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Pain is the Magic and the Avenue to Program People into Positive and Negative Behaviors

correction: terahertz ahaha

I can handle the pain and convert that pain into intellectual ability and physical capability. But I can never inflict that on to anyone else. Only scientists and the government can do that

Only scientists and the government are allowed to inflict whatever pain that needs to be developed to program a society. There are methodologies that must be used so you don't destroy the person.

Untrained parents are not allowed to inflict pain on their children as well as animals and friends and family or else you will develop monsters in your Society. Those who believe in corporal punishment you will develop a monster in your family. Because you've already shown violence and potentially even sexuality to your children on some level. I can assure you no parent on my Facebook knows what their children have seen in school on TV on the Internet or what their peers have told them. Sometimes even fostering a certain sexuality like color programming and forcing your kids into certain gender behaviors also reinforces dominant and submissive males and females

And so discipline must be done extremely carefully or else you also get a spoiled f****** brat. But discipline does not require violence as people have thought through the corporal punishment world

So if you want an amazing kid with self-discipline the parents must also be self-disciplined as well. And we know that's not happening or will happen.

Humans Are Similar Trees With Rings of Apocalyptic Rings of Memories and Sediment With the Ability to Move, Change, and Adapt When the Conditions Change

About 6 or 7 years ago, or more, I remember getting on Facebook and observing how I was reliving past experiences in body, mind and spirit and also reliving old physical, intellectual and spiritual "trauma". But, it is not only "trauma", but also anything I have ever read, studied and even agonized or took a test about.

Over the last 50 years, my childhood of hell and intellectual/academic "homeschool"/public school training and physically fighting with my peers set me up to adapt to today's conditions. You witnessed through Facebook Live and Facebook during the Jilly Juice era most of the tree rings of memories contributing to my thought process today and I still have memories come up in my dreams today.

The importance of surviving trauma from war on all fronts, not just overseas or in the "ghetto", is paramount because with that "trauma" of "war" can be matched with extreme "genius" that could be unmatched when juxtapositioned with your peers who had it "easy" or never could move past certain trauma.

Not only must your body survive climate change, a catch all phrase when everything in a person's world is forced to change, but your body must also refer back to old files of important concepts and stories. Those concepts and stories will provide a background of information you will use to reference your current world and develop an avenue for survival as the world is being forced to change.

Through that pain and suffering and remembering Math and English concepts as well as studying them in your own free time, a "genius of change" could be birthed, who will also be able to survive the violent world they live in.

Genius is not just capitalizing on the gifts your parents and community gave you. Genius is when you can sit and study in the midst of pain and suffering and still utilize those concepts to save your own life, but also prove yet another avenue for the human race to advance themselves.

Many of you have such amazing strengths and talents but it is when you use up your talents or when those talents are not that remarkable, in the scheme of things, must a person be able to switch to another platform of immortalized evolution and developing a downline of supporting talents to strengthen another line of thought and invention.

There are contexts of 1 dimensional, 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional and so on, but those contexts have more to do with either geometry or spirituality.

In my context of personality dimensions, if a one dimensional person is a man who only does "man" things like watch car ads on youtube, hunts and fishes and hangs out with buddies, then obviously it would be extremely hard to develop a two dimensional man who might enjoy the opera, or observe a play or read a book in the corner of the library.

To develop a man, who was raised and reinforced in a one dimensional sphere of influence, to be "collegiate", intellectual, open to new ideas, calm down his hormones, and have more tolerance to "diversity" would require the magic of internal pain and suffering to change, not survive.

Men are in pain all the time, as are women. But what is that pain and suffering doing for you and will that pain suffering help you develop another downline of immortalized germline cells with a cabinet of mortal somatic cells?

The magic of supporting pain and suffering and also matching that pain and suffering to lessons and academic excellence takes a foundation based upon developing more than just one personality that has not been exposed to violence on TV, death or destruction. Once you start using violence, pain and suffering matched with death and destruction on TV, you develop serial killers, sexual predators and bullies in the population.

Imagine a child who has seen such violence in the family and on TV and then spends the rest of their lives reenacting what he/she grew up with. Imagine a child who has been given all the pleasure, paradise, toys and experiences with no real pain and suffering. You get playboys chasing drugs, women/men and addictions coupled with male/female cliques, etc.

As I was remembering yesterday, the pain I went through typing repetitive numbers on a computer almost 24 years ago and needing a wrist guard later, the pain that came up for me in my wrist as I am typing developed these observation about raising children and the type of children our society is raising.

