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Physical Might is Not Always Right it is Intellectual Capacity and Strategy

If you're not smart enough to understand what's going on.. You'll be dumb enough to show your intolerance..

The new world will not be about brute force it will be about strategy..

How does someone smaller beat someone who has more brawn..

You must have the intelligence the strategy and the intellectual capability..

you already accept human sacrifice, but the issue you have is the rate of human sacrifice you are now experiencing..

the health and wellness world is a type of drawn out human sacrifice.. but it is accelerating in this new world..

Physical Might is Not Always Right

If you're not smart enough to understand what's going on.. You'll be dumb enough to show your intolerance..

The new world will not be about brute force it will be about strategy..

How does someone smaller beat someone who has more brawn..

You must have the intelligence the strategy and the intellectual capability.. Every society has a segment of the population that will be sacrificed voluntarily and involuntarily.. It sucks, but those who have passed away from a mass sacrificial type of situation.. You hope they didn't suffer too much on their way out the door..

I can't even say if it's right or wrong because people choose to get oncology.. They choose to get surgeries and butcher themselves And their families..

When you already do not cherish life.. What's going on right now should be no surprise..

If you already accept death.. Why are you even surprised about what's going on..

So listen to the indicators.. Maybe respect life and your own.. And get out of harm's way..

Be thankful you weren't mass sacrificed.. Maybe it's time to stay home and stay safe..

Maybe understand the world that I live in as far as the j world.. And be thankful you're getting a second chance at life.. If given the opportunity, you would act on your impulses if the law or somebody else didn't stop you.

Civilized societies uses the words and the laws of the society to air out their differences.. Uncivilized societies use violence against the people Who they don't agree with..

And so if the system has to develop a scenario, that would happen anyways if given the opportunity then that's a controlled defense of provocation from 6000 years ago.

If you have hate in your heart.. If you have hate against any person place or thing.. If you're not bothering to understand the other side of the story.. The system will give you enough rope.. And you know the rest..

Those who are intolerant.. You're showing your cards on facebook.. You are showing your cards on facebook. And you don't even realize it..

Some people are very capable of violence if given the opportunity.. Some people just spout off.. You saw the capability of violence on january sixth .

And now we're seeing people's true colors around what's going on in the middle east..

No matter what.. If you don't value life.. If you don't value your own life.. If you don't value other people's lives at all because they don't look like you were act like you or you believed a story.. This system won't persecute you.. But they will give you every opportunity and tool to persecute yourself..

If you're smart enough to understand what's going on.. You could save yourself .

But if you're dumb enough to be so obvious about how intolerant you are not understanding the other story . You'll destroy yourself.. Because you're that intolerant. When fertility is in immortality is out When immortality is in fertility is out..

In the future we will save the women from the destruction of fertility.. We will save her from the enslavement.. Men will still be useful. But they even need to calm down their hormones. Hypersexuality in all genders develops predators and victims..

Antigen antibody programming not only gives you the different blood types and RH factors, but also for the propensity of INFECTION FERTILITY disease and cancers and early death

Early death, is all relative..

Women are born with a certain amount of eggs that deplete until she is about fifty.. That was programmed into you from way more than six thousand years ago. Those eggs are the representation of your ancestors and you at the time of conception.

That's why some people hit the genetic lottery. And they look like someone in the past. Because when those eggs get fertilized by a person who has relatively similar genetics or background. This is why you get doppelgänger.

When a woman hits around fifty and she goes through the change called menopause..

This is when she must build up her body and release the excessive antigen antibody programming that doesn't cause her to drop an egg, but it's eating her.

The aging process is the unutilized offspring munching on mother.

In men, when they start shooting blanks, it's because they have utilized up most of their sperm to fertilize an egg. And now it's just a body going through the motions. But the sperm is not very active.. some men can fertilize a baby even at eighty..

Men were also given a certain amount of active sperm throughout their life. Which is why when you get circumcision, it cause damage and develops sperm and of course, sexuality.

This is why I'm staying away from alchemists. And I am very careful not to injure myself to cause fertility in my body.

The last period I had dropping an egg was in June, and before that, February. And then something very minimal in August or September. I wouldn't even count that as a period even..

And so fertility derives from damage internally and externally causing the body to drop an egg to represent that damage and that alteration at that moment in time.

And when YOUNGER women do alcohol drugs injure herself or take so many herbs. She is developing so many eggs which could be monsters relative to the situation at the time.

And that's why they want women to be younger and fertile. Because infection and disease and fertility does destroy the woman and the man.

In a slower frequency environment, you could have people in their eighties have children if they are still viable as a mother and a carrier..

In a high frequency environment, all of that replication and and egg development and infection will actually ravage the woman because she can't get ahead of it..

Especially when she has been scared away from food and told to use herbs against her sickness.

So we were actually developed to be farmed.. Given a culture around family and of course, human experimentation was always in the mix even since six thousand years ago..

