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People die for their lifestyle, sexuality and religion.. That's why people die..

The imbalances of the sexual hormones is what causes the antigen anti body war.. Sexual orientation.. Politics religion and science and died suddenly..

All of them are connected..

People die for their sexuality and religion.. That's why people die..

If you've already said that you're going to die someday. And you believe you should die someday.. You're basically saying you're dying for your politics, your religion, your science, your family and sexual orientation, and you're also going to take down as many people as possible with your beliefs..

I don't want to hear there's an enemy.. When you're the enemy to yourself and everyone around you when you believe you should die for your beliefs.

Nine eleven was the example of people dying for their beliefs and taking down as many people as possible..

Charles Manson was another example of dying for one's beliefs when he mind controlled those girls to kill for him.. What do you think do you do to your friends..

Especially when you gang up on other people who are not like you..

Now look at your minions and people that you elicit to destroy for you.. The multi level marketing health and wellness world and in medical holistic world..

And now the cannabis world.. Good luck. ohio passed issue number two.. Marijuana is now recreational..

You still can't smoke it on the job or during The onboarding process in a new company.. one can't be high or under the influence while driving.. And minors are still not allowed to get high..

Now adults are free to destroy themselves and take down as many people as possible.. And it's all legal..

But if you choose to die for your beliefs then there is no enemy .. There is nothing to fight against..

Thank you for your service.

I'm not against what people choose to die.. I wouldn't do it myself but that's not for me to decide for somebody else...

But then you have no leg to stand on when it comes to activism.. Or fearing some enemy.. Joe biden is not your enemy.. He's not even walking into your house..

You're choosing to die for your belief system.

And if you still can't afford your belief system... And you think you're not getting paid enough to live on.. Why don't you reevaluate your expenses.. Your lifestyle.. Your belief system..

If you can't afford to live.. Whose fault is that.


I'm starting up with these slides right off the bat.

These were in the Facebook reel i did below and in case you wanted to study them...

So now you see what the problem is in our society.. Literal sexual hormone imbalance.. Causing so much excessive fertility..

And then during this climate change, the extremes of our society will go to the wayside..

And balance will be achieved.. Those of who can handle the climate change because of relatively balanced hormones, will be left standing

You literally have to be adaptable to these changes.. And you can't be too extreme or excessive on either end..

I had too much estrogen dominance.. That was my curse.. I was beautiful but I was suffering..

I'm finally balanced out.. And I have no desire to be beautiful..

Yeah you want to expand your horizons literally and figuratively.. Try diving into dante. The Thinker (French: Le Penseur) is a bronze sculpture by Auguste Rodin, usually placed on a stone pedestal. The work depicts a nude male figure of heroic size sitting on a rock. He is seen leaning over, his right elbow placed on his left thigh, holding the weight of his chin on the back of his right hand.

Catching up on all this bullshizz Long Duk Dong

The system definitely refined the programming Sometimes i randomly think about the pythagorean theorem.. a^2+b^2=c^2

a=6 b=8 X

6^2+8^2=x^2 36+64=x^2 Square root of 100= sr of x^2


The sum of the squares of the length of a triangle is equal to the hypotenuse..or


I know it's so basic right.. Not really.. But it's So fun to learn..

The seven problems are the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture, the Hodge Conjecture, the Navier-Stokes Equations, P versus NP, the Poincaré Conjecture, the Riemann Hypothesis, and the Yang-Mills Theory. In 2003, the Poincaré Conjecture was proven by Russian mathematician Grigori Perelman.

What will be the role of men and women when they don't have definitive specific division of labor..?

Or the need to develop family? And people were not very sexual.. or addicted or suffering astronomically..

What if we didn't need drugs or alcohol in order to feel okay about ourselves?

And what if we didn't focus too much on sexuality or sexual identity..

What will be the role for partnerships and relationships..?

What would the drive to get up every morning be for?

What if the roles we have today did not exist in the future?

What if the roles in the future was to learn everything we could about everything..?

What if your family never died and what if they knew how to manage disease without treating it..?

What if they never demonized any type of food in the food supply..?

Or feel the need to influence people into being in fear of food, air and water and government..?

What if food was always readily available.. What if your pets never died from disease..?

