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Old Hollywood Programming_MK Ultra

The depopulation agenda is when you are told to shake the hand of someone behind you and every one is told the same thing..

When you are promoting somebody else when you are trying to save somebody else to the detriment of you. Because you end up passed away giving up everything to everyone around you.. Because you want to be a saint..

That's the depopulation agenda.. That came out the nineteen sixties.. That came out of california

Happy mother's day to all the saints the self sacrificing human sacrifices..

So many types of people watch these videos and some have been very radicalized by their religions by their politics by their science.. I'm trying to give you a chance to live beyond what was set for you.. I am not the enemy.. I will never be your enemy.. I'm trying to give you something else to understand so you can survive this great reset.. I'm telling you the system is trying to release the memories. They deem undesirable and at this point it's anyone who can't handle change.. Intolerant people..

There are specific types of people they have deemed desirable back in the nineteen twenties thirties.. Then reproduction got out of control because of the intention of human experimentation.. Like universe twenty five.. John bumpus calhoun's mice experiment

Trying to give you another way

Again you may not be able to save your kids.. Because right now you can barely save yourself.. But at least parents have a chance.. Adults have a better chance than children at this point..

Some kids didn't make it even back in the eighties.. Have you followed everyone from when you knew them in middle school grade school? And did they disappear into the system or through the cracks of society..

Some people did fall through the cracks..

#callmekate #Netflix #oldhollywood #MKUltra #humanprogramming 1920s scat singing way to go moms..

The right wing Christians and the left wing liberals Both skeptical of the va x Both claim to be Organic.. And they have some remedy or operation for you.. Not to mention some strain of cannabis.. That's the system f****** with people.. That was done intentionally.. All of a sudden there is unity in destruction.. F****** brilliant

People not from calif want to say that california is full of fruits and nuts.. Where the f*** do you think you get your culture from einstein.. California was the hub of the programming.. They gave you all of your belief systems.. Your s*** is not organic if it was you would be dead because you would be full of chaos.. They organized your activism your whole life.. All of you are genetically modified.. And your belief system was given to you.. So who's the fruit and nut.. All of us until we finally realize we've been programmed and to release the programming..A post doc student once told me that san francisco was the center of the universe.. He wasn't wrong.. Of course it is he was studying molecular biology.. But that was twenty years ago.. Times are a changing..

People are noticing but they don't know they need to counteract it with releasing the demons and feed them themselves milk and dealing with the pain.. I see it... But people who are aging excessively.. Might eat a lot of food but it's going to the demons..

The aging process is accelerated because people take more herbs and extracts and withhold food because they don't want to feel the pain coming up the memories they don't want to deal with.. Yes the frequencies are up but you can counteract it with food and rest and take naps.. And stay away from the medical holistic energy healing gurus

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