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One is NOT as Lonely as One Thinks_The Rebirth of 50

One is NOT as Lonely as One Thinks

The Rebirth of 50

Eve's Rebellion

Taking Back Paradise/Earth

01010101 Binary code

Are you the ONE? or the zero/death giving life to another person..

Binary code is a system that uses only two symbols, 0 and 1, to represent letters, numbers, and other information. These numbers are the foundation of all computing systems and are the primary language of digital technologies.

Are you the ONE to survive everyone around you.

One is not as lonely as you think it is..

One is immortality.. But you must understand the accountability system of being one.. Mother nature reconciles with people who take advantage of her credit system..

So the system is developing lab created nutrients that are replicated from the animals in a lab sourced nutritional database.

As you know, everything in the future will eventually be lab developed but based on nature and what the body needs..

People are afraid of pork because it's so closely related to humans. But you need the nutrients from the meat and the milk and the eggs and all of that..

It's not like the system is going to feed you all heavy metals and no proteins..

Obviously you can't just live on plant proteins because you need the diverse nutrition..

But you will be around people giving you their proteins.. Thus saving the animals.. Just kidding..

But again we will have lab developed meat based animal tissue..

And so when your body reacts from any kind of food in the food supply and it's different. It's not because it's poison. It's because your body must develop an assimilation to the change..

 And maybe you're getting the missing nutrients allowing your body to release the demons which could haven been the culprits causing your pain.

But you can't be the one to determine if it's poison or not, so you trust your immune system if you feed it. And if it's fda approved it's not poison

Sorry but you can't be cured and nothing EVER stays the same..

Even marriages must evolve.. WHEN People don't EVOLVE that's why they get divorced or die.

I've seen it time and time again.

You try to be cured that's called resistance called breakage died suddenly..

Anything fda approved is not poison..

You must have a diverse intake of nutrition and exposure to your environment to assimilate..

Remember you are responsible for your own immune system..

And if you are afraid of the air food and water.. It won't matter what you do and what you avoid..

Your future is died suddenly. Because you have that much fear to change.. And you can't handle symptoms of release and retention..

It's just a matter of time..

Nothing is poison in the food supply

You are that intolerant

See nothing's poison but what's my intention taking anything. That's why I don't take anything.. I eat food.

So the depopulation agenda..

Large families.

Hot chicks. hot guys.

Rampant sexuality Of all sexual orientations.

The medical and the holistic system

Starvation methods

Drugs and liquor.

Politics religion and science dogmas.

Pretty much your society .

That's why it's too late for many of you.. I'm not a pessimist.. I'm a realist.

But there's always a chance for somebody..

Some people are driven to survive. Others they don't have a drive to survive.. And I get it .

Which is why one.. Is not as lonely as you think..

If you are that lonely the death culture is popular full of lonely people wanting to get together..

All the time..

Thank you for your part in the infrastructure. Thank you for being the human sacrifice..

Thank you for your service.

Some of you men have a better chance surviving when you're not chasing after women who use you..

Some of you women are better off on your own. So you're not encouraged to get pregnant and destroy yourself for a family. Or be used as someone's sex toy..

As far as the same sex couples.. You must save yourself. You might be better off on your own.. I guess it just depends on what your priorities are..

Someone like me in a marriage to someone who is completely opposite.. you really have to be something extraordinary for someone to keep you around..

 You have to be more than just your body. You must have brains.

Women who get together with men for lust and family end up in divorce or death or both when those hormones get depleted..

I've seen it so many times.. Sex hormones ending up in lust and family only last so long.. you must have more than just that to keep something together..

.Because when the kids are out of the house and your body is falling apart..People end up dying together or divorce..

That was the intent of marriage.. While taking your resources..

Riding the waves of hormones only last so long.. Especially in this environment

Women in marriages, you better have something more than your body to offer to that family. And that man if it's even worth staying.

Maybe it's time to cultivate your brain.

Women, maybe it's time to cultivate your brain and stop being used as a tool for somebody else's social capital..

So, as you can see looking hot isn't all what it's cracked up to be when your immune system is shit.

Yeah even the pretty people are dying suddenly.

So no i'm not impressed with how hot you look.. Because i'm sure you're a mess on the inside.

Because in order to be hot in our society you have to compromise yourself.. And your immune system.

People do the most horrible things to themselves and others in the name of greed love hate and beauty..

And then the princess attitude of they're better than you..

They can't wait to show off their whole organic refrigerator telling you that you're not supposed to gain any kind of weight and you're supposed to be stick thin and starving.. Only made up of skin hair lips and nails.. And of course a flat stomach.. Of course.

