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October 4 and 11 FEMA Test

Higher Power = Religion= Spirituality= Law of Large Numbers

It's always the most popular story, and all of it's offshhoots is what makes up your religion and spirituality.

If you didn't have a story.. you would just be a blob.. a gelatinous unpurposed blob.

Every storyline has infrastructure.. Intention and outcome..

Choose your own adventure.. You chose.. No one did shit to you..

You choose life.. Whatever the fuck that means. Or you choose death. Whatever the hell that means to you.

Higher Power= worshipping the most influential story With a very specific outcome.. And the offshoot stories have the same outcome

Hypersane people are data driven, sees through the storylines, and develops arguments based in physics and chemistry.. not the story d'jour..

Hypersane people finally realize the health and wellness herbalist alchemists have dumbed people down for centuries.. How can you be immortal when you're starving and using antibiotics and herbs against your immune system.

Just because you worship youth.. Doesn't mean the children are not going to cannibilize the parent you.. If you let them, Your own children will cannibalize you.. And so will the microbial offspring..

That is the orobouros

The system will change your internal environment and external environment by the external environment and then you choose your reactions..

You are being given every choice in the world..

They threw the ball and you'll have to choose how you respond to the ball thrown at you..

Now you see why I stay away from alchemists.. And why I stay away from hospitals and licensed professionals.. Unless it is completely one hundred percent out of my control..

This is why I do not adopt any religion.. I developed my own storyline based in science and allegory.. And physics and chemistry..

And if you can't develop your own storyline.. You'll take somebody elses.. and someone else will control your intention and outcome ..

But you better not blame them..

Because you gave them permission.

The magic is in the struggle.. Not the easy way out..

Real friends are proud of your accomplishments.. Because you struggled and did it.. And the ones that don't say hey good job.. Are jealous and they were never your friend.. But if they watched you struggle, they are your friend..

You just wanted to get a response validation.. Not everybody will validate you.. Unmet expectation equals upset.. Don't ever expect people to validate you. Most people will never validate you unless you're buying them stuff.. Then you are buying their validation. Your coworkers and your boss can validate you. Because you're doing something for them.. But your friends will only validate you if you're doing something for them.. I learned that very quickly.

Nothing is for free.. When you do something for yourself you validate yourself..

"Fake friends" try to save you at every turn.. Dependency is the new currency..

Everything is upside down..

That's why it been so frustrating the last seven years.. I didn't know who my friends were.. some were proud of me.. Others were not..

they are your friends when they watch you struggle.. They are your friends when they validate you.. Or when they don't validate you..

So every one really is your friend..

Everybody is your friend..

But when you save them.. You aren't really a friend.. I'm not talking about saving you from drowning.. When they try to save you they are not your friend..

Sometimes having no friends can test who you are as a person..

Have you ever had a time in your life where no one was there for you and no one was your friend. When you had no family to turn to..

That was the best time of your life and the people that weren't around and weren't there for you were the best people you ever had..

Don't be mad at people who were NOT there for you..

Embrace those who weren't there for you.. Because you saved yourself..

And you didn't know you could until you did..

And they are proud of you.. And they want to be around you during the good times. And they deserve to be around you during a good times.. Because they were around you watching you struggle.

But you MUST be there for yourself DURING the bad times..

You can only count on yourself really.. And that's not a bad thing.

The ultimate human is who can be by themselves..

I cherish those times when I had nothing.. Even when my husband and I were dirt poor..

That was the best time.. Freedom... And we had fun doing simple, drinking arizona ice t..

But if somebody is validating you without earning it.. if they are gifting you.. They are trying to buy you..

Remember that.. Validate yourself for your own accomplishments.. Nothing is free in this world..

It's okay to get help once in a while.. But never for the same thing over and over again.

Make your mistakes. Learn your lessons..

I'm in hell right now.. And it is so warm.. Full of life.. And so much intellectual capacity..

The gift of life is the gift of hell..

Just don't burn up.. But now it's time to become aware of who you really are.. Or die someday, what somebody else made you to be.

Hell was never meant to be feared.. It was a place where only the strong could survive. Because even the devil knew when to cool his heels.

Sometimes it is a cold day in hell..

And sometimes it's hot..

10-4 Infrasound 1/2 hour

Died suddenly..

They will blame it on the vac/cines

You already see the people who are antiva/x posting those symposiums saying now the vees are so poisonous and bad..

The playbook is so obvious now.. Good luck

Get ready..

