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Peace Means Becoming Whole Again and it is a Process

Main take away... You want to survive and you have the means to survive.. You got to stop resisting.. You have to face every single trauma done to you by yourself. Or your friends, your family, your parents and your ancestors...

Peace means becoming whole again.. And it's a process..

Every single therapy in the medical holistic energy healing world is all about resistance and developing more trauma...

You can't survive resisting evolution.. That is entropy not balanced out..

Mama, you have a chance to save your family and yourself. But you have to be the one to do it... You have to be the one to set the example.. If it's not you no one will do it.. There goes your whole family..

Recap from yesterday Treatments and starvation against evolution paved the way for cancer and died suddenly .

If you're coming into the middle of my world.. And you choose to activate your system.. You can't pick and choose what you want to treat while you are transitioning because you may not survive the treatments... Do you know how far gone you really are..

This is why you must understand your weight.. Understand your fear.. Understand your predisposed issues.. Because you will have to face every single one of them.. Because you have ran away from them through the medical holistic energy healing world..

When it's time to pay the piper.. Do you have what it takes.. That's the crucks of the j world.. Becoming whole is not an easy venture..

And it's worse when you're a child.. Because you already came in at a deficit.. And mamma only knows only to take away the pain.. In this environment she is taking away your life..

Children don't have a choice.. So when they die suddenly.. They will always have someone to blame . But I guess if mama wants to survive.. That absolution might save her as she takes care of herself.. Because she knows she can't save her children.. Or anyone else for that matter.. Because maybe her kid is too far gone..

At this point mama can only save herself.. If she even knows how to..

So now you're seeing 19 year olds Deal with conditions that the system will keep treating.. Until that kid does not exist any more at the hands of the parents.. The parents keep begging for aggressive treatments.. In the holistic world and in the medical world..

Just watch the parents on facebook.. They brag and beg for treatment, and brag on how they have treated their children with holistic and allopathic remedies and surgeries.. These parents brag about how many herbs they shove down their child throats.. How much elderberry.. They brag on the holistic professionals they have commissioned to treat and destroy their own family line..

Now you see the depopulation agenda.. At the hands of the parents and the grandparents..

Everything is in plain site and nothing is hidden..

Just watch the grandparents.. They are advising their children.. The same traditional ways..

It's extraordinary to watch... Because you can't penetrate them.. Remember you can't tell them how to raise their children..

When you know this and you can see this.. You can't go back.. There is no fucking way when you finally see what's going on.. You can't go back to the old world..

Now you have to survive the knowledge of what's going on.. And you can't resist it.. Because resistance is futile and it will destroy you..

And when parents finally do wake up.. They can't even say this on facebook.. Because someone will call cps.. Because you are finally realizing what it takes to live.. And you can't be the one say it because you have children.. I can say it because I don't have kids so no one can call cps on me..

But you know how aggressively tunneled these mommy and me groups are.. You know these crunchy mammas will destroy you.. They did it to me, they will do it to you if you give them the chance.. They already have the enemy in their mind..

That's what the holistic people did to people.. They radicalized mothers against their own kids..

That's the psychological operations.. That's california.. That's innovation..

Just watch the mothers who brag that they give their kids gluten free food.. Just watch the mother's brag they starved their children by only giving them organic.. Just watch the mother starve their children demonizing processed food..

It is crazy to finally see what's going on.. It's crazy to watch mothers starve their own children their own family..

And one major indicator of starvation.. Bone breakage..

It's fucking crazy..

At your own hand..

You will never know if people get it or not unless they know how to phrase their statements.. So those statements cannot be used against them

What is it..

The j world..

If they can't speak about the j world in the context that I deliver in, and they have not understood my world to the extent of phrasing things in the proper way.. Activism.. Or everything is wonderful.. Will be there platform forever..

It's a trippy dynamic.. There is no specific measurable result.. Even when you think people get it.. You won't ever know really..

Time is the only truth to know if people understand you..

I'm okay living in that type of world.. It keeps me motivated.

Change is a dangerous game..


The Oracle: “The Source. That’s what you felt when you touched those Sentinels. But you weren’t ready for it. You should be dead, but apparently, you weren’t ready for that, either.”

Neo: “The Architect told me that if I didn’t return to the Source, Zion would be destroyed by midnight tonight.”