Used as a sex toy to somebody else, draped over some dude using her as a coat and arm candy.

That's what's in the future for so many women who have mothers who cultivate them to be hot and sexual at a young age..

 That's why there's only fans.. Laugh out loud.. Hot women are a dime a dozen..

Fresh off the assembly line..

And then you have the single mom syndrome.. Because people get together from lust and dis nee.. And the fantasy disappears once the reality of the day to day operations becomes so overwhelming.

Yeah changing diapers is sexy.. Said no one ever..

Some men say they love it. Ohhh he's such a perfect daddy. While he works himself to death.. To feed everybody and himself.

While she gets pregnant five times over..

Yeah, you can be a perfect daddy when it is convenient.. Pictures don't tell you the full story.. No one knows what happens behind closed doors.. Except for the people behind the closed doors.

Don't let hollywood fool you either.. Some raised their children correctly by denying their kids all the baubles.

Some of these kids are raised by nannies..

Isn't it wonderful the kind of aspirations we instill into our daughters and sons .

Yeah I was hot at twenty five too.

Youth is not remarkable.. Right now it's being taken advantaged of by the older population..

And you pay for that.. People are paying with their lives to look hot in their twenties.

That's why people are dying suddenly with turbo cancer because of the starvation habits in their youth.

And they're so disciplined and everyone is throwing them accolades for being so disciplined.

instead of being disciplined about starvation, wouldn't you want to be disciplined about doing your homework or paying bills or studying..

When women bow down to v/b, because she's had the same diet of fish and vegetables for twenty five years and everyone saying she's so disciplined..

 She's fucking starving. And she's stick thin.

The youth right now are our future died suddenly..

And so I know the young people are too far gone.. Because they are getting so much social capital for all the attention they're getting. And their infrastructure is so deficient because of how they were raised with predisposed issuez. How could they possibly regain it back later on..

They're not going to change of course. But I want you to observe people. I want you to see what they're doing..

Some of you are my age and you get it.. You've been in my world for a while.. And you have a chance to redirect.. Watch the younger people.. They are lessons to you.. Just like the seniors..

They are also lessons to you..

What's the moral to the story? As you think, i'm probably slamming and hating on people..

What chance do your children have when you're dying.. And resistant to change. In a world that is changing aggressively..

What chance do your children have..??

This is why my methodology is the most alchemically Non intrusive

It's true I activated my immune system seven years ago..

And I am maintaining it with no medical or holistic interference..

I basically eat food to sustain and release.. And I don't overdo it on any elements.. I just salt my food. Eat sugar with my food and carbs meat milk and cheese.. Fruits and vegetables..

And I have conditioned myself not to treat any sickness.. No drugs or alcohol or crazy sex or cigarettes.. Not even using my jj

Because i'm not just living for today.. I also developed a future.. And your future starts today.. my future is today..

And I know just how aggressive this environment is especially when you hang out in diverse company.. Even my husband's microbes must be released daily when I see him

This environment causes accelerated fertility in people's immune system.. In their colon or gut.

That's why colon cancer is also on the rise..

Turbo constipation leads to turbo cancer .

Is it true that 70% of your immune system is in your gut?

The immune system plays a crucial role in the susceptibility, persistence, and clearance of these infections. With 70–80% of immune cells being present in the gut, there is an intricate interplay between the intestinal microbiota, the intestinal epithelial layer, and the local mucosal immune system.Mar 9, 2021

He suffered with stomach swelling, chronic constipation, cramps and vomiting

Now, the 31-year-old says not getting it checked out is his biggest mistake

When people start vomiting, especially if they are a workout artist, it means they have a lot of blockage

The Immune System has to release those demons and people don't.. They're so afraid to release demons.. Well if you're ninety percent demon I don't blame you..

I say if you want to avoid the medical system. You have to KNOW exactly what you're doing.. And you can't be afraid of poop.. And people are and they ignore and that's why they die because of sepsis..

I don't know how they would treat him as far as his constipation. But i'm sure they would find a way to get it out.. But holding on to old poop that causes infection in your body is what is driving turbo cancer..

People think I'm nuts until they watch their friends die suddenly from cancer and are constipated with bloated bellies.. And you can't force your body using laxatives or even jj.. That's called breakage or curing poop in the body..

It's a conditioning process.. My process is a conditioning process.. And it's not easy.

Believe me every single time the environment changes. I feel so energetic and if given the opportunity by body would hold on to some of that poop.. But I make sure I get it out in this environment of course. And every future environment..

