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People Think I Am An Asshole

Population of the 7 Continents Georgia Guidestones: Maintain Humanity Under 500m

Africa Population: 1.2 billion Asia Population: 4.56 billion Antartica: 0 Australia/New Zealan/Oceania: 44.4 million Europe: 746.4 Million North America: 579 Million South America: 422.5 million

Diversity is what the system is advocating all over the world..

Let the best "man/woman/nonbinary" "win"..

If you have a chance to compete.. find a way.. any way possible..

the numbers are larger, but this is just a rough est based upon google search

world population : 8 billion

grim reality.. find a way to compete to stay alive, if possible..

people think im an asshole.. i probably am, but it takes an asshole to get through to other assholes.. takes one to know one.. so if you think I am an asshole, I am probably a better one than you.. lol.. the price you pay to clue people in and give them choices.

sorry not sorry

where do you and your kids stack up against the world?

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