The Oracle: ”Please… You and I may not be able to see beyond our own choices, but that man can’t see past any choice.”

Neo: “Why not?”

The Oracle: “He doesn’t understand them – he can’t. To him, they are variables in an equation. One at a time each variable must be solved then countered. That’s his purpose: to balance the equation.” (ACTIVISM AGAINST FOOD WATER AIR GOVT POLITICS RELIGION SCIENCE)

Neo: “What’s your purpose?”

The Oracle: “To unbalance it.”

Neo: “Why? What do you want?”

The Oracle: “I want the same thing you want, Neo. And I am willing to go as far as you are to get it.”

Neo: “The end of the war. Is it going to end?”

The Oracle: “One way, or another.”

Neo: “Can Zion be saved?”

The Oracle: “I’m sorry, I don’t have the answer to that question, but if there’s an answer, there’s only one place you’re going to find it”.

Neo: “Where?”

The Oracle: “You know where. And if you can’t find the answer, then I’m afraid there may be no tomorrow for any of us.”

Neo: “What does that mean?”

The Oracle: “Everything that has a beginning has an end. I see the end coming. I see the darkness spreading. I see death. And you are all that stands in his way.”

Neo: “Smith.”

The Oracle: “Very soon he’s going to have the power to destroy this world, but I believe he won’t stop there; he can’t. He won’t stop until there’s nothing left at all.”

Neo: “What is he?”

The Oracle: “He is you. Your opposite, your negative, the result of the equation trying to balance itself out.”

Neo: “And if I can’t stop him?”

The Oracle: “One way or another, Neo, this war is going to end. Tonight, the future of both worlds will be in your hands… or in his.”

Zion is like an immune system.. Once it gets breached, you must have the power to fight your battles and save yourself..

The Sentinels are the hydra..

The machines will keep penetrating..

One Must use food to rebuild..

countering back is a mutually assured destruction. MAD All the remedies energy healing allopathic holistic system.. The health industry is a war you will not survive..

The source will always cause unbalance. How will you assimilate.. And rebuild at the same time.

Getting caught up in countering somebody else and resisting. Mutually assured destruction..

#MatrixRevolutions I feel the painful frequencies in my ears now.. Just hovering between pain and release..

I did have ear infections as a kid inside the ear after swimming sometimes..

When I was in city college twenty years ago.. I had an ear infection.. From swimming in the pool.. Neo/one = you Smith = everyman

Activism I don't care what kind it is..=Always keeping the balance by countering all the different variables and "solving" "problems"..

Somebody gave you the meaning of solution.. Somebody gave you the meaning of problem..

The world is not yours.. It was built on somebody else's intentions and agenda.. You were born to slave.

Some of you will pass away as a slave.. Because you won't evolve, and you won't take in new information.. And you will resist until you pass away..

That's the war of resistance and it is futile.. That's all religions.. That's all science.. That's all politics.. That's every single therapy in the world..

I mean every therapy.. Therapy is resistance.. And its futile and its deadly.. Your world was built on resistance.. And always being at war with somebody even yourself.. gollum/smeagle

Solution=Problem Problem=solution

When you live in those two worlds..

You won't survive it..

That's the trap.. That's the war..

You were born into a world of problem WARS built on PROBLEMATIC solutions..

And you don't win.. You will never win. Love never wins in the end.. Just look at your parents and grandparents. You love them to death.. You were given the description of what love means.. Love means take someone to the hospital.. Love means take away their pain.. Love means give them a remedy or antibiotic.. You were given what the word love means.. Love means take away food you think is poison away from your child.

Which means you won't survive the war.. The war of love..

Now you will watch people love their children to death..

That's why it's so hard to be in the mainstream..

Love means taking away people suffering at whatever cost even at the cost of everyone's lives..

Now you see why most people will not live through these wars.. They are too invested into proving to everyone.. How much they love everyone.. Even their children..

That's why I say I don't want your love.. Your love is destructive..

I respect my husband as much as he perceives what love is.. But I do not want to destroy my husband.. So I respect him more than I love him.. Yes I do love him so he can evolve and LIVE.. But I do not love him to death.. If he chooses to love himself to death he will make personal requests for that predictable outcome.

I will not encourage any type of destruction to his body mind or spirit..

Revolution means one side wins in one war, then another war, the other side wins..

Just like the voting system every eight years in america .. It's a loop it's a trap..

