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Mother's Day is the Representation of the Ouroboros

Mother's Day is ROSICRUCIAN

The snake eating its tail..


Her children are her medicine..

And she develops clones of her.. And they both will consume each other.

Until one person walks away and save themselves. Or they both walk away.. Or else be consumed by the guilt.

And watch how many people read my information and then immediately say I love you mother thank you for being there for everything because you're so amazing and thank you for being in my life today and thank you for teaching me everything I could possibly want..

Or they say thank you for giving me everything.I could possibly want in life. Because that's kind of what mothers do nowadays is they basically give their kids everything they could want.. Guilt or buying their children

 one of the two .

How many people will read my information and immediately do the complete opposite.. And get so many likes .

Most of you who are against my information will confirm your own belief system..

As a defense against new information.

How many people will read my information.. And thank their sons and daughters for being there for them..

How many of you you know how trapped you truly are by reading my information.

Some of you already freed yourself and you get it..

The ones that don't.. Will make sure they reinforce , what they're trapped into..

And they'll hate me secretly..

 Or they will diagnose me..

People secretly hate me because of my information.. Well it's not so secret..

If I was you I would hate me for the information I put out there.. So I don't blame you for hating me.. I actually expect it..

 I intend to be alone more than not.. It's making me stronger.

I already got all of you figured out on some level..

Every single word people say and don't say says everything..

But why say it if people can't help it, j.

Because it must be said..

How else do we give people the choice or at least make them feel like they're not alone..

That it's okay to be alone..

It's okay not to be in touch with your parents.. It's okay not to be in touch with your child.

 Especially if your parents/child are toxic.. And even if they're not according to you , maybe you should cut the cord..

But that's not a choice I can make for anyone..

What if there was another way?

But if you don't know how to be alone.. You'll find someone to take the place of your parents/child so it won't matter if you were never trained to be on your own..

You'll transfer whatever parental/child situation on to somebody else..

But some of you get it and I want you to see it.. Some of you are aware that you can actually look outside of yourself..

Some of you need somebody to say it's okay.. You know who you are..

I'm not the only one out there..

There are other adults and children who were raised like me who are struggling with this..

I see you.. And you are somebody..

Don't let those around you make you feel like you have to be part of them.. You don't have to suffer with your friends and family.. If you have the strength to suffer on your own and maybe understand my information.. You have a better chance..

But that's not something i can say is possible for you..

But this is an opening..

Some people around you are too far gone and you can't save them.

Save yourself.

Mothers are not your friend..

My mother told me that and I completely understand now as an adult. If she would have been my friend I would be dead today.

They either raise you or don't raise you.. They are someone you should rebel against if they're doing their job.. But what are you rebelling against.. That's where the rubber meets the road.

 If they were never there for you and now you're going to be there for your kid one hundred per cent all the time.. Or be there for people all the time. Well that didn't work to your favor.. You'll transfer that type of mentality onto someone who you think is a parental figure or your wife or husband..

How many adults can stand on their own two feet without having to rely on somebody to get them emotionally through situations.. How many adults can sit in their own bullshit.. Without relying on addictions or a bunch of friends to distract them..

How many adults have freed their children from the nest.. How many adults don't intend to ever free their children from the nest.

If she was there for you to give you the lessons you needed to learn.. Even if you hated her. And then you walked away from her..

She did her fucking job..

But if she's someone you worship . And love. And you really don't respect her because you're using her.. Or your transferring your relationship or lack thereof on to somebody else..

That's why the system does what it does.. Then she becomes somebody that does no wrong and you will repeat everything she does.. That's called religion.. blind followers.. When children become blind followers of their parents or try to do the exact opposite.. With no discernment.

And then they treat the government like their parents..

 someone to worship or someone to rebel against..

And so the govt has a nation full of children who don't fucking grow up..

They are watching all of your parenting styles.. They're watching how you guys treat your children and yourselves.. And they know what kind of adults youll turn into. They probably know down to the second what your kids are going to do.. They even know how you will react to stress..

You'll even use your parents as leverage for something..

How are you using your parents today.. How are your children using you today .

That's the question everyone needs to ask on mother's day..

How are your kids using you?

And what are you using your kids for..

And the thing is many of you are trapped in a relationship with your children and your parents.. Your family and friends will never ever allow you to set yourself free until you give them a good reason to. You're not allowed to walk away from anything.

My mother set me free a long time ago.. And I fuckin respect her for that ..

Because I was free to develop myself and save myself.

It's sink or swim..

Eventually I left the nest the emotional nest.. I used to call her every week.. and forced her to emotionally get involved with my life... Maybe she appreciated it, maybe she didn't.. She was stuck between the push and pull..

And I never bothered to ask her.. I expected her to be there for me..

I demanded it.. What a fucking monster i was.. That's what children turn into.. They turn into fucking monsters. Until they realize they can't demand somebody emotionally be there for them.. Or even financially.

