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Pain is the Body Pushing out the Demon Microbes Trying to Take Over

So I pretty much kicked the demon out of my body..

All disease I don't care what it is all disease of the body mind and spirit is a type of demon possession or infection.. Some people's infection change their personality and they're mean and they're deadly and they're highly triggered..

Serial killers have been known to have some kind of crazy infection of the brain.. Neurological physical and mental trauma contribute to extreme abusive behavior from humans and animals... Infection of damaged cells are the main cause.

All infection and disease are demons plaguing the body.. And your symptoms are the body trying to release it but people do not allow the symptoms to release. They have disabled their body's defense system

Rogue microbes causing the body to Call on hormones to push out the offending bacteria are the demons allegory talks about..

When you've already disabled your immune system you will be afraid of the air food and water and think it's everyone elses fault but your own..

The health and wellness world in the holistic and allopathic world have disabled people's immune system and that's why they're in fear of everything..

Believe me if you understand your immune system you would not be in fear of change in your environment even a chemical exposure..

Environmentalist don't realize that pollution is intentional so that way we can start over again at some point.. Even the environmentalists are unhealthy..

Humans don't realize how powerful they are in adapting to change.. They destroyed their bodies ability to adapt and then they blamed the world when they did it to themselves..

At some point in the future when there are less humans we will have less industry polluting the environment because we don't have as many humans polluting the environment..

There will be a point of stability in the future but not right now.. Probably not until after 2050..

Note: What is the Blood Brain Barrier?

(blud-brayn BAYR-ee-er)

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