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People Do NOT Get Old, They Are Starving

People don't get old it is called they're starving..

Old is a word to justify starving your friends family and children and animals so that way the system can keep the population down and then regrow a new or better version of you assuming it's able to handle the evolution..

The reason why your dog grows Gray hair that's because it's losing minerals because it's starving..

The reason why dogs are obese it's because they're in a closed system and the owner hasn't expressed their anal glands to release the demons..

The reason why animals are emaciated is because the owners fail to feed them the proper food when they go through a transition and so they expect the dog to eat the food on their own and when they don't they just put the dog down because they don't want a bottle feed their animal because that's too much work and so they call it old and justify putting the dog down..

I know the propaganda because I understand words even if you don't have a huge vocabulary which means you don't have a huge global view of the world on how everything is hidden in plain sight if you don't have a large vocabulary or understand the etymology of words and perception.

And when I ask someone if I'm feeding my dog what would then destroy her and she said life..

Then I'm gonna say, who? what life, are you threatening to harm my animals should I report you to the FBI because that is the only way my dogs will die is if you actually destroy her..

Good dog owners and bad dog owners are all relative to perception..

Why don't you let the law decide what's a good animal owner and what's a bad animal owner..

Too many armchair quarterbacks casting judgment but they fail to look at their own world and how they have withheld proper resources from their own animals and children and themselves..

Before you save anyone out there you need to save yourselves and I'm telling you many people who are saviors out there haven't even saved themselves and they sure as hell should not be trying to save everybody else..

But remember the activists are all about saving everyone but they haven't saved themselves because they have been raised to blame everyone out there for their own misfortune.

When you finally learn how to save yourself you realize you can't save anyone else but yourself.

You can't even save all the dogs out there because some dogs don't even survive their owners they end up in the morgue..

Because they're starving with diagnosable conditions, been under the knife countless times.. i mean how many times can an animal/human undergo so much trauma..

My dog went under many years of trauma from her past before me, and so she is finally facing the demons that were cast upon her from surgeries and remedies and neglect..

Backyard breeders and breeders in general, have a lot to answer to why the shelters are full of rescue dogs. How much is too much? Hard to say.. I say, keep the dogs/animals alive, the ones you already have and maybe we can raise our fur baby friends for life if we choose to stay alive, indefinitely, with the proper respect, maybe we won't have to shop for more disposable pets..

But, diversity is: some people will justify disposable humans/pets and go down that road, and others will actually cherish and keep alive their pets they love and respect so much, indefinitely, or NOT get a pet, at all..

old=starving aging out=starving

self induced starvation is the depopulation agenda

the walking dead

y'all been psy opped to starve yourself, your kids, friends, family and pets and call it "getting old", aging out, etc. etc etc.

Your diets, remedies, surgeries and supplements, pills and platitudes accelerate it in climate change.

I am not the enemy... YOU are your own worst enemy. Your fear of "chemicals" have you so afraid of water, or h2O, regardless of the minerals or "chemicals" you were told was "poison".. thanks alex jones for inducing panic in the population and the sodium fluoride fears justifying selling water filters and distillers, etc etc etc....

So while I'm fixing the detrimental mistakes of a medical veterinary holistic system you all will be destroying your friends and family if you don't change..

Because you all are starving..

And your grandma grandpa are proof.. Your diets and remedies are proof.

So you can blame me for the mistakes of the medical holistic system but I'm telling you I didn't start the f****** war.. You guys are just sustaining it

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