Eventually I had to grow up.. And I had to deal with everything on my own really..

And i'm glad I did.. Even my husband could never understand the way i was raised. Very few humans out there understand how I was raised..

 They will attempt to diagnose me and the relationship..

That was the intention..

Let me diagnose all those little psychologists out there.. The little pop psychologists out there.. who can't handle any new information.. And when you're different , they will diagnose you . That's how the system got you..

They trapped you in between diagnoses.. That includes the health industry as far as therapies and vaccines and remedies

 To keep you locked in until you finally break free

And when you finally deal with things on your own by yourself. Because no one really understands really.

You become the human.

You were meant to be..

That's what a mother is there for.. To walk away so you can finally figure out who the fuck you are and not be another clone of her.

The fact my mother took care of her own retirement.. Because she made the right decision as an adult.. She knew when to cut us off.. She had everything figured out for herself.

And my dad.

She did not expect us to pay and take care of her..

That's an amazing parent..

And it's okay to make mistakes.. It's okay to face your own mistakes.. It's okay not to have somebody always bail you out of your mistakes..

Because facing your own consequences to your actions builds character..

Or else we have a generation of adults who expect everyone to give everything to them.. And then we have spoiled children who become predatory.. And deadly. who can't handle stress..

We had a shooting last night.. Not.

Too far away from me..

Because a child could not handle the stress.

And so we will deal with a generation of children who are predatory who can't handle stress and turn to firearms. To settle scores..

That's why I walked away from society.. I saw the writing on the wall.

That's why the system is cleaning itself up.. Because you guys will continue to have children and we will continue to have to deal with them and put them in institutions or they die suddenly. Even the parents.

Thank you mom for being there..

Thank you for allowing me to walk away.

Thank you for letting me come back.

Thank you for walking away..

Thank you for being there one more time..

Thank you for allowing me to walk away.

You did your job correctly.

I am prepared for the future.. I am prepared for today.

Sometimes it takes several tries to fly and leave the nest..

Eventually you learn to fly on your own..

I'm glad we both cut the cord..

That day is probably here..

Click on the picture.

That's why I don't treat any disease.. That's why I can handle the pain. If you can't handle pain it becomes a runaway train..

Since i've been conditioning for this I only get two out of all of these symptoms people are experiencing..

only occasionally I get hives and itchy skin.. The hives used to be pretty bad , but not anymore.

They don't even mention arm pain but it's not as bad as it was.. They don't mention armpit pain or pit rashes at all either..

People blame things in the air food and water.. Even the therapies.

They don't mention radiation.. or frequency changes.. Ultra low frequency..

Both my arms were sore all day today. We went to Aldi's instead of giant Eagle or Walmart and the energy was so much nicer in there.

We spent less money too..

That's where i'm going to shop from this point forward. I didn't feel like I was going to die

What if the reason why all the numbers ALIGN is because it's a simulation..


What if we are the lab..

What if Earth is a lab..

 trying to find the best human prototype ever.. using limited genetics...

I don't remember solar storms like this eleven years ago.

Mandala Effect

G-5 Extreme (Kp=9) These storms occur approximately 4 days over an 11 year cycle. Expected Effects: Power systems: Widespread voltage control problems and protective system problems can occur, some grid systems may experience complete collapse or blackouts. Transformers may experience damage.

Omg hail

It became cold very quickly.

Canton ohio

People buy pleasure in paradise and they buy suffering.

When you have to buy feelings..

One day the poles will flip and you will get the opposite of what you bought..

Right now people think that they're buying their life when they're actually buying death..

Before people were buying death , but it gave them what they thought was their life..

They bought the simulation..

Now I earn misery and pleasure and paradise and I don't have to buy it.. I earned it.

Just a brief update.

Earn your paradise in between bouts of hell

Even if it's just for 5 minutes or a day.

And I don't mean buying an herb or remedy or toking on that pot.

The food and pain are the payment system. For pleasure and paradise..

Every single time you shortcut the payment system taking credit using the medical holistic industry, the interest on that credit is astronomical and sometimes people go bankrupt.

Your body is currency..

People try to buy their time.. You're not buying time when you buy time..

You are buying a fantasy.. You are buying a simulation.. Until reality kicks people in the ass.

When you buy a feeling.. Eventually you'll get the opposite of what you intended..

You can't buy your life back..

You have to earn it. Through food and pain and suffering..

Dante understood this.. he understood paradise.. He understood purgatory.. He understood the nine circles of hell..

Right now , society is going through the nine circles of hell..

Many people are circling the drain. buying pleasure and paradise.. Buying simulations.. Until the body can't handle any more simulations..

The body finally wants to deal with reality..

That's why you can't force people to wake up..

 Once they wake up they could die.

So they have to wake themselves up.

I woke the world up seven years ago..

I've been fighting those demons ever since..

 People don't want to wake up.. And you can't force them to.

It must be through their own permission to wake up.. Or rest in peace.

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