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Self Euthanasia and Family/Friend Euthanasia

Of Course it is Natural to Die When You are Actively Starving 2/3 of Your 69 Trillion Microbes/You

People don't get old and nor do animals; they are starving because of they have been fostering competition in their body they eventually must face and deal with and feed.

The trauma of surgery and anti inflammatories and remedies have caused people to be competing with life in their body that they never assimilated to and so that life trapped in their closed immune system is forced to grow and grow and grow..

My dog sugar is proof that you can't cut something out and then expect to live and be whole in the future and not deal with it at some point and yeah you will look a little crazy and it will be unsightly but you can't attack the other entity trapped in your body, you must allow the system to dissolve it naturally.. And release it.. And it could be seepage pee poo everything and energetic pain. It is kind of like being "pregnant".

Giving birth to yourself is painful when you have continuously disfigured yourself with surgeries and remedies.

The medical and the holistic system are unnatural because they cause people major issues when they finally want to do things on their own and become whole again, when given the choice.

And so my dog is proof that eventually you will pay the piper for everything you did to your body in a violent manner..

All the P TSD the trauma the surgeries everything that you cut out you will have to revisit. Because you can't get away with doing shortcuts without paying the piper in the future if you want to live beyond the life that was given to you by your government and the medical and holistic system.

Just remember somebody gave you life and now it's up to you to sustain it because the government will not keep sustaining life that absolutely has no regard for it.. People take their life for granted.

And so with climate change, all the shortcuts reacting to disease will be brought to surface called pain/symptoms for you to then slowly and the quickly and aggressively euthanize yourself with antibiotics, surgeries, oncology, and remedies until hospice, then the morgue.

My dog doesn't take her life for granted because she just wants to live..

Owners of animals take their animals lives for granted and when I'm reading the reviews of the shelter somebody wanted the shelter to EUTHANIZE their dog because the owner did not have any money for shots and veterinary care and even though they say it was well loved.. That makes me sick. But again many animal lovers are the same way they think killing something because they can't take care of it, is the best thing.

I'm telling you the world is f***** out there.

And people who think their lives and their animals' lives are expendable will demonize someone like me who will make them look bad..

I'm not trying to make you look bad I'm trying to make the world a better place and it is f***** out there.

It's a period of transition is an extremely hard one because people must change their ways and they will begin to realize how they've been taught to destroy life at any given moment as soon as it tries to evolve and change..

And I will not be popular because most of the people out there in the world don't regard life as precious..

They do on some level until it's not convenient and they euthanize themselves, their family, friends, children, and pets until their whole circle of people are gone, forever.

That is the depopulation agenda.. self euthanasia..

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