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Mothers Will Make or Break Their Children

Mothers will make or break their children.. Mothers are the ones that are evolutionary and or will destroy or bring something to life.. fathers work themselves to death and play themselves to death..

If you need to declare war on people using politics religion and science translatedt through the hippie generation.. You are trying to destroy memories.. the personal Memories that could save you..

This is why history repeats itself.. This is why you are suffering astronomically.. You declared war on yourself.. And that translates declaring war on the world.. Using your children and even yourself as a weapon..

Atheist and religious people are unified through self destruct..

Humans need to grow up and realize there's more than one story line going on.. If You are not open to hearing any other storyline then please go back to your Every single story line out there is correct..

But what begs the question is are you going to survive all the story lines.. So if you don't survive, And you have no intentions of surviving, cuz you believe you should die anyways, then it doesn't matter what the f*** y** believe or do not believe.. It's not going to matter because you ain't going to be around for it.. So it's pointless to argue storylines if you're not going to be around anyways..

So with that said.. Refrain from commenting if it bugs the s*** out of you and here's another thought..

If I wanted to hear the official narrative in five different ways, I would google it..

If you have another story around the same events that nobody has that you never were told by anyone or ever celebrated by anyone in your world..

Share it..

But I don't need people repeating the same stories in fifty million ways

Maybe it's time to get a different perspective.. So you're not regurgitating somebody else's story..

I find that people want to correct me with whatever official narrative they have trying to counter my information as if we were in competition as if my information was not relevant or pertinent or credible because they have the most official story..

I'm not measuring d*** sizes on facebook... Consider my information or move on thank you..

If you're offended by any of my information please scroll..

If you don't understand the bigger picture or where I'm going you will pick apart every little story. I have out there that doesn't match your paradigm..

I won't let you convert me.. And stuff the genie back in the bottle.. And people do that inadvertently because they take offence..

This is in regards to my take on the hippie people... Past and present.. And I already know the history.. I know the official narrative.. Then there's also linguistics.. And a depopulation agenda attached to the hippie movement.. And I know many people who would disagree because they think they're saving the world with organic

Good luck.. If this is offensive move on..

If you have to comment to defend yourself.. Directly or indirectly.. Then your intention is to convert.. Truth needs no defense just live your truth..

Unsolicited lessons to other people Is another Example of crossing boundaries..

If you have to pull any kind of ism card.. Then you're no different than a d!ctator back in world war tw0..

Everything deserves to be questioned.. everything.. So is it really a happy mother day.. No.because you see the same mistakes are being made over and over again.. But you can't say anything.. So you say it on your facebook

If you heal it means you will forget and repeat history over and over again..

That's why there's cancer disease chronic illness and the same wars.. Over and over and over again because we have people who want to forget everything..

Don't ever f****** heal..

Remember everything

and don't make the same mistake you made 20 years ago because you healed with whatever drug was newest on the market... Or you had a kid who didn't remember anything.. because you the parent with the memory passed away..

That's why we keep repeating history because parents keep destroying themselves and their kids absolutely have no clue.. And of course have no memories... Because everyone is magically healed... Lobotomized..

If you take offense to this do not comment..

Somebody's gotta say it... It's the whole point of the j world.. Don't let memories die which is basically a person.. One person is a history of so much stuff..

And the system is actively causing you to forget your memories... Or destroy them..

As you can see people are trying to destroy themselves with drugs to stop the memories in the body.. And they're f****** going crazy and they're in massive amounts of pain.. Because they keep running away from memories and trying to surgically take it out or drug it out.. Or someone else is playing with their body and using the hormones to cover it up..

So I don't condone people trying to forget... Because that's why they are in pain.. They keep forgetting making the same mistakes over and over and over again generation after generation after generation..

So if you are not teaching your kids to save themselves from death of natural causes.. you are breeding new experiments for the system..

Thanks. My take away..

Don't ever forget don't ever heal remember everything..

Your memory will save you.. Nobody else will

If you want to forget..

That's called rest in peace

Children are the vessel for the parents to forget.. Because when the parents forget the pain they don't ever teach their kids to remember the pain.. It's always being chemically forgotten . And they only give them memories they want to give them.. But not enough for survival..

That's my take away on mother's day..

So what was it all for.. Somebody giving you memories that you can't even save yourself with..

Robots get memories uploaded to their hard drive.. They also get applications upgraded based upon the programming..

