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My Body Discovered the Demons I Was Exposed to During Sugar's Decline Process 2/13/2023

Main take away: Open systems will survive all types of climate change

Closed systems it will just take one more straw to break the camel's back relative to your capacity.. all pain experienced is a gift and if you don't understand the gift you will destroy yourself

All symptoms you experience are a gift and if you stop the symptoms you will destroy yourself..

All food is a gift and if you diet or get political about food you will destroy yourself

3 o'clock this morning muscle soreness and everything but then I woke up at 6 definitely release demons and then the muscle pain is gone..

I was tossed and turning as well around 3 this morning.. Every few hours having to get up and going pee.. Feeling kind of like a stiff zombie.. stiff fingers stiff joints Though yesterday I ate a bunch of food but I didn't have to take a nap.

But when I totally released the demons this morning, It was as if the affliction left my body.

Well I have another little demon waking up as my body is pushing it out and I feel it on the top of my back.. It's an electricity of pain When I move a certain way but that's the extent of it.. All the other stiff joint pain left my body when I pooped this morning..

Your body has to systematically release the demons and you can't hurry it up you cant accelerate it with the J juice you have to actually catalyze and wake up the demons and then you have to train your body to release without taking away intelligence or plying your body with detoxes and supplements.. That's how you create more demons is with all the supplements and the holistic remedies..

Literally people are full of demons trapping them inside because of all the different medicines.. And so every abx Or herbal remedy may temper one demon but it will develop another 1 in the future that's called antibiotic resistance..

And I'll tell you it is a process and it Takes time and you have to give it time..

The fact that I feel pain is a gift because it means my body is working exactly the way it's supposed to and I will not stop it from feeling anything because it means that it's releasing and repairing any damage and trauma it underwent from exposure or waking up another demon

It is like an intestinal exorcism without forcing your body to release so aggressively using aggressive elements.. Only in the beginning of the J world was the J juice necessary to wake up the demons and then you had to actually arm yourself and learn how to release and eat all food..

In this environment if you don't feel anything then you are on your way out the door to rest in peace.. With how aggressive this environment is not feeling something is a recipe for disaster

I forgot to mention that my lymph nodes in my armpits are open and a little sore.. When my armpits are sore I know that body is releasing.

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