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No you didn't beat cancer, you survived oncology, or weren't dying, someone told you, you will/were

Sister, CYST, CYST(ER) CISgender

(Note: When you surgically or chemically or herbally/food attack a tumor growth or a cyst in your body you will make it stronger.. Stop attacking people places and things if you disagree and start making yourself stronger.. You're only making your perceived opponent stronger when you attack it and the medical and holistic system attacks what they perceive is the enemy and then it becomes the person who is weaker)..

And so you can look at sister in 1 of 2 ways.. Or both ways.. Someone who's a growth or related to you that was taken off of some point of your body.. or someone who is sucking a life out of you, And only one of you will live because 1 of you is more parasitic than the other..

Everything is in plain site...sight.. It's all in the words.. Some of you keep repeating words that are destroying you even though you think you're saving your life and you're justifying..

But you're not saving your life

you're destroying your life and you're teaching your children how to destroy their life when the climate becomes so aggressive and they can't fathom changing the way they think and do things.. Even though my dog was never diagnosed with cancer, which are new growths from trauma, competition trapped in the body, incorrigible beta cells, if i had not acted quickly, that trauma of PAST SURGICAL PROCEDURES, would have destroyed her.

How you respond to disease will be the reason you will live or die.. Just because you found a mass and was diagnosed didn't mean you were gonna die from whatever they projected onto you.

Projection and transference is huge in the medical system.. It's all psychological operations.. I learned that in my psychology courses in college.

you just were told that was going to happen by the fear religions called ONCOLOGY and medical holistic Veterinary surgical system.. The power of suggestion and authority seduces people into destruction

Billions of dollars go into genome modification while you're alive sustaining a trapped closed immune system..

The growths tumors cysts keloids warts boils sustained are used in science for the next generation because that is the next generation of growth in your body that you have no idea how to deal with so then you are a human experiment.. And you're also working your a** off for a system that supports this.

Who's to say that the guygirl next to you wasn't developed from the wart that you gave up to the lab a couple years ago

If you were ever diagnosed because they found a mass where you felt poorly one day, So then you check yourself into the hospital or the ER through your fear then you start systematically destroying yourself from the fear..

It's like clockwork

people do this every day..

Emergency rooms are full of people who are starting to destroy themselves..

Doctor's appointments are full of people who are systematically destroying themselves.. In the meantime starving themselves and their children are also starving..

And the only reason why all the indoctrinated tell you that you will die is because the medical system only practices one type of medicine so of course what they say is predictable because they never changed their course.. They always respond to disease with anti inflammatories antibiotics or cut something out.. And so that's why they have stage 1 cancer stage 2 stage 3 and stage 4 because you don't do anything different and then told to get early diagnosis so they can prematurely systematically destroy you..

Some get destroyed sooner than others relative to how much they weigh and predisposed issues..

It's not a coincidence that slight females don't survive their cancer diagnosis.. And why big burly men can survive cancer diagnosis and disease And the treatments..

.. Body mass index is the key thing to surviving a medical diagnosis because the treatments are meant to destroy you systematically which is why they must be fda approved so that way you're not the wiser how deadly it is because it happens over time not right away..

That's why you can't make claims of cures because cures are deadly.. Especially when you're already starving.. The JJ world is not a cure.. If you use the jj world as a cure you're no different than the medical system. I'm also not a detox or a cleanse.

The JJ world is a catalyst to bring up what you've buried underneath layers and layers of cures and medical holistic trauma.. The JJ world makes you deal with what you buried so you can finally do it correctly.. And survive the inevitable.. Because what you bury what is in the dark will always come to light.. Deception in the dark will always be truth in the light and that's why people pass away because they can't handle the truth of what they did in the past..

People want to blame the JJ world for their issues but no it was the ignorance that you buried with the medical holistic system that I finally "forced" you to look at and you didn't like what you're seeing.. I didn't start the war you just kept sustaining it.. And then you b**** at me for trying to make you look at your war differently and respond to it differently so you can survive it not succumb to it even though you justify dying from the war through your religion.. No you didn't beat cancer, you survived oncology and even those who were diagnosed and use CBD oil and other alternative methods would have still survived If they ate baby food and pulled out the fecal programming..

And so people make correlation equals causation and then that's their religion and this is why the holistic industry is a booming industry.. People would have survived their diagnoses anyway.. No cannabis didn't f****** save you you just thought it did because you thought you were gonna die but you weren't.. You were still under the spell of the medical and the holistic industry Anyway. if they would have done something different Like eat baby food and pull out the fecal programming they wouldn't have to go through those procedures.. But as you know people don't want to change and then they are political and blame the system Or other people for their own personal ignorance, And they think the cure for cancer is hidden from them oh h*** no you're being given every cure in the book and you still haven't passed away until you do.. oncology is a cure for cancer because you end up passed away From their myriads and myriads of methods.. Cannabis is a cure for cancer because you end up passed away inevitably.. Everything you use to stop evolution is a cure.. And it's deadly..

And so if you dealt with a pain and fed your body and pulled out the fecal programming Yeah you would expand your capacity to deal with pain internal emotional psychological physical pain but not by somebody else but because you have to pay back what you did to your body and what your parents did to their bodies that they gave you those inheritable traits.. Remember even your parents and parent parents did the same thing in the medical and the holistic system and so you have to finally break the chain the curse of medicine and remedies and everything having ti do with stopping the pain of release.

Oncology is a religion and it's based on fear.. When you're told if you don't do this oncology after discovering a mass regardless of how you found it, it's like the friend's family in the medical system say you'll go to h*** If you don't destroy it, even if it destroys the patient.

And so yeah the medical and the holistic system is one big "cult" or culture and they are cozy. And I will say that surgeons are butchers because you will pay for that once you want to become whole again my dog is paying for all the butchers destroying her body..

I only found this out because I didn't let her die and let the secrets go with her.. When people die the secrets of the medical holistic entry dies with them and no one is a wiser and the kids repeat the same mistakes as our parents because they were never alerted to what really happens when you destroy yourself with surgery and medicine..

In the past watching perfectly healthy people get destroyed by oncology like a Childhood classmate Kirk Akahoshi was devastating. It was like watching World War II over again.. But in a different way..

My dog looks awesome except for paying back the Piper for all those medical procedures but she is soft her Fur is soft and her skin is clear and her face is beautiful.. She looks like a very healthy dog except for that large sist that she must deal with and not cut out anymore or aspirate anymore..

And so yes all religions are about biological karma.. The Egyptians in antiquity knew exactly how to develop a society.. And you could still have an amazing society, But only some people will know this.. And understand it..

And so secret societies are not really secret it's just some people don't have the capacity to understand esoteric knowledge because they refuse to evolve.. And then they blame people and call the societies who understand, Secret societies when the "ignorant" were the ones who made it so secret because they didn't want to understand it..

Everything is in plain sight.. You can call it hidden because people choose to turn the other direction.. They choose to turn their cheek..

When you turn the cheek you blind yourself

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