What if we didn't have to have breeding farms for animals who were given away and disposed of when not useful..?

What if breeding was only left to the government. ? Because they knew how to regulate life so as not to become deadly..

What if people stopped being at war with each other..?

What if people weren't such consumerists feeling the need to make so much money in order to feel validated..?

What if humans actually learn how to manage the money they have, not keep a acquiring more..?

What if humans grew meat in a lab and what if vegetables and fruits could be grown in a lab..?

What if animals stopped being our slaves and rarely a pet unless you could meet certain qualifications via the govt?

What if we didn't have to develop innovation for curing cancer looking for another cure..

What if there were no groups that advocated saving anything?

What if we didn't have the confusion of all the different religions out there arguing about who is the good guy and the bad guy?

What if there would be no need for resistance..?

What would be the drive for humans to get up every morning..? If they didn't have to save anything or manage disease..?

Learning everything.. And then what..

We have twelve billion four hundred million opportunities to discover the future of the world. Before we get down to 5 hundred million.

Per the georgia guidestones..

12.9 billion - 500 million = twelve billion four hundred million

When you have the time it's definitely worth considering.

This ia ultimately what i'm gearing towards.. as the title of my next book keeps changing..It's exploring the future models for people within an organized society..

What if humans finally matured and survived maturity without dying?..

People are not living longer.. They are dying longer..What if that did not have to be..?

The africans are going to help develop the second part of building the future human society..

As they go through their own technical, societal, sexual, psychological evolution and advancement.. And the africans are extremely adaptable and highly intelligent..

And maybe one day they will question the roles of men and women, non binaries, and children and RELIGION..

But they have to start somewhere, just like we did back in the 1950s

But everything will level out in the future.. Especially around fertility.. I will discuss these slides tomorrow.. redeveloping redefining people

So we don't suffer trying to live up to these expectations.. Because biologically it doesn't last overtime.. It's a very short programming.. And it's fraught with suffering and even premature death.. People hold on to these images and they can't sustain it.. all disease/cancers/died suddenly=fertility/whore moan/hormone imbalances

estrogen/testosterone imbalance=fertility=cancer/heart attack/cardiac arrest/died suddenly

family is the byproduct

families are built on disease/wars

There was never the war against the family.. But even that's not true..

The family was the war against humanity..

Charles manson told you this.. He was no different than 9/11..

People dying and destroying others for their belief systems..

may the odds be in your favor.

If you choose to disagree with me or anyone else.

the opposite will always be true relative to intention...

identify your intention.. and remember everything you are against, you also support in other beliefs..

For example if you think there's a war against the family.. The opposite is also true..

Families destroy each other through the wars of remedies and surgeries and disfiguring each other through abuse and surgery and then also accepting death someday as an outcome..

And sometimes family promote wars against a person place or thing.. Just like gurus and activists.. Developing minions.. To go do a search and destroy..

Just like charles manson did.. He mind controlled those women.. Who killed for him.

What do you think you're doing to your family.. And your facebook following.. When you're recommending people antibiotics and remedies.

While squabbling mercilessly all over to facebook..

Yes the family can be a war against Humanity..

Charles manson was proof.. anecdotal evidence is necessary.. your story is pertinent to the world giving evidence to confirm the programming and fundamental beliefs organized societies hold.

Your story matters.. but for you to understand your own story, are you willing to entertain the diversity in your community and look in the mirror?

What is an example of anecdotal? Anecdotal Evidence Definition & Examples - Video & Lesson ... Anecdotal evidence can be in the form of a shared experience or a narrative that makes a point. A neighbor's experience with their doctor, their review of a school, or a three star online rating of a hotel stay are all examples of anecdotal evidence.

the opposite will always be true relative to intention...

identify your intention.. and remember everything you are against, you also support in other beliefs.. blessed is be less of a demon/child feeding off you, the host..

did you replace the energy to stay alive or are you promoting you as the human sacrifice.. letting your family suck you dry...

yep, i guess you are blessed.... ok.. staying alive indefinitely = rebellion against the system of death and destruction fertility burying=bearing each other left and right when women or girls have no real purpose in life except to worship a man/woman/sex and love .. smh

johnny depp did this wino/winona forever.

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