaved..

Everybody owns her... And she answers to everybody.. And they answer to her..

And she answers to the government.. The one who gave her the power to be enslaved and to enslave to begin with..

When she stops working for the government.. She can work with the government.. And free herself.. Comply If You Want To I don't run your life. Nobody Runs Your Life. Who cares what you do.. What you do has absolutely no bearing on me.

you have to deal with your own health issues.. I have to deal with my own health issue..

If you wear a mask fucking awesome good for you..

If you don't wear a mask fucking awesome good for you..

If you decide to go out during lockdown I hope you don't get arrested

If you decide not to go out during lockdown enjoy your stay at home..

Have fun.. Enjoy your life... Do what you need to do to take care of you..

And feel free to advertise what you're doing. It doesn't mean everyone else does what you're doing.. But you are representing whatever it is you represent.

And we'll get to watch what happens.. All the repercussions of our personal choices.. We face our own health issues.. And we deal with our government and the justice system if we violate any laws..


But represent whatever the hell you want.. Or don't.. I had a bunch of acid before I took a nap.. The heat always puts me to sleep..

I wake up from a nap eating the alkaline..

It keeps everything balanced inside..

That's how i'm gonna play it.. That's my game plan to survive climate change.. in this incessant heat .

You could say i'm living a vampire lifestyle.. But the heat will destroy you.. Especially if you're not as large as other people.. Or haven't been conditioned for many years to work in the heat..

I'm more active at night.. And in the early morning.. The midday forget it.. Especially with temperatures above eighty..

Until it becomes cooler..

It's necessary for survival... With my lifestyle.. When I didn't think about climate change as the other factor I also was trying to figure out are people lying with all the different symptoms . Then it was catching other peoole's microbes which can be a factor.. Which is why they ask people to wear masks. But that's not the only factor..

This aggressive fluctuations in the heat.. The intense fluctuations of becoming hot has produced growth.. In me.. Then I have to eat and release demons and itch..

Other people get different symptoms When there's a shift in the climate of getting hotter.. I get hives in different places now.

That's my indicator there was change and now the body is releasing.. Is through the largest organ called the skin..

If I were to get this treated.. I would have a bigger problem later on.. Because a monster would develop inside of me.. Whenever you don't allow your body to release through symptoms.. Especially during this crazy climate change.. Premature aging.. Cancer disease and chronic illness and auto immune dis orders..

And just to be clear.. I have had no public health therapy. I haven't had a public health therapy since two thousand when I was in the military.

There are certain infections and diseases for which urticaria is common. This is especially true for young children in whom 80 percent of hives are caused by a viral infection.

I remember people saying back in the beginning of the jj that they had histamine issues from the cabbage.

That's because you're supposed to trigger your immune system. You have an intolerance to using your immune system properly.. The cabbage was the catalyst that needed to help your body release the demons..

And it wasn't even the jj per se.. It was the actual cabbage people were having an issue with,

some people.

My mother used to give me anti histamine to stop the body from releasing during Spring and cold flu allergy season.

That's the worst thing you can do to a child is to disable their immune system..

Maybe now if you're willing to look, You know better.. Every parent makes fatal mistakes with their children when it comes to symptoms..

It's not their fault.. They were told to do that they were just following orders.

Break the habit..

Histamine is your friend..

The Issue I have with this article below.. Your body does not make a mistake.. When your body sneezes or produces inflammation... it is under attack..

That's how subtle the brain washing is by one word.. By just using one word called mistakenly..

Your immune system does not make a mistake . Man has an intention.. Mother nature never makes mistakes

Histamine - a chemical found in some of the body's cells.. My scar is itching.. That bump underneath my scar is all over my back.. That's urticaria..

I use nothing on it.. I just take a shower and that's it.. If you don't get any skin conditions during this climate change.. You're holding those buggers inside of you.. You're holding some aggressive energy inside of you..

The skin is the largest organ and it's supposed to release the demons..

If you're not releasing at least through your skin.. And you have a relatively closed alimentary canal.

Even if you have an open immune system.. Your skin is the easiest exit point for the demons to leave.. Your immune system should be pushing them out.

You are harboring the garden of eden within .

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