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One thing about being raised by scientists ..

One thing about being raised by scientists you understand things from a clinical functional perspective..

Now you see the sexual programming with Epstein Hugh Hefner the p*** industry and oh my gosh..

They literally have sexualized every single body part that if you even think about touching it in any way shape or form you will think horribly of yourself.. Freud was right everything people think about is sexual because everyone has been raised in a sexually Deviant society..


All sexual orientations have some kind of deviancy..

Which is why they don't take care of themselves because they are in shame of their body parts and everything else..

And you will not take care of anything in your family or even your own body parts because you will think of it as sexual as well as someone abusing you in your house and so you will have shame no matter anyway you go about doing things..

The only way where you don't feel shameful is that you see a professional a stranger and they can abuse you but call it Health care.. That's how they trapped you into giving your body to science to be R APE D.. Or you will never understand your body parts and so you will be subject to whatever closed system you have..

That is f****** insane..

Once you escape the sexual programming there are so many f****** deviants out there who will Project all of their innermost desires as well as abuse issues..

That was something I never anticipated.. But now I understand it..

That's crazy

The world out there is full of sex offenders projecting their b******* onto me.. Or people who have been sexually abused and never got over it..

I never even fathomed this would be the road I would ever have to encounter.. But I aint surprised.. Sexual abuse is all over the f****** world.. And I am proud to say I was never sexually abused.. I was programmed to be beautiful because of how I viewed body parts relative to society's expectations and what have you but I was never sexually abused because that wouldn't never even come to mind when you think about it.

What is that.. Shame in understanding your own body parts..

Every f****** body part has a functional point to it.. It's not something for someone else to play with and get off on and if that's what you think then you have been abused or you are abusing other people..

Poop comes out of your a** it's not something you play with.. If that's what you've been taught that your a** isn't functional for survival it's only for sexual play then oh my God what the f*** have you been watching and who's been teaching you.

I mean I'm not saying your a** couldn't be both but geez to think that your a** isn't something as a functional part of your body that also needs modifying for survival holy s*** you have been royally played by those who are trying to control your lifespan and they know it's through the f****** a**..

I am literally breaking new f****** ground and it's crazy..

People literally feel shame about their body parts if they have either been abused by visual images or physically or they are an abuser.. Shame is a powerful tool in controlling peoples thoughts and actions and how they view the world and people.

It is a mind control programming tool in politics in all religions and scientific dogmas..

Which is why people do not blink an eye bringing their children and themselves to be penetrated By strangers..

Now you see what I'm up against.. Only a few of you will understand where I'm coming from.. Many many people have been abused or are an abuser themselves.. The shame is so astronomical

You can't penetrate them because they've already been penetrated by the system..

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