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Pain is My Penance Paying Penance You Cannot Feel Pain for Someone Else and Expect them to Survive

You are living in a world of intersecting story lines..

Pain is the payment for the transgressions you committed against your own immune system by your lifestyle, belief systems in politics, religion, science and energy/healing remedies.

Paying bills is suffering a loss from the goods and services used for your lifestyles.

Intersecting storylines

Disease x

Gen x

X or twitter

Chemtrails x

Planet x

I hope you're ready for all of them to come true.

I don't care what you believe.. I don't care what you disbelieve.. I don't care if you don't believe anything..

Your fears about whoever.. Even if they're not legit.. Because they are nowhere next to you and they are not in your house telling you what to do.. And you can't make correlation equals causation , because so many things are factors..

But if you can prove correlation equals causation , then that's just you.. It's not always the case for other people. And even if a large amount of population is affected by something.. Whatever you think is the problem..

Does it really matter if you can't handle your environment? And you've already said you should die anyways..

All your fears will come true.. I hope you can handle it.

You've been conditioned for this.. I just hope you survive it.

The pictures below.. Represent people with all of their storylines . And you see how diverse people's storylines are with the same formula..

Always an enemy.. There's always a savior. And they think their story line is more legit than somebody else's..

 But it's the same formula.. Resistance +Denial.. Worship.. And hunting people who they think are the enemy.

Angry at whoever.. Always looking for someone to blame.. But eventually.. Everything will turn into one Story line..

Once everyone's on the same page..

 man alive..

Even the ones who are in denial will finally see the other truth they've been in denial about..

Everyone will be on the same page one day..

The sad thing is.. When you finally say I told you so.. It's too late for many anyways.. There is no joy in saying I told you so..

The people who've been warning and squawking about what's going on..

They can't wait for all the shit to end.. They can't wait to finally see everything they knew was going to happen happen..

That's the hell of being in limbo.... People make fun of you..

And then you're happy when the hens finally come to roost.. That happiness is short lived..

It's going to fucking suck.

But like anything.. It's just another suffering.. That those who have been warning people about everything, will have to endure, regardless of where we stand...

The psychological operations are so strategic.. Again I have to hand it to them . They should be in charge.

Those storylines are a lot to manage. Wow.

And I can't help but be impressed.. That's some major organization and talent.. I'm not even mad..

I'm just absolutely impressed.

In this environment with activated immune systems.. you would either get cancer from that.. Or someone like me would shit it right out..

I even notice i heal faster after a very slight injury because the environment has activated everything so aggressively going through the healing process extremely fast.. And of course I ate so much food yesterday to heal my own injuries..

You can't chip somebody in a very aggressive environment.. It will cause cancer..

In a slow frequency environment, potentially.. But even then cancer could happen from that.. It's a foreign entity causing antibodies..

My phone and my computer are what will keep track of me.. Wifi and gps will keep tracking me..

You can only imagine chipping your animals causing them cancer because of the frequencies.. It's great for those who don't keep track of their animals.. But why do animals have to get punished because of irresponsible humans..

Why do kids have to be punished for irresponsible adults. Why do adults have to be punished because they're irresponsible.

Because they're irresponsible.

Let's say therapies will get mandated.. Let's just pretend.. I will shit everything right out.. My

Immune system will go through the process.. I will feel whatever I have to feel from whatever exposure.. Just like I did yesterday..

After my exposure to that animal from a household that was different from mine, i was sneezing.. I was coughing.. I had to keep blowing my nose.. I even had to shit a lot..

And then I ate a bunch of cabbage and chicken and vegetables.. Cheese and crackers.. Ice cream.. And water and juice.. And I slept very well last night with a few times waking up listening to videos.. I posted those videos.I listened to last night.

No swelling of my ankle.. Hardly even sore.. And my thighs are a little sore from walking a funny way leading the animal back home..

Med beds.. Probably work the same way if you can handle the pain..

That's an extremely activated on point immune system.. And my environment accelerated the healing process because I supported it with all food and pain and release..

But i've been conditioning to do that..

I think the biggest concern I have is the gas lines and earthquakes. All electric houses don't have to worry about gas lines exploding..

I wouldnt douse myself with silver but good vid

He points out everything I suspect could happen which is why I will stay home that day.. People getting seizures.. Other types of issues..

Are you ready for the artificial rapture and eclipse?

Here's another story line to consider.

Now i've seen everything.

I don't doubt it.. Just like the illuminati cards.. Every single time something happened according to the illuminati cards everyone kept posting the illuminati cards as proof.. The illuminati existed. And here's what they're doing. Okay. That storyline does exist..

You're living in a world of intersecting story lines..

Remember i've always had a suspicion about so many things.. I know the power of intention and story..

The rapture will be "real".. But the story might be synthetic..