Excellent iteration John Oakes

Salt + water = electrolytes, it will give the body all the power it needs to stay alive indefinitely, as long as we are prepared to feed the body properly with all food and suffer the pain and regeneration of all the trauma and damage we ever inflicted on ourselves, NUFF SAID, PEACE Let me add, open your top/bottom immune system, like i say in my book


Main takeaway

Scientists rule the world

A blistering, dangerous heat wave, which one expert calls a "death ridge," is poised to scorch.. We are in going into a death ridge during this year of 2023 and month of october

Brace yourself..

1918 spanish flu ww1

Discovery date

When was infrasound discovered

Image result for when was infrasound discovered


Infrasound was first discovered after the destructive eruption of the Krakatoa in Indonesia (1883).

Infrasound and seismology in the Low Frequency Array LOFAR - KNMI,Krakatoa%20in%20Indonesia%20(1883).

Salt to proteins and elements is to infrasound and a patsy

Spanish Flu

Bubonic plague catalyst?


So you have to release that pressure in your head.. That's why people get sick and all congested.. I've been blowing my nose all night.. Really hard.. So that way, I don't have anything caught up in my ear nose and throat area..

Yesterday I felt the hunger pains.. But it wasn't bad I did finally feed it a bunch of oatmeal.. I slept very good even in the afternoon.. It's like narcalepsy.. Pass out for a half an hour dead to the world. Wake up like, what..? I didn't even know how long I was out for.. Probably a good twenty minutes.. Because I was watching a show and then I would pass out. I would wake up with a start.. And then I would rewind all the way back to where I remember.. It was still in the same episode.. But when I hear myself starting to snore.. Such a weird feeling. I never ever before catch myself snoring before I go to sleep

This morning I released the demons and I slept in later it's now seven thirty.. But I slept in later and then released the demons.. I was blowing my nose a lot.. And I was blowing my nose very hard.. And then a couple hours later I have to poop.. And yes all different consistencies.. Which lets me know the environment was very aggressive yesterday.. Like drinking a bunch of jay juice and then your constipated.. I wasn't drinking a bunch of jjuice. But the environment was so hot and the infrasound was so aggressive.. It actually cooked half my fucking shit and it was so hard. But I got it all out.. So it wouldn't petrify inside my body..

That's what it's going to take when you are sick. Don't let that shit fossilize in your body. That's what will kill you. I'm serious especially in this environment.. And don't be doing laxatives.. Or too much of my j j.. Because you'll have to still pull it all out.. I'm being graphic but now we're going into some really fucked up times.. I feel it..

I see it.. I've been experiencing it.. I even dreamt about it

I had a dream that we were in an apartment.. And we had a one bedroom apartment. And they reconfigured the back, so you couldn't get to the Lake easier. They blocked off the back with a bunch of chain link fences.. And if you had to go the restroom And your bathroom was taken up by another person you had a long way to walk to the Lake bathrooms.

I predict tomorrow is going to very unprecedented.. It's not going to be pretty.. It will be like inaudible fireworks.. The jay world who can hear the tones.. In my opinion, you'll hear different ones. But it might be just one long tone that will disappear, but you'll feel the pain. Potentially sooner than later.

The last couple days I heard tones.. Pretty aggressive ones.. And then a couple hours later it was hunger fatigue.. Even hives..then hunger

I wouldn't be traveling tomorrow.. If at all possible..

If you're lucky enough to be sick stay home..

Everything will be happening after two twenty pm EST

Rush hour traffic is going to be insane. Planes trains

Tomorrow will be the biggest weather alert ever the western world has ever seen.. Letting know climate change is happening ..

And you will blame it on whatever you want... In my opinion it will be difficult to be in denial.

Even my hands were hurting holding my phone yesterday

One side hot

One side frozen

Tomorrow the playing field will be levelled.

What’s expected of businesses is that they are:

“Accepting a level playing field in competition; Striving for improvements in working conditions and employee well-being; Supporting the communities in which the company is active; Looking after the environment and the long-term sustainability of their business; And paying one’s fair share of taxes.” (p. 213)

They aren't wrong.. Some people could not handle them.. Others could..

Tomorrow when the atmosphere changes.. You'll have your patsy

Feed the microbial children Potatoe latkes Cheeseburger Eggs Pork chops

Protein load

Could be postponed till October 11th But it could not be.. And would you even know.

For all we know the aggressive frequency already went out..

And this article is correct.. It's not about what's in the vaccines..

It was how you responded to disease for many years.. You already hold the offspring inside..

Does your body have what it takes to deal with aggressive climate change..

That's what it ultimately comes down to..

The day of reckoning is here..

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