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People die alone and they survive alone..

When you have different pains around your 6 different lymph node areas, the next day you should be seeing some kind of inflammation and also feeling it..

After feeling the pain of muscle a the crease of my arm.. Last night I experienced about an hour of a rash that came through my armpit.. It was there for a minute.. Then it was gone.. I was blowing my nose extremely hard last night.. Early this morning..

I released my own demons the organic natural way using my body's immune system the lymphatic release system..

No different than purging out my bedroom last night from all the different clothes.. Cleaning up my office.. Throwing so much c*** away.. I didn't employ someone else to clean my house.. Or organize my closet..

I did this s*** myself..

When you're using somebody else's good intentions for you it really is never for you.. It's for themselves..

Good deeds were never meant to make it beneficial to you.. Good deeds are always for the person who are committing them because it absolves them from feeling guilty of what they're doing in this world..

Don't be blinded by the people who commit good deeds.. They have their own demons to deal with and that's how it manifests.. But those who are bereft and deficient, will think all good deeds Are appropriate.. No it's just enabling learned helplessness and victim mentality..

Before you really clean up your life.. Your immune system needs a major cleanup.. And you can't get that s*** from other people..

Before you save someone from their own stupidity .. Consider whether or not it's worth having victims in our society always depending on somebody else to bail them out of stupid situations they put themselves into..

Climate change is awesome because it forces everyone to deal with their own stupidity, I've had to do with my own stupidity and come to terms with it and release it..

No one will save you. You can only save yourself.. No one and I mean no one saved me for anything..

I had to face all the DEMONS on my own.. People were watching yes some were supporting others were not..

But at the end of the day it was me who had to deal with those demons..

Have a great day..

People die alone and they survive alone.. Having people around you is an illusion.. To make you think you're not alone..

But they're not living your life..

Other people can show you what to do or what not to do relative to your intentions.. That's all other people are for.. Anything more than that you have failed to take responsibility..

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