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People Are Literally Boiling to Death Internally and Externally_Thermodynamics

The main points.. this is really NOT the environment for the elderly and the children..

Gelatin weighs more than collagen.. When your body boils the collagen off your bones, it turns into gelatin and you might weigh more.. So if you're gaining wait you don't know if you're getting the right weight.

You must be sick.. Some of you think gaining weight and not getting sick is going to help you..

You have to be sick to release those demons.

Some of those demons will make you blind temporarily and other handicaps until you bring your body back. That's why you have to have a doctor for some people to help you through the process.. You have to have an infrastructure of people to help you during that process.. But you still have to personally pull out those demons..

In this heat people are boiling themselves to death and they're losing infrastructure..

All food is the answer..

And I proved I can take on an alcohol demon and I can release it. I'm not doing any drug demons.

But I took on an alcohol demon and I released it.. In two days..

Imagine a person with a hundred demons.. How long it will take them to release those demons.

This is why say parents must save themselves.. They have a better chance in surviving climate change than their children.. Because their children came in with major deficits.. And you can't force them to eat or release demons.. You can't force them to be sick.. The system won't allow you to.

That's why parents have to save themselves..

If your kids are eighteen and over they have a chance to save themselves.. But only if the parents recommend it because the kids listen to the parents..

Rebuilding your body.. Build back better.. It's brutal.. it is phucking brutal

Just watch everyone right now out there.. Maui Hawaii..

Releasing demons of the world it's not pretty. Releasing your own demons is not pretty..

But if you're in the first world. You have a better chance in surviving..

Because all food is available..

Energy cannot be created or destroyed only converted..

What exactly are you converting.. If you're not sick.. You may not be converting to your benefit..

I did NOT go through all the posts down my timeline.. just enough to cover the main points

when you around mixed company of people for more than a few your you must become swollen so the body can build an army of defense to protect you and cordon off the demons until the body is ready to release after you sleep..

this is why you must trigger your immune system to release all the prior demons so you can deal with the demons you take on systematically ..

when you do not release the trauma in your body via sickness.. that trauma turns into formidable demons and turn into cancer or aggressive aging process..

remember: juvenile cells are either cancer or children.. and they generate so much heat, those juvenile cells also break down your infrastructure, or boil you to death..


but what is your intention?????????

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