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No, matter what you're always in deficit. But to what degree..

No, matter what you're always in deficit. But to what degree.. And do you have room to come back..?

Everything is activating people's immune system and people's resistance cause them to die suddenly.. Or contract so many different diagnosable conditions they can't get ahead of..

You're not in your grandmother's world anymore..

What used to be a positive will now be a negative against you..

All the friends and family and wealth and influence used to work for you.. Will now work against you.

The poles have flipped..

Everything is mathematics..

Negative times a positive is a negative

Positive times negative is a negative

Antibiotic times a probiotic = antibiotic

Everybody's antigen to everybody.. Blood type A's and Bs are antigen to themselves..

Blood type Os hold antigen against everybody..

Whatever antibodies you hold will be antigen to somebody else..

Whatever antibodies you are missing means you will be going into the principle to protect you..

In other words when don't have antibodies for specific antigen.. You're not living on the interest.. Which are the antibodies.. You're living on the principle.

Your body has to work double hard to release those demons. Or you house those demons inside and they destroy you, over time.

Everybody out there is a negative to somebody.. EVERYBODY IS.

When you realize that entropy is deficit.. You are always in deficit..

The heavier your social life the more deficit you're in.. The more people you entertain around you, the more deficit you're in..

Everybody is a negative now..

Now you have to calculate by how much you are in deficit..

Widening the gap between death and life..

And maybe change your lifestyle and your belief system if you want to survive..

Everything is integers.. Everything is algebra..

Some people don't know they cannot afford to be around people until it's too late.. But you can't tell them anything because their life is their life..

Why should they change.. They never had to before.. Unless they were forced to..

Why should they change today..

That's the psychology of what's going on..

Now it's a very different war..

It's a war between everyone around you..

It's a war between your significant other..

It's a war between your friends and family.. It's a war against your lifestyle..

And there's many fears because of the wars out there in other countries..

If you're in a relatively safe place.. And you potentially understand my world.. Find a way to hibernate in some way.. And juggling making your expenses and everything else..

Every morning i'm releasing.. Coughing sneezing blowing my nose..

Incubation times are shorter and shorter in between each exposure to diverse humans..

Remember a couple years ago when they said fourteen days icubation time?

Now I'll say it's about 2 to 7 days. Everything's relative to your body mass index and lifestyle.. And how much exposure..

You won't know if that growth was from something recent. Or if it was incubating for a few weeks..

Compound interest can work against you if you don't understand how to deal witth reconciling your biological accounts..

That's why I release every morning and gets sick every morning with blowing my nose and coughing out mucus and whatever. I will not deal with back logged infection..

I'm done in the world of procrastination..

Procrastination kills..

You wanna play.. You'll pay..

Everything has a price.. But your life doesnt.. But your death does..

In the old world..

An aggressive social life and huge family and friends was a sign of wealth and affluence, as people pooled their resources.

Now it will be a major heavy expense.. You'll have to fight to stay alive..

And you don't even know it..

But you'll find out..

Obesity and morbid obesity is like positive times a positive = positive+ more eventually turning into a negative and you may not survive..

Extremely like negive times negative= positive eventually converting into a negative and you may not survive..

Negative times a positive= negative

How are you balancing out the offspring of negatives while managing all the positives?

Offspring is what will destroy you.. Fertility is deadly.

The Cleveland Clinic reports that 90 percent of infants who die from SIDS are younger than six months old and most babies appear to have died in their sleep between midnight and 6 am.

Every morning around three am i'm releasing demons.. Blowing my nose.. Coughing.. Maybe even sneezing..

These kids are not conditioned to release.. So all that electrical activity and growth has nowhere to go and they die from a seizure..

Many Adults are not conditiones to release.. Because they've taken medications to disable their immune system to release.. Cough suppressants, mucus drying agents.. immmodium

That's why sids and sads are so prevalent .

People hate to feel symptoms.. And they're taking drugs and around so many people..

Three a.m is the witching hour..

I know from experience..

It's only going to get worse.. Because the frequencies are going to be so astronomical people can't get ahead of the growth. And of course no one's changing their lifestyle..

They're hanging out with a lot more people.. And whatever..

I've tried to warn people.

Now we just watch everything.

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