Nobody wins.. And nobody loses.. It's a trap..

That's revolution.. It's circular reasoning..

A circular argument (or circular reasoning) is an argument that comes back to its beginning without having proven anything. An argument consists of one or more statements (premise) and a claim (conclusion). A premise is any reason or evidence that supports the argument's conclusion. May 1, 2023

#MatrixResurrections They are resurrecting the nineteen sixties.. the music..

His fight to keep taking the blue pill..

9/11 Was the glitch in the matrix...

glitch (google it.)


Resistance is futile..

Docbots give you crappy odds for surviving..#matrixresurrections

Holidocbots too..

Thw Matrix weaponizes every dream everything that's important to us.. No you're in a purge..

There will be peace.. After the purge.

. But not rest in peace for the collective

Some individuals will be rest in peace.. But not the collective. Ww can't go back. We won't..


The ending of the matrix resurrections..

People don't like freedom.. They need someone to control them.. They like the certainty..

Nothing will really change..

But you/humanity get a second chance.. So I have a proposition .. Why don't we stop calling people SATANIC.. Because they could be assuming you are satanic relative to your belief system..

This is my argument to support the thesis above..

According to many people, it seems Satan is a person who believes something that is inverted to their perspective, just because they think that their perspective is the right way..

inversion is all relative to perspective

Even those who are not inverted are Satanic if they were to use that argument to those who are inverted to their perspective.

Because when the shoes on the other foot, the people looking at them will think their perspective is inverted, therefore satanic..

You see two can play that game..

Just because it's popular doesn't mean it's correct by natural law..

What if everyone IN THE OLD WORLD was "SATANIC" because they went against the natural order of things by using cures and believed everyone should die someday..

And now the system wants to correct the intentions and use natural law as the laws of life.. Not go by man made law..

That's the kicker..

That's the binary arguments of religion.. That's resistance that's the death culture..

But here's the thing even if you do believe, people should die and destroy life and justify it..

I would never call you satanic.. It's not my place to judge anyone..

If I were to provide an argument around where the j world fits into what someone would construe as satanic..

We would barely fit the mold if at all.

Ironic isn't it.. i Guess it's just a percentage of satanism do you practice..

And then at what point does it become full on satanic.

I mean right now my evolution of releasing demons really isn't satanic when you think about it. I don't attack..

i do not use any machines against anything.. I don't even surgically disfigure myself..

I do not use herbs against the life in my body..

I don't use alchemy to cast a spell on anything on my body or in my body..

So yeah the j world would not be technically satanic at all..

And I have FERAL cats to keep the mice population down..

I really don't want to destroy mice in my house.. They haven't been a problem lately.

I know there is a few but they keep out of sight. I'm just glad the wild cats are around the house. This is college in a nutshell.. This is academia in a nutshell..

You go to business school to learn how to screw people over..

And then you get a law degree consulting for both sides. So you can find the loopholes and help people screw people over..

Or put them away

That's america..

And then you have religion to justify it.. You have politics so you can convince people how great it is.. And then you have science to program people.

Fucking phenomenal..

There are upsides to academia.. But the cynic in me sees through the bullshit.. External pain and external internal pleasure is a motivator for somebody else's intentions..

This is why corporal punishment is now being outlawed.. Because the damage it does over time.. And it turns into cancer as well as other behavioral issues..

As you know pleasure seekers also run the risk of becoming addicts chasing pleasure..


The internal pain.. Is the motivator for the individual to push out the demons from somebody else's intentions above..

Why do you think the world is in so much pain right now.. Generations of scars and corporal punishment and war has afflicted the offspring.. Who keep repeating the same mistakes..

So how do you control an out of control child..

Therein lies the problem... No matter what..

In this Day and age.. children will be either predators.. Or praey. Prey to what.. Sometimes it's just the environment they are prey to.

But many will not be resilient.. Because most people don't even know what it means to be resilient even as an adult..

So you hope you're adult child can turn their own life around.. Because mamma can't turn around her life and her kid's life around at the same time..

She can only show the child how to do it if the child survives.. Assuming the child will survive their years living as a minor.. And you hope the programming that was set as a minor doesn't just stay put. You hope that kid has the chance to evolve.. Assuming they have enough substance to evolve..

If they don't have enough substance to evolve. Most likely it will not happen..

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