That's why my immune system is so on point. When it develops mucus around my nose I know I have to use the restroom.. And this usually happens around three in the morning.. But right now in this environment it's so an energetic i'm awake..

I'm choosing not to go back to sleep today.. I might take a nap later..

A 31-year-old man diagnosed with terminal cancer says he could have been saved — if he hadn't tried to 'man up' and ignore the symptoms.

I pretty much knew this..

As you can see who the target is as far as destroying genetic lines. Because of intolerance built into the family.. When you have so many kids you develop intolerance and disease and then died suddenly.. And then people blame other people..

Well if you didn't have so many kids.. And you were not gallivanting everywhere all over the world right now in this environment.. And you ate all food.. And you steadily transition to changing out your software..

You might stand a chance and maybe your family might

 no guarantee.

Sex, not violence, could’ve sealed the fate of the Neanderthals

More evidence emerges that Neanderthals and Homo sapiens made love and not war thousands of years ago.

This is why I have a limit..

People are screwing each other to death..

If this happened to the neanderthals, imagine what goes on in marriages out there and relationships..

And not only the traditional way of sex but also communicable diseases. Developing offspring trapped inside the body.. During climate change..

Which is why you're colon needs to have software changes almost daily now because of how aggressively environment is.. But like anything, it is a transition and a process and not something to take lightly..

I've been changing out my software in my colon since 2016







50 years old, he died

The magic number fifty..

The hayflick limit

 Look at this post on Facebook

50 is significant Biblically, financially, spiritually and biophysically

The Hayflick Limit is the current Immortal Germline Cells with their cabinet of somatic cells redoubling itself 50 times will either die (cast out of Eden) or become rebuilt via Build Back Better...

Genetic lines are also coming to an end as their children (offspring aged: 0-100), are dying suddenly.

 50 something years olds are dying suddenly or contracting disease as the old world continues to deteriorates in decay as they resist evolution...

The choice is:

the painful transition to evolution... or die silently into the night..

What the Bible says about Fifty, Significance of

(From Forerunner Commentary)

Leviticus 23:15-16

Pentecost is unique among the holy days because it is the only annual feast determined by counting.

Second, God has us count fifty days. What is significant about the number fifty? Fifty is the round number of years human beings live in a normal adult life (compare Numbers 1:3; Psalm 90:10). Fifty years, then, represents the period during which we live, grow, overcome, bear fruit, and prove our devotion to God through trials, tests, blessings, curses, and life's other varied experiences. Fifty years corresponds to the span of our conversion.

John W. Ritenbaugh

The Wavesheaf Offering

Twenty years ago I remember to what degree the issues I had, came to a head..

I was right on track to be sacrificed through this climate change..

Oh my god.

I know I was supposed to have some kind of cancer.. And it was developing in me around the beginning of my protocol..

If I hadn't gotten ahead of it like I did the last seven years.. Even more so the last three years.

I would be one of these died suddenly..

I know I would have been..

, Nine months fight against turbo cancer..

You're not getting a lot of time to redirect. Obviously

Fifty seems to be the magic number. If you surpass it, maybe you might have a chance.

And I say maybe .

Adam and Eve could also be the my-co-plasma.. The devil and the angel within one person..

And when that one person violates the laws of life or disobey god's law..

They are cast out of the garden of eden out of paradise or earth.

The duality of humans when they are faced with a choice of the shortcut or denying oneself or pain/paying penance, when taking shortcuts..

That's adam and eve..

Atom is atomic energy

Eve is the darkness or rebirth

Eve's Rebellion

Taking Back Paradise/Earth

We are in the days of Reckoning, or reconciliation/died suddenly/pain(paying) of fertility and diagnosable conditions

The last 7 years of my life was accounting for all the transgressions I committed against myself and others and the last 3 years was paying/pain back the system of credit so I could live another day..

i paid my penance..and it was hell.. but i survived it..

In my world, I got my life back at 50.. the last part of the somatic cells finally redoubling itself for the last time before I evolved into the next 50 chances at life via the new Immortal Germline Cell with the cabinet of somatic cells redoubling itself another 50years/times.

Day of reckoning refers to the Last Judgment of God in Christian and Islamic belief during which everyone after death is called to account for their actions committed in life.

sooooo... was adam and eve the "chosen ones" to be the "experiments" in God's Laboratory of Humanity and when they violated the rule of law, they were cast out of garden to mix in with the "lesser" humans passing down the curse of genealogy?

is that why the Jews are said to be the chosen ones because of that story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden..?

imo. i suspect it might, as genesis is part of the 5 books of moses..

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