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No More Social Media Lives for Awhile, I Am Too Busy Saving My Own Life and Family

Now is the time for you guys to be on your own..

Work is when you work for yourself and then you work for other people..

When you cease to work for yourself and only work for other people who survives? Whoever it is your working force survive unless you work for yourself.. If you don't survive neither does your business in body mind and spirit..

I work for myself and then I work for others.. I only work for others when it serves myself because I'm not benevolent and I don't pretend to be something I'm not.. Everybody has some kind of self serving mechanism in whatever they do or why do it then you're just giving away free energy to anyone who's desperate..

Work smarter not harder and work for yourself 1st not for others because then you're just fooling yourself..

Save yourself first and don't pretend you're saving other people when you haven't saved yourself first because then you're being deceptive..

I choose to save myself and my family first and you guys will figure it out or you won't but it's not up to me now it's up to you to save yourself and save your own family.. If you can't save your family even if they are dependent, then save yourself..

Your family has a better chance when you save yourself first..

I don't need to go on live to do that or say that.. I'll go on live when it actually means something now..

Now it's time for all of you to do your own work.. It's time to write out how you got your answer.. The long way not the short way.. When your teacher says show your work she means did you copy from somebody else or did you actually come up with the answer on your own..

Some of you are copying other people.. But you fail to show the work..

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