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My Opinion About the Medical and Holistic System of Medicine and Re(MED)ies

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

The Doctors/Holistic professionals open you up under surgery (Dr.), close you up via meds (holistic/medical doctors) until the meds and re(me)(dies) do such a good job you need meds/re(med)y to temporarily open you up again.

Is that not strategic based on a business model (tongue in cheek).

But, when you and your team of handlers train the hydra to be closed, only to be opened up via meds and surgery, forcing them open via re(med)ies causes confusion, eventually an all out war, and then the body eventually stays closed, called REST IN PEACE.

The aging process is the body systemically closing up with the help of modern, traditional, and ancient medicine.

Maybe NO medicine is the "answer" if humans want to advance themselves.

We have trained our microbes to be whatever authority wants us to be.

Now, we can merge together both the collective and individual and still be symbiotic to one another.

You do not have to do what I do, but repeat daily,

"Different Strokes for Different Folks", and live your best life.

I certainly found the path to peace without causing rest in peace in any of my body mind and spirit. I live and let other live. I came back to life in 2016, when I was dying slowly.

I released the demons of misguided or unguided children in the toilet, shower and napkin when I blow my nose..

I mature the guided children in my body and feed my parent cells, all food.

Live your best life... and if you feel you need to prove it, do it daily on social media and we can be the "judge" of that .. ahahah

Note: In the case of triage and I am unconscious needing a steering wheel to be surgically taken out of my leg, it is up to authority to save me or let me pass. Afterall, I am unconscious.

Take care.

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