"This is crazy. These people that are literally using technology to make the rapture look like it is coming. This is insane I can see it. I feel it very strong feelings that I’m being deceived. These people are literally making Bible prophecies come true with their technology and so many people are going to be fooled. It is scary "

As far as Nibiru.. The sky is a huge screen.. They can make anything look like a planet's coming closer.

It is what it is..

I'm probably staying indoors that day.. Since I won't be looking up and i'm not using glasses.. I'll just listen to the world that day.. Basically my neighborhood..

I don't doubt anything.

 With the amount of advanced technology that we have access to that some you and I don't even know exists.. Everything is possible.. I'm not gullible.. I just know we all have our story lines.. And that's for a reason..

Whatever it is believe the official narrative , because there's no point in trying to resist ..

Just enjoy the show..

Too much fatty meat you might get heartburn.. Which is why it's good to have cabbage or vegetable with your meat..

Not enough, fatty meat you'll be so lean that you will have resistance and no give for climate change and adaptation..

I love a good prime rib.. I love a good steak with so much fat around it.. Not only is it flavorful but it's extremely healthy and its immunity..

I know the system is going to switch to lab developed meat and pork.. And it will be a transition.. I might have to eat more quantities of it to get the payload I would have gotten from an animal bred to be food..

One thing is for sure, I won't starve.. But I know I need my fat.. It will always cook with butter and olive oil.. Even coconut oil..

Well that makes sense.. You can't starve yourself in a very activated environment.. The demons will run rough shod over you.

Starvation was never the answer.. That's what contributes to heart attacks and strokes..

The elderly are starving.. Those under medical care are starving..

Death comes from starvation.. And making deadly choices..


You don't want to be too alkaline or too acidic

If you have to crap your brains out do it.. You must make room..

Cabbage milk and meat will definitely keep things moving

That's what you want.

You release demons on the front end.. While you build back better on the back end.

And when animal proteins are processed properly.. They can be converted to your vital organs.. And then the cabbage and the milk help you release demons and keep your gut extremely balanced.. Of course , the glucose keeps your dna ladders intact. While those hydrogen bonds of acids keep the blueprint relatively secure until a change needs to be made.. That's when the uracil kicks in.. So you can evolve and adapt to the changing conditions.. And assimilate to diversity. Without the body working against itself.

Obviously you need salt.. You need sugar You need carbohydrates..

You cannot get away with trying to substitute so much in the plant kingdom that you purposely starve yourself..

Man cannot live on soy alone.. Man cannot just live on eggs alone..

Man cannot just drink milk alone.. Man cannot just eat cabbage alone..

Man is diverse.. Man is complex.. Man needs every ounce of his environment to keep things properly balanced..

If man wants to retain proper memories to keep him safe.. one must support those cells to sustain memories..

Every time I had a migraine a few years ago.. I ate a steak. When I had to rebuild my body from coming back from almost death in july of 2022, I was eating so much milk and cream and ice cream.. Essentially rebuilding my gut from the ground up..

Food is what saved me.. Food will always save me.. Especially when i need it the most.. Especially during climate change..

People who are nutritionally deficient will have a hard time building back better.. That's why food is painful for them.. Because it takes work to assimilate and survive aggressive environments..

This is the evolution.

I reduced everything down to: Pain is my penance..

That's basically it.. And no one should be putting their hands on me..

If I allow anyone to put their hands on me causing pain. That's my penance...

If i'm in pain and no one put their hands on me. That's still my penance.. Because I gave safe harbor to aggressive opposing forces and it attached itself to me and even though I derived benefit.. It could only last so long..

When the clock strikes midnight.. Everything will be as it was before..

The thing about biology.. I don't need a

Priest to give me absolution.. Pain is my penance..

I can sit and take the pain.. From the universe.

And no one needs to put their hands on me to deliver justice.. I reap what i sow, no matter how I characterize any good deeds..

Even my exposure to my neighbor's dog today I had to pay penance for that.. Whatever microbes I was exposed to ran right through me.. I'm stronger for it

I look at the eclipse as a way for the world to recognize repentance.

America represents the world.. It is the melting pot .

The world will be in repentance.

So when you are experiencing your world going dark.. Even for 3 days.... When you experience an interruption to your lifestyle 1-2 weeks..

That moment of silence.. That moment of interruption..

That's paying penance.. pain penance

I speculate the reason why the schools will be closed because how could anyone explain this..?

Are they sleeping..?

Will the "solar neutrinos" be aggressive that time..

Will science discover something new and different during this eclipse..?

Science is never settled..

Will something else be going on..?

I don't know.. Whatever the official narrative is, believe it.. And then you can entertain any other story you want..

People say that the reason why the eclipse is happening over here on this side of the country is because all the bad people are here.. Seriously?

America is a melting pot.. If one person suffers.. Everyone is suffering..

You know you've done something right when you can twist your ankle while carefully leading a dog to its rightful home and you don't suffer any sprain or disability..