You can almost predict the outcome of the children's future by not only who their parents are, but also what they are being raised with and the kind of society they live in.

An extremely intensive environmentally violent society with violent people who love or hate people to death, the children will end up loving or hating someone to death as adults.

It is over.. Which is why I say what I say not to convert you, but to understand why the system is again, doing what it is doing.

You could beat the system if you were aware of how you were "programmed" and "change", but again, that would require the magic of supporting your pain and suffering properly.

Do you even know what that could involve?

So men, women and children are left to live out their childhood programming as adults or some adults might be able to hybridize their childhood programming and suffer through the changes to survive and become an "original"..

Now I know why the system manages pain because you can turn someone into a major predator as well as potentially a genius if they can handle their society of predators..

Pain was the magic but it must be managed extremely carefully or again you will turn someone into a serial killer and a sexual predator


As more aggressive climate change is going on and the heat is oppressive. Yesterday it looked like the sun turned into a deadly LED light in the sky. It was too bright outside

I felt a little bit of arm weakness as I was making breakfast. And then I felt progressively with my arm pain and hand pain and wrist pain and I just sit and deal with it I don't try to remedy any pain away. I did take a nap at some point yesterday but I had good dreams. And then I went to bed around 8:00 and then around midnight to 3:00 a.m. oh my head was filling up with mucus. And I had to blow my nose and blow my nose and relieve the pressure in my arms and my head and everything and everything is good now. I really didn't have pressure in my head.

 All of the mucus was centered around my respiratory ear nose and throat mostly nose not even ear or throat

That's a well-functioning on point immune system with all 11 different systems working simultaneously and aligned together. If had not developed a way for myself to survive this climate change I would have already died from a heart attack or stroke.

That I can guarantee.

I know and can see why people die suddenly because when that growth happens and the pain comes on that quickly, I probably would have died yesterday if I did not have a well conditioned immune system to release those demons as my husband was pooping a lot yesterday. Yeah covid's back

Whatever frequency, is back.. the pain is indicator I will be releasing whatever demons

Wouldnt you think the afterlife would be overpopulated?


simply having one conspiracy minded person on your facebook will not be enough to offer all the pieces of the pie... if anything, that one divergent, relative to your beliefs, will be used by you as a resistance tool to reinforce your beliefs and to also make fun of ..

not all divergents in the world will be used for even what they intended.. many people love entertaining diversity so they can "make fun" and resist and galvanize intolerance..

Homogenized bodies and groups of people do not entertain any kind of evolution. They squash it they destroy it and they freeze it out and they resist it. That was the intention of our society.

The system developed only so many divergents causing people to resist them even though divergents mean well ..

the people around them don't mean well for them at all.. remember most people will kill innovation and evolution when given the opportunity.. just look at the medical and holistic system

 that should be an indicator what people intend to do with evolution and innovation or they screw it out of existence

The system anticipated those resisting those who are trying to evolve themselves and the world around them. They know The divergents will be used as a tool

I know I am a Divergent. People resist me they hate me and some understand me.

 But most people do not understand me or like me. And so you have to be strong to sit in this type of role that I'm sitting in because it's not an easy f****** role

So that's why I'm polite to people because I'm not trying to manipulate them because they have to make their own choices about everything.

I can't help that I was used as a resistance tool as well as an evolutionary change tool. I must embrace both roles and survive them.

Which is why now I don't hang out with too many people because I know what people think of me and I can feel it from their lack of interaction or interaction with me and

 so I just walk away

And so I say whatever the f*** I want because it's not going to matter what I say

 most people will not like you no matter what you say and you can't kiss their ass either or else you sell out

Which is why I'm polite because I will not manipulate anyone

I will acknowledge people's existence But I will not manipulate them into buying whatever it is I have to "sell"..

And that's why being on your own when you're changing is probably the best situation because most people will resist your changing and they will try to destroy your ability to change. And they will make comments about you and your beliefs

This is not for anyone to feel sorry for me or change the way they behave towards me. This is to show you what it's like to evolve and what you will deal with. Are you strong enough to deal with what I'm dealing with. You might not be.

I guarantee you will deal with resistance in your Body Mind and spirit and your friends and family And if you're not strong enough to release the resistance within your family friends and Body Mind and Spirit you might as well just do what you will do anyways

Have a great day

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