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Oh, the 1960's Was the World War 3, but the groundwork was laid out in 1895/1924

the 1960's started the Fear Campaigns Manifesting into: race wars gender wars sexual wars disease wars religious/new age wars cult wars remedy wars political/religious/science wars platitude wars drug wars good person wars good Samaritan wars.. saving people/animal wars food wars/starving kids from fear of allergies/or vindicating people by "charging" companies who use certain ingredients... no different than the vx wars.. playing both sides.. tech wars family wars weather wars reproductive wars

oh boy..

just examine yourself, your family, your kids, and your facebook..


What is ironic is the saying that war is not good for children and all living things developed in the nineteen sixties..

Yeah f****** think.. But it was necessary for innovation.

It won't be necessary anymore at some point..

There will be an unacceptable attrition rate when it comes to children at some point..

When the system finally releases the demons like it intended.. It will then punish people And flip the script..

Understand how s*** works before you get caught unaware and become an example..

Now you understand why I don't vote..

Because i'm not falling for that b*******

I understand both sides of the aisle, the story and I will NOT get in the way of someone else's world.. I will assimilate.. I represent me..

NO one speaks for me.


Oh, the 1960's Was the World War 3, but the groundwork was laid out in 1895/1924

which is why pot is so prevalent.. it was the mother to the hippie/religious generations and it will also be the grim reaper to them and their offspring. and we know the reefer man was popular during the roaring 20s.. the jazz age..

drugs/herbs/remedies and chakra manipulations and marijuana developed many cultures in the west and will also be the downfall of many cultures in the west..

now you get it??

which is why i stay far away from that lifestyle and belief system because it permeates EVERYTHIING right now..

i mean everything.

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