If I hadn't done when i've done the last seven years.. I probably would have already twisted an ankle and or broken a hip..

My neighbor's dog ended up in my backyard.. I think it was tired of running. But I didn't want to chase it away. It was so cute. So it allowed me to lead it back home while carefully embracing it while I was walking with my right hand on the chest and the left hand around the mid section.. My back was strong enough.. My ankles were strong enough to deal with weird steps..

Pretty cool.. I keep seeing confirmation I am rebuilding my body stronger..

I swear the universe purposely tests you to see if what you're doing is correct..

If I would have sprained an ankle.. With no ability to walk back home in one piece.. If that

dog would have attacked me.. That would have been the universe telling me something wasn't right with that situation.. kind of a risky way of accepting the challenges before me.. But I think the dog was tired of running.. I could tell by the behaviors the dog would allow me to do what i needed to .. It knew I wasn't going to hurt it..

That's a huge compliment.. Sometimes an animals trust, a strange animal trusting a stranger, is a compliment from the universe..

I don't discount signs and symbols.... They are everywhere..

But you must be literate to the universe..

Will I do this again.. Next time I'll have some kind of leash or something.. I don't know.. I just happened to see the dog in my window this morning.. It keeps triggering my ring.. So when I saw it in the backyard I knew I had to do something.. This was the first time i've seen it loose.. The roommate of the owner was sort of grateful.. Probably surprised i brought the dog home..

people who cannot handle the pain of regret, die suddenly.

Goblet cell carcinomas develop in the appendix and are thought to strike just one in every million people. They are more common in people in their 50s and 60s.

The timing is aligned with my hypothesis around the hayflick limit..

When you allow those opposing forces to metastasize they will find every way to take over what it can..

Fifty is the hayflick limit. Which is why you're seeing people dying suddenly around fifty.. They're at the limit.. And they don't like change. And they can't embrac evolution . And they think food is poison

When your appendix is so full of diversity. New diseases and cancers arise

People get infection of the appendix called appendicitis . And they remove their appendix . Which you know , causes a cascade of a domino effect of deterioration.

I don't care how pretty you think are.. You could be hosting so much potential infection and potential died suddenly.

So it doesn't matter how beautiful you are or how skinny you think you are..

People "look" beautiful until they host a major cancer and then they're downhill from there..

The appendix is a small, four-inch-long tube located in the lower right side of the abdomen. It's part of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, which is a complex group of organs that help the body digest and absorb food.

If you've never really had to suffer in your life.. If your life was all about pleasure and paradise and escaping the payment of pain..

This next world will be brutal for you.. It is brutal for many people right now..

Those who really suffered.. will have the capacity to handle pain and suffering.. And they understand the payment system of mother nature..

And they don't take advantage of the gifts Mother nature gave them..

Because eventually the devil does take his due..

That's the beauty of great resets..

You understand what the payment system truly is..

It's very painful..

And pleasure and paradise only last so long..

And then you become wiser because of it..

Which is why I welcome whatever pain and suffering.I must experience.. Because that's my payment into the next world..

Strong strong people suffered astronomically in the past and present.. And they know how to support that suffering effectively..

And so their reward is another day of life..

Remember.. To earn your way into the next world through pain and suffering.. No one else should ever put their hands or instruments on you or in you.. I am not talking about bdsm.


when you intend to lift the fallen and take up for the weak, they could actually DRAG YOU DOWN..

if they do not have it within them to lift themselves up, what makes you think you can force them to lift up..?

you are not that special that you can wave a wand over a person and save them from their own weaknesses and intolerances and lack of discernment to leave when the war is out their hands..

strong people cut their losses and leave when the war becomes deadly.. when it turns into an us vs them.. the war became deadly..

leaving the war of activism actually saved my life..

facing my own pain/suffering has saved my own "life".. why is life in parentheses, because life means different things to different people. In my world, facing my pain and suffering has allowed me to survive without dying from the treatments of all disease trying to keep up with other people's version of life..

Is staying home and watching Netflix and going on fb live, life to me? yes. Is that life to others? maybe not..

I just represent..

is lifting the fallen and broken life to others? yes.

Is that life to me? no.

we all make choices...

what are the consequences to my choices.. i am on my own more than not. I can strategize my survival with climate change. I can develop "new" thought processes for me and observe the world.. I can enjoy the freedom of solitude..

that is life to me..

other people would disagree..


welcome to the new world order.. we all get to represent what life is to us..

I'm not right. I'm not wrong.

I'm right for me.. And maybe i'm wrong for you..

The world needs balance.. We also need to see a different perspective.. Because that's how you get choices..

You deserve to have choices.. educated choices..

And then we must experience the consequences of our choices.. And embrace those consequences..

I've been paying for the consequences of my choices for the last seven years..

It wasn't easy.. It will never be easy..

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