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Physicians Must Be the Ones to Break the Death Curse

Main take away.. The system will only change when patients ask for their lives back and nurses and doctors reverse the curses of death they cast upon humanity.

Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates were used as scapegoats when the climate shifted and woke up the demons in people never conditioned to deal with evolution and adaptation and life giving energy. I will apologize to you both on behalf of the human race.

Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates were taught to treat symptoms and provide protection, but that is all relative and cannot be promised in a dynamic environment.. but humans became too weak to be protected from all the treatments using all treatments. It is not your fault. You and your cohorts were used as tools for an agenda developed 6k years ago when Imhotep was used to develop remedies and surgeries.

If you want your life back and you are too scared, toss YOUR doctor my book and tell them what YOU want.. and help you manage getting your life back, NOT taking away your life. And NO, a holistic alchemist is NOT equipped to manage you getting your life back.. their whole intention was keep silencing your evolution.

The future will be 50% of the doctors giving life to people and sustaining it.. Immortality.. Terrestrial physical immortality.. Weaning people off of all food allergies and not demonizing meat milk salt eggs.. nuts

The other fifty percent they will help you pass away As humanely as possible.. Because you chose to be too far gone.. And you chose not to evolve. People are tired.. They are fucking exhausted.. They are so tired of keeping up with their friends and family.. But their duty to their friends and family is destroying them.. People need to take a break.. But their addictions to money, fame, power, and belief systems is what will cause them to die from exhaustion. Starvation.. And running themselves to death..

Lack of evolution is why people die and why there is fifty percent divorce..

If you want marriages to survive.. If you want people to survive.. One person or both must evolve.. If you can't handle somebody not evolving.. If you can't handle somebody evolving..

Who is right and who is wrong.. Well.. Maybe you were set up to fail..

Maybe you're supposed to evolve.. You're supposed to change.. You're supposed to mature.. Deterioration destroys everything.. You don't have to let it..

But people do because they don't understand it..

The death curse.. It starts in the words.. Then it's the actions.. Then it's the intended outcome..

The one who cast a spell can break the curse.. They tell you how to break the curse..

Food allergies cause treatments.. Treatments cause food allergies. Deadly loop.

The foods the elderly and compromised are told to stay away from are the foods they need to live and weaning a person back to life is NOT a surgery, remedy or a herb or pill.

The following are foods all humans need: Unpasteurized milk and dairy products, fried foods, high-sodium foods, and certain raw produce in an OPEN SYSTEM (outlined in my book)

The sign of state sanctioned starvation happens when the system promotes: Low sodium low sugar gluten free diets milk free diets in an open/closed system..

Now you are so malnourished. You won't survive evolution.. But you never expected to anyways..

The health and wellness field energy healing holistic allopathic developed food allergies in people.. Even the plastic surgeons..

Now it's up to them to reverse that whole situation.. They made the fucking mess you live in right now..

It's up to them to clean it up..

But you know they won't.. Because there's too much money in making you allergic to your environment.. Than helping you adapt..

And then they take your body, mind and spirit AND your bank account on your way out the door.

And they help corporations take your money and your children and your family..

All with your permission..

If you've been under a doctor's care.. You paid for them to wean you off of life..

If you have the presence of mind.. It's time they pay you to wean you on to life.. Or pay whatever fees they will charge you to reverse everything they did to you.

And then never make that same mistake again..

Let that be a lesson.. The suffering to finally live and to have the life you really want.. No fear of dying from natural causes.. People do fear dying from natural causes.. That's why they see doctors all the time. Because they think doctors and nurses are saving them.. They think holistic energy people are saving them..

It's quite the opposite..

Humans it's time to take back your life from your own friends and family.. And society..

But if you can't do it.. By yourself.. Ask a doctor.. To reverse all the curses.

That's humanity.. Coming full circle..

You can blame Imhotep.. The world's first doctor six thousand years ago.. Chancellor to pharaoh Djoser

Maybe right now it is Moses parting the sea..

We are in exodus. And we are in the ten plagues..

Maybe it's time to set yourself free from the slavery..

If you can't. Now you have to pay someone to help you do it.. Assuming they will help you..

And it has to be from the doctor who gave you the curse to begin with..

That's the game..

That was always the solution..

The cure and the solution came from the curse..

Next time you'll know better..

Good luck in convincing a doctor to finally reverse everything he ever did to you and said to you.. That's why humans are trapped..

If they can't do it on their own.. It's very difficult to get the help they really need..

That's why you have to be intellectually and physically strong.. Because the system wants to destroy you.. And your friends and family don't want to help you.. Believe me your friends and family attacked me.. What do you think they will do to you.. They attacked me until they thought I was dead spiritually..

They will love you to death.. They will be in fear for you.. They will guilt the fuck out of you.. And then tell you i'm stupid.. I don't have a degree.. She's a trauma victim.. She's projecting.. She's casting spells on you.. They will tell you i'm satan..

I know all the tricks of a system. Because the system taught the people to destroy themselves and their own friends and family. You were never supposed to evolve.. You were supposed to be a slave..

If you wanted to evolve, the system will make sure it is difficult.

And you know how slow evolution is.. The system will be slow to evolve.. You have to be the one to determine your own evolution..

It took me seven years to get here.. And I had minimal predisposed issues..

I would imagine it would take longer for many of you.. If at all..

Deterioration destroys everything

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