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Paris Hilton_Thank You For Coming Out

institutionalized trauma based programming..

Hollywood is representation and silicone valley engineered it..

You can send your kids off to it.. You can voluntarily put yourself in it..

Or you could be the one to do it to yourself or other people..

Trauma based programming is built into politics.. Religion, Medical holistic science dogmas..

Everyone has been traumatized on some level.. Some people are extremely academic.. Others are extremely sexual.. Some can be sexual and academics

Others are great actors and philosophers and leaders.. Others are extremely artistic.. Orators and writers and screen play developers..

Others are drug addicts and party people and still somehow survive in their environment..

Others become parents..

Excellence is groomed by trauma and suffering.. now survive it.. control and release the demons.. channel that energy into something amazing

Institutionalized m k ultra.. This is also what the conspiracy world was focusing on for many years.. It's not a conspiracy theory.. It's a programming.. Human experimentation.. Perfected in hollywood.. Silicon Valley has many people who underwent human experimentation.. When you can survive it and develop something from it you can't get mad at it.. When you're broken and can't pick yourself up then you blame it..

Watch the two different videos..

There are many things hidden in plain sight..

Her parents have plausible deniability.. They had to groom their children for their place in hollywood and to be married off to some of the richest people in the world.. They knew what they were doing.. The end justifies the means..

The programming of society and influencers..

By programming people to be a sexual influence the person must go through f****** h***..

At a very young age..

It colors the way they view everything.. How they act.. Their view of sexuality

You can have two different people..

Both potentially went through the same school and maybe the parents had knowledge of extra training for one, but not the other.. The other one doesn't go to that kind of training. Train, training.. TRAUMA can make you or break you

Stepford wives are conditioned on some level. Especially highly influential ones..

The Real Story of Paris Hilton | This Is Paris Official Documentary 75M views · 2 years ago...more

You can't be mad because.. The end justifies the means.. How you come out of that b******* is the difference..

How many people have gone through something like this and they didn't survive.. They fell through the cracks of our society.. Ended up in jail or on the street.. Or drug addicts and alcoholics..

Hollywood has trained people to do that to their children and to themselves.. Sexualizing boys and girls at a young age develops the nation building and also depression and despair if you don't release the demons..

This is the old world.. And we are dealing with the demons..

When you reach a certain age all the programming in your childhood and young adulthood does wear away..

Like the spell is broken and everything is as it was before. But you're even more aware of how broken you are during that process until you rebuild yourself..

Some people will never realize how broken they are because their brokenness was and is extremely socially acceptable.. But you see the habits of many people dealing with past trauma..

It is time to release the demons... It's great to capitalize on them on some level.. Some people capitalize on them at a young age.. Some people capitalize on them later..

Eventually you're going to have to release them.. Those demons will destroy you.. Or people reroduce demons as their children.. Then they will have their own demons to deal with..

And the cycle goes on.

Remember even those who have never gone through trauma or suffering will be so unaware and so the environment will destroy them.. They were never conditioned to deal with trauma or suffering..

There are downsides to be shielded from trauma and suffering.. There are upside. Having gone through trauma and suffering there are upsides and downsides..

You must understand the environment in the world you live in.. And so right now people who have never gone through institutionalized trauma are dealing with the trauma of their own predisposed issues .. Through the medical and the holistic system..

Climate change is going to be a doozy for those who never really have to suffer.. The fear will be the trauma people will be dealing with and some won't survive it

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