The powers that be needed to find the perfect human race. And they had to go through several billions of however, many years.

But I actually see you can get genius out of aggressive sexual reproduction. But you also can get sex offenders and serial killers. Which is why you'll never seen the black book or epstein's list unless somebody gets out of line..

But you don't need to see EPSTEINS book. Many of you who want to see the book have your own skeletons in your closet with your practices with younger and older women.

And of course, your manipulation in getting women in bed and developing stories and techniques. And even clubs around, how do you get a woman in bed. Some of you have cheated on your girl's friends and boyfriends and offended sexual activity in that way..

And so yes the system had a method to the madness..

But now you have the power to release the demons those offspring and they are formidable. And you give birth to yourself.

And you still get to keep the gifts that your parents and the system gave to you, but now you have to pay through the pain of release if you want to live to see the beautiful new world..

But first you have to see ugly because we developed ugly in our world. I don't care how much you think something is staged..

your reaction to organic or synthetic are your true colors..

The system is seeing how you are reacting to however you want to characterize the actions out there..

Staged or not..

The system only cares how you react. And you are telling them everything about who you are.

I don't care how much proof in numerology or dates, or how you think it's organic or synthetic?

Again your reactions are telling the world everything about who you are.. What you're made of.. And you are telling the world how intolerant or tolerant you are..

No matter what.. Your reactions to movies tell the world exactly how you think.. What you feel.. What you think you're planning to do in retaliation.

Your reactions are like an open book. When the themes of your dreams are so aligned to even the most rudimentary detail.. The most obscure detail.. You know you are on the path to alignment..

Because ONLY you know the details of your life..

And you can tell when your dreams are harbingers of doom or hope.. Intolerance no matter what it's in.. Does not discriminate..

Everybody could agree upon that they are intolerant to something..

Even I cannot tolerate too much death.. Because it's destructive.. There was a video depicting people cheering for hamas.. And it really devastated the person reporting on it..

I'm sharing this so you can see how they hate manifest on both sides.. You can't convert people from their beliefs.. You can't make people like you who have every intent to hate you for things that were done thousands and thousands of years ago plus what was passed down from generation to generation.

Even introducing change, people hate you for it and will never forgive you because you couldn't explain why right off the bat. And even if you did explain to them as clearly as possible, they don't give a shit..

This scenario is no different than those who hated me.. Those who hated hispanics.. Those who hated the irish people.. Those who hated the asian people.. Those who hated the indians.. Or native americans.. This scenario is no different than those who hate the democrats and the republicans.. Or h@te gay people.. Or christians.. Or muslims..

Just replace the Political religious and cultural believe system And you will get more of the same..

This scenario this video.. Is an example of the human race today..

This is why we are in a great reset..

It's not between just the jews and the palestinians.. It's not just between the christians and the jews.. It's not just between the gay people and Straight people

It's not just between black and white..

It's intolerant humans who can't handle each other..

That's why the giants were destroyed way back in the days of noah..

They were intolerant and destructive..

Now look at how you behave.. You don't walk away from the war, you keep that war going. That's what you're gonna get..

This is even the vaccine and anti vaccine world..

This is more the same of almost every person who takes a side, this is how they behave.. The last twelve years I understood all sides of the argument..

What it comes down to.. I had the luxury to live in the world of those who were persecuted by those who didn't understand..

I had the luxury to be persecuted by people in the world that I live in who don't understand..

When you have been persecuted so horrifically by everyone around you.. And then you go and persecute other people..

You know you can't annihilate them..

But you know persecution cannot happen anymore in the future..

So there must be a method to the madness and a strategy.. Give people a choice to become tolerant and diversified.. Make them accountable for their choices..

Those who are intolerant in body mind and spirit.. Will persecute themselves..

Nobody is doing anything to you that you haven't already done to yourself..

We have americans here who don't want to do anything but just spend and consume and complain..

So if we are sending money to ukraine so they can save themselves.. I think that's money well spent.

We have people in America who choose to be homeless and choose not to lift themselves out by their own bootstraps.. And they aren't even in a war torn situation.. They are just fucking whining.

That's why we send money to ukraine..

So please spare me your diatribe of how the government is wasting money.. they already invested in you and you squandered those opportunities away..

The west has been given so many opportunities.. Now they're giving people who are in desperate situations opportunities because they're desperate. Desperate people do desperate things.. And are thankful.

The Killing Fields of Ukraine Massacres of over 100,000 Jews between 1918 and 1921 paved the way for the Nazi Holocaust-by-bullets BY JEFFREY VEIDLINGER FEBRUARY 23, 2022

This is why the world is divided the way it is..

Genocide is choosing to destroy people giving them no choices in the matter..

The system is given you the choice to save yourself..

People of the past were NOT given the choices..

They were just slaughtered..

