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Multi-Life Humans Buying Just One Life, When They Could Have More

No one deserves to die when they're going through an evolution.. And at some point treatments are unnecessary suffering.. You can die from treatments.. Eventually the body cannot be treated anymore from surgical trauma remedies or any other type of therapy..

When you attack your body on a constant basis it will revolt against you.. This is why people are in constant suffering until they are in hospice.. But on their way out the door they're on a string of drugs illicit or otherwise..

When you finally want to become whole again you will have to revisit every single issue that caused you to get the remedies and surgeries to begin with.. You can't take a shortcut..

Eventually you're going to have to face the demons..

Remedies and surgeries are for people who will only experience one life on this Earth.. I hope it's worth it..

You will get your absolution from all politics all religions and all scientific dogmas to make your choices in life bearable and justified..


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