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Pandora and Narcissus are the spirituality politics religion science Vectors of Li/efe and Death

Narcissus Activism Is why you will die. Pandora and Narcissus are spirituality politics religion science Vector

obelisk=vaccine=info/cultures/bacteria/virusbacppfb/penis=hieroglyphics=symbols=obelisk 9/11 is representative of extremist suicide b/ombers like the kamikaze pilots in WW2 trying to destroy western imperialism, greed and slavery.. no different than those in the remedies world "suici/ciding themselves with drugs and remedies and addictions taking everyone around them down with the ship.. all the players in 9/11 are allegorically, historically and culturally correct to what is going on today in YOUR politics religions and science extremism.. You are the mohammad attas if you are in activism, religion and politics and spirituality.. and you are willing to die for you beliefs.. When you choose to die for your family.. That's no different then what happened nine eleven. boom. You choose to die for anything.. Or for other people.. Or religion or politics or science.. You're no different than those who committed nine eleven. Chew on that.. While you're blaming everyone for your problems. You chose to die.. And yet you're resentful. That's why I left most people out there.. I will not be your savior or satan. Will the men in our society survive their own evolution.. Men are the vaccines in our city Because their penis is the vector.... And they will be replaced with vaccines.. And aerosol evolution. And women won't be enslaved with having children and having sex with everyone in order to have children. Because the uterus's developed in a lab will develop the babies who will be nurtured into the society that is optimal for the future.

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