If you're in the west.. West asia.. Western europe..

The west..

You are being given so many choices.. If you're so upset about israel taking over palestinian land..

There is hatred on both sides.. But somebody must have a homeland..

If you're american and you're taking a side for palestine..

Then give up your lands to the NATIVE before you..

The middle east saudi arabia has so much land.. And israel only has a little bit of land in between everybody..

Why can't the palestinians live with the people of like mind

And if they don't like the people they're living with. Why don't they move somewhere else where they are welcome?

If you truly want to have the argument that israel was not there in 1947, but claimed that part of the world in 1948

That maybe it's time for you to go back to where you came from.. Because you weren't the original people on the land that you're on..

Somebody paved the way for you..

Do you really want to play that game.. It's so easy to forget your situation. But you definitely have words to say about somebody else's situation.

No I don't agree with you.. I'm not even taking sides..

But I love america and somebody paved the way for me..

I'm not going back to vietnam.. I have a home here.. Somebody gave me a home here.. somebody invested in me here.. I am more safe than not here in america..

To all those who are that narrow minded and so hateful, you're not going back to wherever you came from originally..

You wont pay for the sins of your father and mothers.. Because it was not you it was them who paved the way for you..

When you're in a melting pot called america.. Or the united kingdom.. Or canada and australia or new zealand. You will make the best of your situation.. And find the right kind of people for you who accept you..

Sharing is caring. And tolerance is necessary.. Tolerance is necessary on both sides.. And both sides are getting a type of karma because they can't tolerate each other..

If someone doesn't like me I walk away.. I don't make anyone like me.. You've seen me walk away from people who don't like me.. And they've walked away from me..

I find people who show respect to me.. And i stay away from people that don't..

Good fences make good neighbors..

The Celtic people of early England were the majority of the population, beside other smaller ethnic groups in Great Britain. They existed like this from the British Iron Age into the Middle Ages, when it was overtaken by Germanic Anglo-Saxons.

The earliest populations in the Americas, before roughly 10,000 years ago, are known as Paleo-Indians. Indigenous peoples of the Americas have been linked to Siberian populations by linguistic factors, the distribution of blood types, and in genetic composition as reflected by molecular data, such as DNA.

And so it is survival of the fittest..

That's what everything is coming down to..

Survival of the fittest..

If you don't understand darwinism..

You'll keep punching air..

People move around all the time and they lay claims to land all the time..

Just like in your body..

But the most organized and strategic society will win.. The most intellectually logical and capable society will win..

Mite/might is not always right..

Sometimes you must be extremely strategic.. And people's downfalls are their emotions..

Palestinians have a lot more in common with the Turks, Armenians, Lebanese and Iranians than they do with israelis.. They have a lot more options than the jewish people of israel..

I have a lot more options in america than I do in vietnam.. I was given the opportunity by my parents to live here..

The Israelis don't have a lot of options.. They deserve a homeland.. Near the area they came from.. And there are a lot of cultural differences that must be dealt with.

It's a lot deeper than people think..

Let them fight their war..

All the different governments will take the sides they need to..

But it all comes down to.. Survival of the fittest..

Why are people in America who don't even look at their own background seem to be so intolerant?

Ignorance and intolerance and always looking for somebody to blame seems to be the going thing.. War is all about blaming somebody else..

When people get backed into a corner.. Regardless.. They have to fight it out..

May the strongest survive and win..

Who are the Palestinians descended from? ancient Canaanites Archaeologic and genetic data support that both Jews and Palestinians came from the ancient Canaanites, who extensively mixed with Egyptians, Mesopotamian, and Anatolian peoples in ancient times. Thus, Palestinian-Jewish rivalry is based in cultural and religious, but not in genetic, differences.› ... The origin of Palestinians and their genetic relatedness with ... - PubMed

I hear the sirens today..

The more pain I felt over the weekend releasing the demons the smarter i'm becoming..

The power is in the pain.. Eating food releasing demons..

I am becoming stronger and smarter during this process..

That's the future of humanity.. You don't want to be weak in this society..

You won't survive..

You seriously must understand what's going on. When people believe in developing families and using antibiotics to silence their immune system from releasing the demons... Those remedies and antibiotics fornicate with your body developing offspring.. Essentially developing babylon.. Also known as diversity..

Are you sure you even understand what the whore of babylon is..

Are you sure you even understand the bible as you interpret it..

Those in glass houses shall not cast stones..

You want to gain aggressive intellectual capability to not only save yourself but to finally be at peace without rest in peace.

You gotta look at your intentions.. Not everything is what you think in your religion.. As well as your politics..

Have a good day.

Many christians and hebrews and people of different faiths talk about the whore of babylon and false religions..

They believe that the empire of false religion has persecuted God's people, and that "false religion" has committed "fornication" with the world's political and commercial elements, based on their interpretation of Revelation 17:1, 2.[59

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