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Orbs are Like Dead Sperm Converting the Life Into Death

Main take away.. The veterinarian, surgical, medical and holistic energy healing world occultic world are weakening your spirit. So you don't survive the night or even the day when all the conditions are right...

That's why the system gets you when you're young. Because you don't know any better.. And you are easily influenced.. That's how the system exploits children and young adults.. That's why the military is full of young children. Children don't have enough life experience to know what is dangerous.. And so they get exploited.. And those who want large families are giving their children up to the system . They don't even know it.. And some don't even care..

Orbs are like a sperm looking for a body to inhabit..

Cancer disease, chronic illness, and the aging process is the possession. Those orbs were able to come in and metastasize. They found away in.. And people who hate evolution And change are possessed.. The host is in a jail.. The demons control them.. Because they don't want to leave the house/ Host

zeus overseer of the human zoos that is how the Greek system controls the human zoos..

The greek system the college system exploits the young and the inexperienced.. This is why human trafficking is at all time high. This is where alcoholics/addicts are born.. And sugar babies thrive..

Traditional college.. Will be a war zone for those who are unaware..

human/animal captivity and enslavement

We're going through an energy surge again.. Messed up.. Fridge again.. I'm gonna have to defrost it again.... We're headed into a higher energetic environment.

The last time this happened. We went through a major energy surge and I felt the frequencies.. There has definitely been some energy frequencies going on lately.. It's not affecting me painfully as much but I do feel it.. My creativity and energy levels are through the roof the last few weeks..

My freezer is always on three degrees.. And it's rising.. During these extreme energy shifts, it is like a portal opening between the dead world and the alive world..

Which is why those who have openings portals in their own system that allows massive amounts of spirits to enter.. This is why disease happens aggressive disease happens overnight.. This is also why during those times orbs may circulate around me like flies.. but not this time.. i checked..

That's the spiritual war.. Those who are closer to death will have a lot more energy frequencies within their body.. And they also become more ethereal.. As the dead world coaxes weaker beings out into the other side.... Somebody is keeping track.. Taking a chit..

The universe is keeping score..

You don't want to resist.. However your body must now be the reinforced temple

Because once you go to sleep.. If your body is not reinforced.. Who's to say you'll wake up..

You never want to resist anything you want to reinforce your protection.. Be careful trying to gain protection from the other side or from other people..

You don't know who you're inviting in.. Reinforce your own house your own body your own mind..

And then realize your spirit.. Will have to fight the battles when you're asleep..

Death is not only a beautiful (face) but always suffering and aging out...

Extreme beauty and sexiness is necessary in the death culture because otherwise people would not choose to harm themselves with surgeries or starve themselves to keep sustaining that lifestyle and attraction.. Or keep releasing themselves into the universe through aggressive sexual exploits..releasing so much sperm and eggs, closer to eventual death/or energy conversion to the other side.. the spirit world.

The indicators of balance according to me: take it or leave it

When you are relatively balanced. Not very sexy.. And you stop suffering. And you realized there's no enemy. And you're not diagnosing somebody.. And you're not resisting somebody or something. And you probably don't have as many friends. Or have to be out there with everybody keeping you company. And you're not desiring a family.. With a bunch of kids..

And you are in self study..

That's freedom.. You're not under the spell..

I broke the spell..

Some people would disagree.. Remember we are in a battle.. And with these high energy frequencies, you can't tell between the dead and the alive..

That's why they call it the walking dead..

Anyone who resists anyone's information.. And I'm not saying explaining yourself is resistance.. when someone actively resist your information.. And they diagnose you and call you many things.. the walking dead.. on the brink of life and death.. it will just take one aggressive frequency to convert them out of the waking world..

I will say I'm guilty of it as well, resisting those resisting me, because I recognize the death programming in people.. Once I get my points across, I will stop resisting and assimilate and block the extreme diagnosable energy in the activist world. I unfollow..

People who diagnose me, parts of them are under a possession.. And they don't want the information clueing their host on how to protect themselves and release the demons..

Why do I say nasty empaths to those who try to diagnose me.. Because I know I'm in a war between the dead and myself.. And the love love of people.. Exhibit those characteristics...

Loving somebody to death.. To the point of diagnosis.. Too weaken not only you but your argument if you allow them to.. But once people understand all diagnoses are from people who are possessed by the death system, I won't have to be coming out swinging defending life.. I can sit back and just watch the game like a bystander in the stands..

Those who understand me have been brought to the brink between life and death.. And they know both worlds.. That's why they understand it..

Those who had everything given to them.. Somebody also gave them death and that's the only thing they know.. We thank you for your service. This is also why people who have families who want to have families who believe in so many people in a family and friends don't like me..

Because I am alerting the host they need to release those demons..

It is a spiritual battle we're in right now that is so insidious..

