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Now I Know Where Religion Comes From

Heart attacks and strokes And your lymphatic system Religion and only speaking in scripture to people To people who don't.. It's called jargon and it's made to confuse you and cast spells on you..

People always go the doctor after a heart attack.. But the reason why they had the heart attack is because they closed up their system.. That was an indicator that you'd better stop closing your system up.. But then people go to the doctor and leverage themselves and become even more diminished.. They get operations.. Sometimes they suffered another heart attack.. Or they deteriorate from lack of life.. Or the life in their body cannabalizes the f*** out of them.. The metastasizing of life that was not allowed to be released because of a close system called cancer..

politics religion and science religion.. Dogma

Now you know why all religion should be questioned.. Instant religion.. Religion in a box.. Just add water salt and cabbage..

When people are missing vital elements in their body and they find it is the missing piece the missing link that either they demonize it relative to their intention and perception. Or they worship it..

That's not the point of the j world..

We're not trying to apply angelic qualities or demonic qualities to anything that's missing...

That's why religion exists because you worship something or you demonize something relative to your perception.. Then somebody makes money off you and leverages you..

You release your own demons.. But anything coming into your body is not angelic or demonic..

You're the one that converts the energy to be for you or against you.. Not anyone else.. You're the one that determines if something is angelic or demonic coming out of your body.. But do not get into the habit of characterizing anything going into your body as demonic or angelic.

The food and drug administration gives you relative safety to whatever's Offered in the public sector.. Or private sector..

Read my story.. Humans can be ridiculous I guess I can't be accused of being boring I blame cabbage salt and water.. And energy.. Such a poisonous toxic combinations.. I can't believe the ancestors.. (sarcastic)

I can't believe they promoted cabbage in the past.. Can't believe they promoted salt and water.. I can't believe they promoted probiotics.. The nerve of our ancestors..(sarcastic)

I blame our ancestors.. Not only should I have promoted ice cream but starvation.. Because right now humans are starving..(sarcastic)

Yet if I hadn't promoted salt water fermentation and cabbage humans could have lived forever.. But I guess that's NOW out of the question...(sarcastic)

Because now everyone's doing the j world right.. Laughing my a** off(sarcastic)

So all of your reaction videos about how "dangerous salt" is has done nothing for humanity.. (sarcastic) Because people aren't dying from covid (sarcastic)

they're dying from salt cabbage and water and probiotics.. It's the most deadliest form of food ever.. . I can't believe the fda got it wrong..(sarcastic)

According to all my Critics.. The only reason why people/dogs die is because they ate cabbage salt and water.... (sarcastic)

They over dosed (sarcastic)

That's the only reason why animals and humans die because somehow they snuck in cabbage water and salt and fermented it. It seems that everyone is secretly overdosing on cabbage water and salt.. After it's been fermented..(sarcastic)

I have single handedly became the reason why all humans die in the past and in the future.. (sarcastic)

MOVE OVER Bill GATES (sarcastic) You lost your throne of taking on the role of public enemy number one.. (You owe me one, Bill..)(sarcastic)

There's a new satanic queen in town.. And she is peddling cabbage water salt.. Fermented like saurkraut(sarcastic)

Because how dare I promote salt water and cabbage.. How dare I promote probiotics.. (sarcastic)

F*** the nerve of me..(sarcastic)

I REALLY should have promoted ice cream..(sarcastic)

And so anyone that wants to blame the death of everybody and their family and friends and cohorts.. They can now blame salt water and cabbage .. They can also blame the pro biotics..(sarcastic)

We have a new satan.. We have a new demon called cabbage salt and water..(sarcastic)

I gotta love humans.. They know how to f****** develop religions out of thin air.. (sarcastic)

Holy s***..


Then you will see the salt demons come out.. It'll turn into a bible.. Then a story... then an allegory.. (sarcastic)

Then you will see mothers and babies and children wearing t shirts that say down with salt down with water down with cabbage..(sarcastic)

You'll see people saying that food is deadly all food is deadly... (sarcastic)

Humans know how to destroy themselves... That's called an eating disorder...(sarcastic)

And then big temples will rise up against salt water and cabbage.(sarcastic)

They will burn cabbage in effigy. In the middle of the town square..(sarcastic)

With flyers and leaflets and petitions to ban cabbage water and salt from all the supermarket.. From every single place.. (sarcastic) And if anyone does sell cabbage water and salt they will say boycott that place.. And then they will stand out in front of the store with signs that say down with cabbage.. With huge skull and crossbones... Oh I could see it now..(sarcastic)

And then you will have more stories.. Actors and actresses getting on the bandwagon banning salt water and cabbage.. And of course probiotics... (sarcastic)

And then there'll be spokesman... Developing legislation against cabbage water and salt and fermentation.. (sarcastic)

Wars will be in the name of cabbage water salt and fermentation..(sarcastic)

And then ignorant humans would be the reason why nobody grows cabbage.. They take away all the salt off the earth.. And throw it into space.. And they will get rid of all water.. Because remember water is deadly to them.. They can't handle the energy.. They can't handle salt.. They can't handle cabbage.. (sarcastic)

And then humans will cease to exist.. Is all because they hated cabbage water and salt..(sarcastic)

And so when the little reptilian tells stories to their children... They will tell stories that once upon a time humans used to eat cabbage water and salt called sauerkraut...

