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Now is the Time for Me to Step Out of the Guerilla Warfare

Now I remember why I have such an aversion to knives.. Or why I had to pick a knife up and put it down..

I remember seeing my mother cut herself by mistake cutting bagels and so much blood . The visual of so much blood from a knife is very traumatizing..

Can you imagine when kids are watching horror movies.. And video games, what kind of monsters you can develop if they don't release those demons.

Violence on top of very aggressive programming visually and physically develops monsters in our society.

That's why you get the charles manson's and the serial killers.. And the bullies in our society..

Why is this happening right now.. Why are we in a scale down

It is population control..

You must release your demons and be very strategic.. Only if you choose to be aware.

Fear Manipulation, otherwise known as Fear Inducement is the ability in which to inflict a level of "fear" on the target using supernatural means. Depending on the severity of the fear, the user can use this to manipulate the target, incapacitate them or simply drive them insane. Charles Manson

He was brought up with knowledge.. He was brought up in violence.. He was brought up in manipulation..

He knew how to manipulate women..

He wanted to be a singer and get the word out that way.

They wouldn't let him be famous .

Sharon Tate represented everything that was going to take down the world in the future.. But she also represented somebody who denied him access to the club of singer song writers..

Instead of channeling his frustration in other ways.. He destroyed what he could not have.. What he could not belong to .

He went right back to the tools that were taught to him when it came to forcing people into submission.. PANDEMICS ARE NOT SPONTANEOUS the laws of motions speak to an aggressive catalyst like energy frequency.. When people are subject to aggressive frequencies it triggers the immune system to release demons held at bay from remedies and drugs and then you get a pandora's box opening up in conjunction with all the public health therapies adding to the cesspool of microbial imperialism..

microbial imperialism= cancer disease, chronic illness and even died suddenlies..

You allow your body to be taken over by aggressive influential microbes.. Nobody is doing it to you.. You force your body to take on so much more energy than you can handle.. And then you voluntarily MAIM yourself through the medical holistic system..

people intend to stop their body from releasing symptoms and so they are a veritable garden of eden.. eating itself alive.. like the snake eating its tail..

people also intend to develop more demons using herbs, extracts, drugs, remedies, surgeries and even all the i ver mectins making their demons stronger and more deadly..

that is why your mom and dad and you are in pain.. you resist evolution and release.. and you are suffering for going against mother nature.


and when people starve their body of food, they have no real strong defense system and the microbes keep eating away at the person until they look like the crypt keeper or the person becomes so large from all the growths and hormonal imbalances their vital organs shut down from so much heat melting off the collagen turning it into gelatin, which weighs more.. Denial = Resistance resistance is futile

because you don't believe in the sun, does not mean it won't still stop shining.. Because it will still keep shining, regardless of your beliefs around the sun.. children become conditioned to be imperialist and destroy through resistance and/or become conditioned to be colonized by politics, religion and science to the point of destruction..

that is the British empire training americans to take the fall and be the scapegoat.. all relationships are training grounds for imperialism and colonization.. who has more pull/influence to the point of mutually assured destruction..?

resistance = mutually assured destruction

i'm done with all wars..

have fun resisting and denying what is in your face.. I hope you all survive your wars.. So the weather underground was strategically placing themselves inside the system to develop aggressive physical destruction..

The evolution of that was a psychological war.. Getting into people's heads.. Using fear as a tactic.. Using religion and politics and science as a mechanism for developing UNWAVERING belief systems to destroy people through legalized protocols.. And people will still love you for it..

Look at the herbalists selling you all of their prescription drugs and remedies.. All f d a approved relative to the intention...

Look at the surgeons.. Friends selling you into harming yourself through butchery.. Oncology.. Radiation chemotherapy cannabis..

The system got into your head.. And they made you believe shit.. And they use the people you love and respect the most to do it..

You're done.

They also made you believe there was an enemy or someone to resist.. If you were selling herbs you would resist and blame the pharmaceuticals.. And since people did not understand biology and chemistry.. And they always resisted symptoms..

It was like taking candy away from a baby..

Now look at your friends.. Selling you everything under the sun to take away your pain and suffering.. And it's all legal.. Because it's the cumulative effect.. And the system can say correlation does not equal causation.. Because it was years and years of you buying those herbs from your friends..

You did it to yourself..

That's the warfront.. You destroy yourself through legal remedies.. Literally legal remedies..

Voluntary Imperialism..

You allowed someone else to own you.. Through love and hate.. This was the playbook for the psychological war you are in right now.. You couldn't play the physical violent game..

Replace all the arms and guns and violent intentions with concepts and belief systems and cult mentality.. And of course drugs, alcohol and fear.. And most of all, SEX

Colonizing people's bodies minds and spirits..

Everything has to be intellectual and psychologically driven..

And if you're not well equipped or aware or even care, because the almighty dollar is what drives you and being a savior in your religion.. You will carry out the agenda..

The system thanks for your service..

Why I do what I do is for ME.. for my own understanding and improving myself.. My own development..