You have a choice now.. Choose the best for you.. What are the pink robots.. The extremely sexy women.. Instagram only fans.. Weak men fall under the spell of the pink robots

"Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1" lyrics The Flaming Lips Lyrics Play "Yoshimi Battles T…" on Amazon Music Unlimited (ad) "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1"

Her name is Yoshimi She's a black belt in karate Working for the city.. Examples of Leverage

Trauma Survivor = chosen one = Giving people choices..

You can choose to be a chosen one.. Choose yourself.. EVERYONE is a trauma survivor..

Just some had more organized trauma done to them..

Freedom is acknowledging it. If you can..

IF YOU have an image to maintain you won't survive evolution.

Those who have an image to maintain won't survive evolution..

Because it was intentional..

And it doesn't have to be a diagnosable condition and pathologized and end up dead..

You have no idea how psychologically manipulated you ALL have been..

And the system will keep changing and changing until you completely resist yourself out of existence.. You want to diagnose me.. Or anyone else who questions your mentality and methods of operations..

You see it was all intentional..

Planned trauma and giving people the blueprint of what's going on..

When the organized trauma survivors finally come out, they know people will resist them and call them crazy..

And those resisting evolution will start diagnosing you going right back into the medical system.. You see you're just as manipulated as the trauma survivors..

But at least the ORGANIZED trauma survivors can face it an acknowledge it and change..

While those diagnosing them will end up resisting themselves out of existence, destroying their own families.

When the ORGANIZED trauma survivors come out to point out the foibles in our society perpetrated by those who don't want to change..

You will see the opposers or RESISTORS intellectually diminish people who finally want to change acknowledging and supporting evolution.

And so you will see those who are resisting everything going on as far as the NWO AND CHANGE, replace the word "conspiracy theorist" and DIAGNOSE people "trauma survivors"..

With the intention to destroy their credibility and them.. That's the medical HOLISTIC SYSTEM..

Perpetrated by licensed professionals.. Destroying evolution.. Destroying life.. Quoted by those who revere and worship people who attack life..

And diminish those who try to protect themselves..

Because most people out there don't want people to change, and so they make fun of those who choose to change or diagnose them..

It's really fucked up and their friends and family do that to their own children..

And they do it to themselves.

They are ALSO scared of those who can make it on their own..

People who want to be alone.. PEOPLE WHO LIKE THEIR OWN COMPANY know most of the world is fucked up and they don't want any part of it.. That's why they run in small circles very small.. Very few friends..

And those who diminish them don't realize how messed up they are by diminishing those who want to be alone.. Because MAYBE THEY ARE scared to be alone. Essentially that's the thing..

Most people are scared to be alone.

Being alone is a powerful thing.. And it threatens those who are so dependent on every one out there.

Not everybody needs be around everyone all the time..

But it's not a fucking diagnosis..

Trauma survivor..The new catch phrase.. A new way to diminish people.. F0ck you.

Now you're seeing how those resistant to evolution will find a way to diminish somebody else's awareness of how the system must change..

And so they will make trauma surviving something to feel sorry for and diminish and also pathologize..

And use that as a diagnosis to take away any credibility..

That's how people use shame, love, humiliation, brutality, bribery, sex, and love.. As a way to shut people up because they don't agree with them..

I'll tell you.. Be very careful... And they are all around you.. they are in the activist groups.. That's why I left activism..

This is what I mean by people using your past against you when they don't want you to change or anyone else to change.. Or if they don't agree with you..

Those are the nasty empaths in our society.. The saviors.. That's why it takes an extremely strong person to change society.

Because society is so messed up right now.. And people are fucking suffering..

But remember.. You know they are suffering because they can't change.. And they will never change.. And they will beat their way of conversion into you if they could possibly do so..

This is exactly what those in the conspiracy world dealt with.

And then those who survived the trauma. This is how those who inflicted trauma out there by resisting so much,

this is how they treat those who are assimilating..

They ATTEMPT TO Psychologically force convert PEOPLE back to what they think they should be.

By diagnosing them.. Fucking insidious..

That's who you're dealing with.. That's the activism community.

It's all psychological.

Very predictable

The trauma survivors in the j world will survive this, if they get out of their own way

and those who feel sorry for the trauma survivors and use the past against them and resist evolution, who want to have so many children and not wear a mask ever and be nasty against those who take vaccines or NOT TAKE VACCINES, are no different than those they resist.

Tables are turning.. It's extraordinary to watch.

They become the enemies of the state..

Now you see how shit goes.. Now you see how psychology works..

I got your number.. You claim not to like doctors, but damn.. You love to quote them all the time and diagnose people.. You've been had you're exposed. And your bullshit memes are meant to destroy your fellow man. And you ain't trying to save anyone.. This is why we're in a great reset..