Sir tell me who's really artificial intelligence.. Those who want to forget everything.. And they want somebody else to upload memories into their body mind and spirit..

Because they can't do it for themselves and they choose not to remember anything to save themselves or even their own genetic line.. scientists even weaponize people against each other and use the weaponization programming as a cover story to misdirect observers.

look at your facebook..

look at your politics, religion and scientific dogmas...

sisters/brothers used as a weapon against each other.. etc etc

Trigger alert.. I'm gonna p*** you off.. But I see the patterns..

hippy=(hyp)notize people=words/smells/sound (outfits are obvious or the amount of skin exposed are obvious/aging process) They hypnotize you into destroying yourself..

That's the non violent hippie movement.. Hypnotization.. Like the sirens luring the sailors into the ocean and drowning them.. The sailors chase after the beautiful sirens deep into the ocean and they don't get to come up for air..

That's the iiliad the odyssey that's the allegory.. Look at your facebook.. Look who is promising you wealth and happiness and longevity and they're f****** gorgeous.. Luring everybody into destroying themselves

hippy chicks/dudes, selling you drugs/herbs/sex and supplication/supplements/dread locks/drum circles/psychedelic retreats/beauty advice/tantric sex retreats/astrology/tarot cards/occult and the fear advocating communal living/religious communes and "get togethers".. /surgeries/marches.... history repeats..

(not racists/black/white/Asian/European use dread locks as a symbol) Not everybody in certain races have dreadlocks..

My point exactly.. Questioning the shaman's in our society.. Who and what are you fighting and who have you pointed out as the enemy.. Programming people to go to war with each other and themselves..

watch the women/men/ who use their "healing" words/floaty words of love/sex hormones/ assets/boobs/legs and body parts to sell an image or use material wealth images as a tool..and selling their religion ON TOP OF THAT ie hots chicks in nun outfits sprayed with patchouli oil and lemon balm

the action of asking or begging for something earnestly or humbly. "he fell to his knees in supplication"

granola moms/dads and people selling you drum circles and retreats, etc..

all religions/selling you saviors in dead people and herbs.. all hippy chicks/men/dudes/women

hippie/counterculture/antibiotic : a usually young person who rejects the mores of established society (as by dressing unconventionally or favoring communal living) and advocates a nonviolent ethic. broadly : a long-haired unconventionally dressed young person.Apr 18, 2023



hip, hype/hypnotize

college/experiment central

where i learned about 9/11 inside job etc

There are so many layers deep the programming

hype/hypno-tize/hippie = hemp

to release one's own energy at one's own hand by the hypnotization of wealth, riches, fame and fortune and pleasure/sex/beauty/money/wall street.

the sirens/illiad and the odyssey..

luring the hypnotized sailors to the depths of the ocean drowning them using their beauty..

it is all in the words.. the spells you cast on whom ever is in the vicinity..

whole organic fear of chemicals.. Complete programming and it has infiltrated in certain cultures races ethnicities even political thought process..

So The whole fear chemicals campaign.. Present in the holistic organic hippie chick world and hippie dude

And there are costumes

Which is no surprise the anti v world are full of them.

Complete and utter programming..

And then conveniently cannabis is the answer to everything laugh out loud. It is for somebody else but not for you.. Somebody else's intentions..

Not your own

believe me

if you knew what was going on you would not choose what you're choosing today..

But you can't tell that to people

so you just watch it..

People claim they are organic.. Yeah they are and they are chaotic dissipating..

Stay home stay safe..

The right wing Christians and the left wing liberals

Both skeptical of the va x

Both claim to be Organic..

And they have some remedy or operation for you.. Not to mention some strain of cannabis..

That's the system f****** with people..

That was done intentionally..

All of a sudden there is unity in destruction..

F****** brilliantPeople not from calif want to say that california is full of fruits and nuts..

Where the f*** do you think you get your culture from einstein..

California was the hub of the programming.. They gave you all of your belief systems.. Your s*** is not organic if it was you would be dead because you would be full of chaos.. They organized your activism your whole life..

All of you are genetically modified.. And your belief system was given to you.. So who's the fruit and nut..

All of us until we finally realize we've been programmed and to release the programming..A post doc student once told me that san francisco was the center of the universe..

He wasn't wrong.. Of course it is

he was studying molecular biology..

But that was twenty years ago..

Times are a changing..

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