And then all of a sudden developed campaigns against it and destroyed their own human race.. (sarcastic)

Because miraculously salt turned into a drug.. (sarcastic)

And they overdosed and then they banned it (sarcastic)

F****** brilliant..(sarcastic)

But this is not to say that you should worship salt.. This is not to say that the salt is the answer.. salt is part of everything that should be in balance.. With water with food..

People die from lack of water.. They don't die from salt.. People don't die from too much water.. They die from lack of salt and food.. And so you can look at everything relative to perspective..

And why do people die... Because they are starving.. And they don't understand balance.. And they worship and hate things they don't understand...

They're always looking for the answer for someone to save them... When in reality they must save themselves...

When people demonize a person place or thing.. They come off as a jesus.. When they're trying to save you from a person place or thing.. They are the new jesus

they dubbed themselves the new jesus..

They are your new superhero someone to worship..

That's how easily religion has been developed...

I think the walking dead covered this.. The saviors are the most dangerous people of all.. They'll save you from food water and air.. And then tell you it's better to be an avatar.. It's better to live in the below world.. And have your spirit trapped in a computer or bonded to an object on earth.. Why it is insulting when somebody only speaks to you in scripture and they can't allow their true self to be known..

The reason why i post this(previous post) is not to be preached to or have someone try to absolve me. Or make me feel better

I feel fine..

I don't need anyone reading a scripture telling me that it's okay to be hated because haters are bad too..

That's not what i'm looking for.. And it's not for you to assume to go and save someone or save me.. You don't make that assumption.

I could give a f***.. What people think of me.. Because if I really cared I would get off of social media..

I just think it's funny as h***..

Here are The rules and etiquette of facebook and commenting with people who you don't really know well but you like aspects of them.. But you also don't want to make them feel uncomfortable or make assumptions..

I like normal conversation.. I like to talk to real people..

It's okay to just say two words like laugh out loud or that's funny.. Or something real about you..

I don't need somebody quoting word for word somebody else's words..

Occasionally if I want to understand something.. I'll find a definition.. And I will copy and paste as part of a normal conversation..

But I do not go and plagiarize and speak to people by copying and pasting something off the internet every single interaction..

I mean I do have tolerance if you quote one scripture and I come back and say yeah in plain english..

It's okay to come back and say yeah in plain english..

You don't have to keep talking in somebody else's words all the time..

People want to know you..

Not your religion..

Sometimes I don't even know who I am talking to because they're not there..

Their religion is there..

It seems Im talking to the people of the past who forced that language into your head..

the past is the one who seems to be talking..

I'm not talking to the person..

im talking to an avatar of the past..

It's a little Unsettling...

So please, people want to know you

not the bible..

Humans you are beautiful...

But someone took away your identity and your uniqueness..

And they filled your head with somebody else's words.. I want to know you if you even want to know yourself..

If you don't know yourself you will have somebody else possess you.. And they possess you with words.. Rituals.. Actions.. Until you are completely taken over.. And then you don't even know who you are..

Spiritual parasitism was how humans were conquered by those who who sought to enslave them..

Time to set yourself free humans.. If not.. You will be an avatar of somebody in the past and present and future.. Question to ask the word.. Are all versions of the bible the ultimate book of spells..

Is the bible the foundation of every single new age religion as well as all ancient religions of the past..

Because if it wasn't for english translated into all different languages.. You wouldn't have so many different denominations and cultures and belief systems.. That includes the star seeds and the love love... World..

You don't have to answer...

Spell... Curse... Gift

You can spell the curses and the gifts.. And everything is relative to perspective and expectation..

But it's the spelling.. That cast spells..

When you worship mortals dubbing them as immortal, but in reality you are the immortal worshipping dead people..mortal.. including all past/passed spiritual advisors, etc.

all twisted allowing the dead to dictate your life is like saying you want to end up like the dead person of the past/passed/nailed to the cross in so many different ways being tortured to death via medical/surgery/dentistry/holistic.. casting spells on people on the way out the door.. that is all religions and beliefs and also the aging process ... and the healing world..

you are not supposed to "heal".. you are supposed to evolve and manage the energy coming into your body and out your body and still adapt to the changing conditions without dying someday and justifying it and blaming others..

but the depopulation agenda is about you gaining believers in the death cultures...and converting your kids, family and friends, and cohorts from life into death... many of you, are already bonded with the grim reaper.. you signed on the dotted line, gave money to the licensed professionals, lay healers and therapists.. you are bonded/marked to pass away sooner, than later and you have absolution from your friends and family and followers..

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