I do everything publicly because my parent cells represent.. my juvenile cells will follow until they represent whatever they believe, etc..

we all are self/cellf determining organisms.. we follow, we lead and we destroy or develop ...into what?

whatever you choose...

You are being given a choice.. so many choices.. it is over for most people..

hugs and good luck

I tried.. Psychological virtual guerilla warfare: trolls, fear, friends, family, authority and even comedians.. and of course politics, all religions and science dogmas.. the death programming via absolution dressed up as redemption is guerilla warfare tactics..

when you feed the trolls or guerillas, you entertain the guerillas who will eventually dismantle your body, mind and spirit, if you allow them..

I walked away from the war of resistance..

Guerillas always have time on their side to attack you virtually when the time is right.. and they could use your mom, dad, sister, brothers, fear and even friends to get to you...

that is the art of war... using your children as leverage.. using your animals as leverage..

the system trained people well.. very well..

The one thing i'm most proud of.. The one thing that I took away from landmark education back in my twenties..

I did one hundred percent to the best of my ability..

I gave it my all.. I never gave up and I never will give up on myself..

But I did one hundred percent what I was set out to do.

Now it's time for me to write.. And observe whatever must happen..

You all have access to the play book..

Prairie fire.. And my book..

And it's all very inexpensive..

My next book will take some time for me to write.

I was still keep speaking.. But I think I got to the root of it all..

Self imposed imperialism.. And then using those tactics against your friends and family and clients.

Self imposed imperialism is allowing another person, place or thing or entity to own you personal body, mind and spirit and then promoting to other people to give away their identity, their body, mind and spirit for someone else to own, alter and abuse for science, their enjoyment or used in wartime scenarios and then justify it..

I'm anti imperialist..

I own myself..

That's why I live on my own little island in my world..

Most people around me are imperialist.. Trying to take over people in body mind and spirit belief systems and drugs..

That's why I like being on my own.. People were trained to be imperialistic.. And especially if you're a parent.. You will justify your imperialistic ways.. My book tells you how I release the colonization of the colony forming units of trauma, stress and somebody else's vision of who I am..

Prairie fire tells you how the system colonized your body mind and spirit without forcing you to do anything.. Without lifting up a single arm against you..

War can be waged in so many ways. Battle for the hearts and minds. And self induced destruction. That's why I say it's over with...

We tried

Some People are no match for the environment and climate change.. And whatever else they blame it on.. No matter what they could not handle the conditions whatever it was.. !!!!!

It's time for women to redefine their place in this world.. They don't have to be just lips hair skin and nails and openings..

They have the right to use their brain not just the vertical bar..

And they don't have to be just a baby maker.. Or a first wife or a concubine..

The manipulation of women is using the term sexual female empowerment.. No you're just an object to somebody else.. You're not human to them.. That was how hugh hefner and larry Flynt sold playboy And penthouse to all the playmates..

Aggressively sexual men victimizing women through psychological manipulation.. And when you're eighteen years old.. Even twenty five years old.. You don't have enough life experience to realize what's going on.. You will be exploited in your twenties.. Most women if not all of them have been exploited.. Groomed by their mother's peers and even parents.. Even if hurricane Lee misses florida..

Are you going to move..

Or will you wait for the next one.. And hope..

It doesn't even matter if hurricane lee hits you Or not..

It will eventually..

And you still wont move..

That's why we're in a great reset.

It's like a person sitting in the middle of the highway and hope a car doesn't hit them..

Like waiting for cancer.. Like waiting to get hit by a car..


And now we have all of the atlantic seaboard, eastern seaboard under some kind of terror.

It's not just florida.. It's not just even the west coast..

It's all the coasts around the united states.. Every single coastal area has their own issues..

You're seeing indicators.. What's your strategy..

Take advantage of being in the know.. Take advantage of being mobile..

Put your house up for sale for relatively cheap.. Don't try to be greedy..

Find a place to live up north..

If you have to wait for a disaster to happen, so you can get the insurance money, make sure you have the policy to cash out..

And then the first sign of something.. You find a way escaped to higher ground even if it's way up north.. So you don't die in the process.. Take the money and run..

Start planning your new life right now..

Because all of the coasts. Will be threatened with something..

It's just a matter of who's going to get the next punch..

The armpit of the gulf got the punch this time..

Who will be next..

And up north you will deal with deep freezes and lots of snow. And potentially even intermittent hurricanes during the warm season..

You might even lose power.. During the most aggressive times..

In my opinion for me, I would rather deal with the cold than water and heat and humidity..

And so questions to ask yourself..

Do you think you can handle extreme cold.. Are you willing to trade in your bikini for long underwear..

Let hurricane lee be the indicator you need to make a move pretty soon..

Tropical cyclone training to be a cat 4 hurricane in a few days.. That's how quickly things can happen in this environment..

If it misses the major part of the us, that is your indicator to pick up and leave..

I hope it misses the US because that will then be your sign.. It's time to go.. And I'm so sorry for whomever is in the path of this hurricane..

Maybe they want you to see what kind of devastation it does to less populated areas.. To show you what you will be experiencing if you don't leave...

