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  • Jillian Epperly

My Dog is Living to Tell About What the Vet System Did to Her Adaptation

If it is that INEXPENSIVE to use a needle a dog's cyst/tumor/growth, no wonder my dog must deal with a growth of her immunity finally becoming online again. HOLY shit. Can you imagine how many times she probably had her tumor or cyst aspirated prior to me and then finally had to go through surgery to get it removed.. phuck.. poor sugar.. No wonder she was given up to the human society..

YOU can't attack life and expect it NOT to want to heal.. phuck the vet system and medical/holistic system Anyone who emails me supporting this b******* is so much part of the problem.. And I'm gonna tell you most of the world don't even know what they're doing to their bodies because they don't live to tell about it literally..

My dog is living to tell about what the medical and the holistic system has done to all of biodiversity.. And I am her mouthpiece..

Cost of Needle Aspiration in Dogs Fine needle aspiration is typically an inexpensive procedure which ranges in cost from $25 to $200. These costs may or may not include laboratory fees. Needle Aspiration in Dogs - Conditions Treated, Procedure ...

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