I don't want a lot of friends.. Because this is how your friends treat you..

A Testimony Case Against Getting Surgeries, esp for women (not me)

"I had a hysterectomy in 2015. Fibroid the size of a football sitting on my bladder causing havoc. Then gallbladder 5 mos later. It's all connected. I probably would still have my gallbladder if I hadn't had the first surgery. On and off birth control pills for years I think compounded the issues leading up to the first surgery. What a racket. I was 48 at the time. I used to be in a group so many young girls getting butchered from that surgery at like 20 years old. This shit should not happening. I have a high pain tolerance but when I woke up I felt like I'd been run over by a bus. That major surgery puts your body in such a shock. I was so messed up for a long time. Gallbladder surgery had it issues too but not as bad. These surgeries happen everyday yet people think nothing of it".

This is why I hate the breeding of animals and then force them into these operations of suffering and commodifying their suffering.. And people fucking advocate this shit to an animal... They advocate these crazy a** surgeries and buying animals and adopting them, allowing people to breed them. So you can save them and watch them suffer and justify it.. And force them into surgeries and diets.. Spay a neuter is trauma.. If you don't want them to reproduce, then you keep them whole, and you separate the males and the female.. And only take care of what you can handle..

If your animal never had surgery and you're in the j world and understanding my information, you have a chance..

This is why animals suffer and die from the vet system and why humans suffer and die from the medical/holistic energy healing system.

those surgeries done to the animals, regardless causes tumors, fibroids, etc and then suffering and forcing the owner/slave owner to put down their animal no different than forcing people into palliative/hospice care..


this is WHY WE ARE IN A GREAT RESET and those are resisting evolution using the surgical/holistic energy healing system are just compounding the suffering... makes me ill to know this... which is why emotional involvement in very FEW people will save your life.. THIS IS WHY I HAVE VERY FEW FRIENDS, BECAUSE I CANNOT AFFORD TO SUFFER AND WATCH THEM PASS SLOWLY AND THEN ACCELERATED IN AN AGGRESSIVE ENVIRONMENT

how can you watch massive amounts of animals and humans suffer and die at the hands of their own friends and family..

i had a pet once, and wont do it again until Africa finally gets down to a manageable population in the future, like beyond 2050.. Or whatever is intended via the Georgia guidestones..

I don't know how people have animals over and over again watching them die.. It's great on one hand because you can enjoy their prime.. But until the system changes i'm not voluntarily causing anyone even myself to suffer.. Because if you don't want your animal suffer and you have to kill it, so you don't have to suffer.. That's fucked up.. That's fucked up for the animal and you

Constant sex and sexual reproduction is like a prison and people don't survive prison.. Or cure..

At some point somebody in that family must advocate somebody becoming whole again..

Reproducing babies make not only the parents weaker, but also the children over time every generation..

Which is why you are seeing more disease..

You can blame it on the vaccines.. But again you have a choice how you respond to evolutionary immunological responses..

Biologically, people are becoming weaker because they keep reproducing bodies in deficit.

And they withhold foods.. Starvation is the main reason why you don't survive therapies public health therapies..

And attack their own evolution.. In the energy healing medical system surgical system causing trauma to the body.

Which is why animal breeding and human breeding is enslavement

Human farming animal farming all the same thing.. And then developing zoos or zeus..

King of the Human Zoo Zeus - Wikipedia Zeus is the sky and thunder god in ancient Greek religion, who rules as king of the gods on Mount Olympus. His name is cognate with the first element of his ... Children: Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Dionysus, Eileithyia, Hebe, Helen of Troy, H... Roman equivalent: Jupiter Siblings: Hestia, Hades, Hera, Poseidon and Demeter; Chiron (half) Parents: Cronus and Rhea

Animals dying and suffering under captivity.. Just like humans right now who can't get out of their friends and families influence..

Which is why women and men and sex have been weaponized against the population. That's how the system is going to depopulate you.. Through hormones and hyper sexual urges and the medical system surgical system..

This is why all types of sexual orientation doesn't matter when the end result is you pass away at some point.. in as much pleasure as possible..

So I just watch from the side lines and I don't play any of the games you guys are playing..

I saw this shit a mile away.. I just couldn't articulate it until today..

This is why beauty will be a curse for many girls boys and parents.. And then also on top of that the curses in medical system and the holistic system..

I walked away from the wars..

I hope you all survive this great reset

But I can't change any of you.. Most of you are too far gone.. I'm only trying to speak to those who have enough wiggle room to evolve..

Proof population boom will become a population decline and then the suffering... Just look at the first world.. We are in it right now..

Why is Africa population booming? According to the U.N., the population in sub-Saharan Africa is growing at 2.5% per year – more than three times the global average. Some of that can be attributed to people living longer, but family size remains the driving factor.

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