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Mycoplasma Mimics the Most Influential Infection

You are the weapon of mass destruction .. IN THIS HIGHLY elevated environment, your aerosolized mucus is what is invading your friends, family and co-workers and then causing disease that "must" be treated developing new future a new president bringing in his cabinet..

it was always you... you you you you.. me..

Because mycoplasma is everywhere and it is opportunistic in it mimics anything that's influential. So if you have out of control bacteria, you also have out of control mycoplasma and you are infectious..

There is no vaccine against this bacteria.

And so when you go to your anti vaccine rallies and you're breathing on everybody. You are giving everybody your infections. And people don't survive exposure to so much diversity, especially when they already have issues with bacteria out of control..

And when you're starving yourself. You are weakening your immune system to push out the demons..

People are the source of their own suffering.

What did you learn in 2023

So no I will not go into any more parties. Because I blew up from hanging out with so many people because of how infectious this environment is..

And I won't be traveling being stuck in close spaces with people who are breathing out all of their infection all over me that I have to go and cough out later.

Higher forms of heat lessen the influence of mycoplasma bacteria like HOT climates with water, however, as people become more and more infested with out of control bacteria with OPPORTUNISTIC MYCOPLASMA ATTACHING ITSELF TO THE VITAL ORGANS, TISSUES, ETC.. THE HIGH heat will also diminish the life force of that person if they do not start eating and releasing..

for example: barnacles on a whale are opportunistic.. if the whale is doing ok, the barnacles are relatively controlled and regulated, but if the whale is NOT doing ok, the barnacles will become too numerous..

it is the state of the host is what determines how bacteria become as influential as it has become..and a strong host will regulate all bacteria causing the reversal of the aging process, but a weak host will allow the bacteria to take over and overthrow the host.. called


Mycoplasma pneumonia.. basically

Oh boy..move over was NEVER was my immune system and all the remedies SUPPRESSING MY IMMUNE STSTEM GIVING POWER TO THESE OPPORTUNISTIC BACTERIA..

Can Mycoplasma be the root cause of infections like bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, and UTIs?

Based on the existing research, it’s unlikely.

But here’s the most important part: it’s commensal, meaning that it does not seem to act out on its own, but rather follows the crowd — if it’s alongside disruptive bacteria, it acts disruptive. Treating the Mycoplasma hominis likely won’t do anything to rid of the disruptive bacteria it’s latching onto, just like getting rid of barnacles on a whale won’t do anything if the problem is the whale.

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