The system is warning you..

The system is giving you an option..

I know what the system is doing..

This, "What if it does", "What if it doesn't" bullshit, it's just biding it's time and watching you guys suffer..

wondering wondering...I know you have to be suffering wondering.. Praying hoping..

I'm a fear mongerer because I'm the indicator letting everyone know maybe it's time to do something different..

And I have no intention to try to force you to do anything.. It is my own stress relief.. I'm getting out the trauma.. I know what's coming.. I am releasing my own trauma on facebook.. When you know what's about to happen.. To so many people who are not ready for this. And I know they resent me for this..

Because they can't just pick up and move.. I mean maybe they could.. Maybe they can't. Some can and they just need someone else to say it.. Giving them permission to leave..

Sometimes we need to hear from somebody different. Before we make a move. I want to be that person who's different in your world.. That's all.

I'm not trying to drive you insane i'm not the one making you afraid... The system is.. The system is terrorizing you... Until you finally do something.. Or not..

It is so early on in the season.. This playing of cat and mouse can be construed as evil.. but also giving you time to make plans.. If you know how to read the signals.

They're telling you..

They are telling you how powerful they are..

They can direct hurricanes.. Anywhere they want it to go. That's why these forecasters are giving you so many possibilities.. Because they don't even know.. They're not directing the weather.. The system is.

Winds can change direction just like that.. Overnight..

And I don't rule out dealing with a hurricane over here.. in ohio.. Anything is possible.. I'm not sure if it can cross the appalachians.. But I don't rule out anything.. This book is telling you.. Resistance/Denial is futile..

Most people are in resistance or in denial.. Most people have a hard time assimilating to change.. "The greater the resistance/denial, the greater the force will be"

When you realize the weather underground was a small group of people.. And then the government turned themselves into the weather underground.. And used their playbook.. Remember, the government is small.. The population is huge..

Relative to the weather underground.. The weather underground was small and the government was huge..

Everything is relative..

#prairiefire #weatherunderground I'm OK – You're OK

When I consider myself OK and also frame others as OK, then there is no position for me or you to be inferior or superior. This is, in many ways, the ideal position. Here, the person is comfortable with other people and with themself.

We're in a slow boil and it's increasing.. And it's a conditioning process..

Those who are in the j world.. And you've EVOLVED with my information, i'm so fucking happy you're in my world even if we don't always agree on everything.. You have been conditioned for this.. You have the means to save yourself during this slow boil. And you know what you need to do..

And so that's why I have a lot more patience with those in the j world, who don't always agree with me on everything Because I know you have the means to save yourself.

And you are fucking invaluable.. And you might challenge me and I fucking respect you still.. Because if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have been where I am today.. I know I get annoyed with being challenged. But we all need to have someone challenge us and sharpen our arguments.

And no one means to intend on ganging up on people..

Everybody on my Facebook who I've interacted to such an extent..You put the miles in....

We can have a discussion... Because that's all we have at this point.. Polite discussion..

Not a big deal.. But I won't take advantage of people..

At this point you have done the work.. Not everybody has done the work you have done..

You probably have a better chance over most people..

And so no matter what i'm fucking thankful for you..

I know how hard it is to kick imperialism..

It's been bred into us..

Activism when you are pushing an idea or a political thought process with the intent to colonize another persons behavior and influence their decision making.. On their page. That's imperialism.. That was forced down our throat ever since we were a child..

It's very difficult to kick.

It's like a disease inof itself.

I've seen the error of my ways and everyone will have to see the error of their own ways at some point when they're ready.. Or they may never see it.. And that's fine too.. And to them maybe there is no error to their ways. And that's also correct as well.. You're okay i'm okay..

And what you say to me is not going to hurt me.. Because at this point those in the Jay world, I've interacted with the most. We all know how to be polite.. We don't insult each other.. We're just having a polite conversation.. Even though I have characterized polite conversation as imperialism and trying to convert someone.

One can't convert someone who is steadfast in their beliefs.

So what's your intention

What is their intention...

To air your frustrations on people who don't give a shit.. Check your intention.

However, at this point, you can't convert someone who doesn't want to be converted.

And i'm strong enough to say that.. But I wont to abuse my power and force myself on someone else.. Because they may not have the power.. And I won't antagonize them.. They may have the power but they don't think they need to do anything different.. And they don't have to..

But my jay world you have the right to antagonize me..

If i've interacted with you a lot you have the right to do that.. We have earned the right.. And I even see you attempt to employ some of my information in your arguments..

And I think that's phenomenal..

No matter what.. Everyone will have to face their own personal judgment day..

Right now, we cannot possibly save or harm anyone else that they haven't done to themselves already..

We just think we have the power to save people..

But we really don't..

Colonizing a person place or thing has the intention to destroy them eventually..

We're not using force against anybody..

We just have opinions..

Activism is virtual Imperialism, however, how we go about doing doing it will make a difference of how people take our information or reject it.

But I wont antagonize anyone out there who has not interacted with me on a constant basis..

I won't misuse my power like that..

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