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Oro Boro

You'll understand where i'm coming from when you realize that you're part of a system of a snake eating its own tail..

All types of war is about resistance and eventual death..

Once you realize the wars you're in you need to step away if you want to save yourself.. You could be in a biological economical and intellectual war.. And if you don't have what it takes you will not survive the wars you're in..

From what I've gathered evolving both the brain and the body and keeping that balance in this environment is the way you will survive climate change.. If you can't evolve your brain your body will go to s***.. If you can't evolve your body your brain will go to s***..

New religions pop up every day to describe the Breakdown process.. That's spirituality..

How you explain dying and reproducing..

The only way I can see collaborating with the medical system is if the psychotherapists and the doctors are a vessel to catch the disease while the person is releasing and retaining..

And convert it so it's not deadly to anyone even themselves..

If a psychotherapist or a medical doctor cannot convert the disease coming at them to their benefit and stay alive they should not be in the business.. Then they are taking away from the patient.. in turn, the patient should not be cannibalizing the professionals around them to stay alive. That scenario is the snake eating its tail..

No different when having a family.. In the future if you cannot stay alive as a parent you have no business having kids.. Because what will you teach your kids.. But that will be in certain segments of society which is why they're choosing artificial uterus.. That way that child is not forced to deal with the way their parents handle society and intolerance..

When people break down they become destructive and they are breaking down sooner than later nowadays..

Activists and saviors are in a major breakdown process and the system has to observe and watch them so they don't destroy people around them during their break down process..

When families and friends cannibilize each other that's a snake eating its tail .

damaged cells stuck in the body (from use of remedies/surgeries) trigger the birth of fast moving cancer cells/or new stem cells to make up for the damage

attacking cancer is attacking your evolution and the aging process is the replication of damaged cells..and then death.

In this day and age you have to be so self motivated to survive.. Everything

Parents have to teach their kids online safety virtual safety two factor authentication.. They must to bring their kids up to the twenty second twenty first century..

The issue around calling controversial therapies neurotoxins it's all relative to intention..

literal gas chambers are neurotoxins.. Not releasing waste from the body properly can develop methylating neurotoxicity..

But any f d a approved therapy is not poisonous because palliative care means they can't do anything more.. You could then look at correlation = causation or neurotoxicity if a doctor approved a therapy that caused death right afterwards..

Which means anyone who experiences oncology must understand you can turn everything around..

But don't wait too long because palliative care and hospice work hand in hand. Because at some point even the medical industry holistic industry can't do anything for you because it would be neurotoxic. Every single time a percentage of everybody goes through evolution and you applied oncology or herbal remedies to it, percentages of your body start shutting down..

This is why people die suddenly.. Because they resist the disease and evolution.. They're in starvation mode and they have systematically shut down their bodies ability to work on its own.. Vaccines are evolutionary therapies but people resist the disease which is what destroys them..

Resistance has always been futile and been the reason why people die.. They resisted evolution and have been for centuries..

That's the psychological operations.. You've been told your whole life to resist disease.. But you needed to assimilate to it. And even feed it all food and pull out the s*****


You can't force your body to vaso dilate or vaso constrict using remedies or drugs.. That's why coughing sneezing blowing your nose and cutting your nails to pull out the s***** programming is necessary when it's necessary..

If you can't do that.. You'll be so miserable and may not even survive climate change.. Because growth can happen so quickly during an energy conversion process.

And so what are you growing and why is paramount to understand survival..

Every therapy has been fda approved but there's also cases where some people will not have what it takes to release and then also set off potential triggers. Unavoidable triggers..

But that's no different than going into a room full of people or an unstable environment such as climate change.. Also known as particle acceleration via particle spreaders..

No matter what if you don't have what it takes to evolve in an ever changing aggressive environment. It won't matter what you do or do not do..

That's why you can't make correlation equals causation.. Unless it is done by a doctor and a team of lawyers..

. And then resisting evolution. Using the medical and the holistic..

Soo.. When you give people disease or you face the demons you have a better chance surviving than trying to resist and run away .

Because it will find you.. Disease always finds people who don't want to change..

You're going to have to fight for your life no matter what.. You can run but you can't hide

especially during climate change in people..

You give people disease, not as many casualties.. Your resistance to disease, more casualties..

You resist disease and starve, MANY MANY MANY CASUALTIES


YOUR resistance is why your family friends are breaking each other's metaphorical legs.. you have been psyopped.

It's not the government's job to train you on how to take care of yourself and your family. They give you what you want and what the market can handle.. If you stop buying the remedies and surgeries there wont be a market for it.. But you participate..

That's why the competition of oncology in the medical holistic system.. I finally dropped an unfertilized egg and it has been since February.. I guess the last energetic frequency shift caused a slight senescence and ovulation and egg drop.. germline cells = immortality, everyone has them but resist them and attack them or use oncology on them When you've been traumatized you lose a lot of free will

That's humanity..

Release the demons.. blank slate and program yourself

With calm peace and control over consumption

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