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Poop, Death, Gases, Ghosts

The suffering I went through dealing with my peers and the government was a type of m k ultra that people do go through individually to become extremely innovative.. Difficulty develops the genius.. Making it easy for your kids and everyone else will develop wimps when the climate changes.

But you don't have the license to make life difficult for people. So then the system will weed out who was not conditioned to deal with climate change.

You are living in society called the walking dead.. People hold more death in their body than they do their own life.. Which is why you're hearing banshees all over the internet protesting someone trying to destroy them.. When in fact they have allowed themselves to be destroyed.

People hide the death of their body dying with antiperspirant and aromatic lotions and air fresheners essential oils and perfumes and cologne..

People want death to smell very good..

So here is a blurb..

Last night, I did see a black shadow flying across my room near my window and it was through the naked eye. I was NOT even scared or alarmed, but it seemed like it was a harbinger of "doom". I know portals to the other side are open or so thin the living and the dead do walk together side by side even if the living are oblivious to the dead. I also know the energy in the environment is so accelerated that the fast moving growths of life are also putting many lives to sleep as one cancels out the other developing relative collective equilibrium to that environment.

I cannot help but think about what mortuary assistants or embalmers have observed when dealing with bodies still moving even after the person was declared legally dead.

Those microbes moving around in a dead body are what destroyed the person right off the bat.

The person never released those demons and it became the thing that took over the corpse and also still lives even after the person is long gone..

So when you are resisting a headache , you can only imagine when you're dead, the enemy won because you resisted a headache..

You took medication and you stopped your body from winning that war. And you also starved your body during that process

Now look at all the died suddenly groups and everyone recommending everything to disable people's immune systems.. those remedies are making the enemy inside stronger and even more formidable..

But hey you look hot doing it. I'm sure that flat stomach was worth dying for. I'm sure your big boobs/lips are worth dying for .

Then it clicked!! There are obvious connections to poop, the waterfalls we experienced during the early days of Jilly Juice, salt as a life saving immune activation sequence and a "deadly" cure relative to the situation and all the fear and backlash 5 years ago.

We did release initial demons but that was not the end of it. Doing waterfalls is not the end.. Then it's allowing your immune system to develop a process of releasing the hidden demons within.. And you had to eat all food..

If not, you will turn into a ghost zipping around society..

Ghosts are spirits of the living minus the complete DNA/RNA code made up of fatty acids, amino acids, prohormones and minerals. The energy of the ghosts are based upon how influential they were in their prior lives and a human can house up to trillions and trillions of little "energetic" ghosts of past, present and future consciousness, which is why people can develop more than just one lifetime if they understood how to physically live while the past in their immune system decays and dies off. While it may seem extremely logical and scientifically proven parts of people do die off as they live, most people do not want to even fathom they hold so much of the dead world inside of their immune system they are so afraid to release, which brings me to a realization about those who heavily hated on me and stalked me and even radicalized people against me.


People are so afraid of living, dying becomes a self fulfilling prophecy of a race to the bottom to get in as much life as possible before they die. People cannot wait to die and anyone who says maybe you do NOT have to die and here is what it might take to live, become social pariahs and hated on so hard.

Currently, I do not feel as bad as I did before in 2018.

It is not as difficult, as it was before, living up to the reputation of running a "poop cult". I mean, who wants to be known as the queen of poop, or be made fun of by people who make up songs about salt and poop and then suffer through backlash of the person radicalizing people against some really tough questions regarding humanity? Certainly not me, but I did put myself out there and introduced some concepts and even developed ideas that were probably not new in the bigger picture of humanity, but new to me and many people such as myself, but it was all worth it.

The last three years I smelled like death and destruction while staying alive and came to the conclusion, if one must live, one must accept the death of their former selves and deal with the pain and suffering of the past shedding and even waterfalling and leaking the past out of the body. One must also be able to eat meat, milk, cheese, eggs, fruits, veggies, gluten, salt, sugar, etc to develop the "new" self while the old self is cast away.

I remember being half dead a few years ago and I was a "zombie" of sorts trying to live while the other half was turning into gaseous fumes smelling like hydrogen sulfide, methane and ammonia during so many bouts of sickness. Every so often when the climate changes causing so much growth, I smell ammonia seeping out of my lymph nodes and smelly liquid seep out of my armpits and felt the heat of the body's engines purring like a well oiled machine releasing and rebuilding while awake or asleep.

Life is not always beautiful and when treated with embalming fluids, botox and plastics, death is gorgeous and enviable, even highly sexual. I'm not fooled by the hot chicks and chucks.

Humans are now faced with the a choices. Look like a "beautiful" corpse with NO time to be "sick" or find a way to deal with shedding the zombies within and get your life back, if you even had your "own" life, or be reduced down to a black shadow zipping around society only visible to people who can see both the living and dead during climate changes.

The choice is yours..

If you want to play that archetype of a hot chick chuck.. Or an old sage selling people wisdom and remedies.. You've already accepted death..

You're already racing to death. You can't wait to die and go to the other side. There's nothing to resist.

And all that money you think you're making because of your hot chick chuck old sage status, you can't take it with you.

Which is why people are racing to the bottom to spend everything before they die.. Self fulfilling prophecy. And they teach their children that which is why all out death is inheritable .

Parents teach their children how to die in our society.. grandparents teach their family how to ALL OUT self destruct in our society . They have an herb for you . A traditional one at that

Which is why someone like me is so unpopular.. I embrace the life within me while dealing with the death of the old world even if its housed in me..

And I don't resist the release process. And I'm not looking to procreate a microbes of viruses or even a child to carry on my genetic line.

Because I am my genetic line.

I respect my life . And I also respect the death that must happen whenever the climate changes even parts of me.

And I can still stay alive despite the death .. And the smells are to prove it.


fairy or spirit whose eerie scream is believed to be a warning of imminent death.

Dead bodies give off these gases.. So do people's waste material..

You can only imagine how much people harbor so much waste material in their body because they are so afraid to release.. They keep their farts in.. They even try to hold their poop in because they don't want to diarrhea.. They take medicine to stop the body from releasing..

So you can only imagine how much of this gaseous fumes are building up inside from all that growth causing death..

Which is why dead bodies stink and why people's poop stinks.. And why people stink in general when they are releasing.. People can't handle it so they stuff the poop back in their body.. Or in other words they take medication to keep the waste material inside the body.. They use anti perspirants. They take vaso constrictors.. And they also even use a bunch of salt to cure the poop in their body.. Or in other words the waste material.. They even disabled their own immune system from releasing. They take elderberry syrup and remedies... They even stop eating foods so they can live off the waste in their body..

That's why they call humans the walking dead.. Zombies..

People are afraid to release..

The following gaseous fumes are what dead bodies give off when they are decomposing in the morgue..

Hydrogen sulfide

Methane (CH4)


Blood Type Compatibilities Have Three Sets of Different Rules Relative to Context

1. Transfusions: relative to the speed of reaction and reproduction. Blood type O- are the universal donors because they have no antigen, only antibodies. Blood transfusions have a different trigger process, I am "assuming" as any type of foreign blood will introduce an immune response.. Everything is relative.

Yes, antibodies can convert to antigens during a blood transfusion. This can happen in an allergic reaction to a blood transfusion.

Blood type O lacks antigens, but it does contain anti-A and anti-B antibodies in the plasma. Yes, anti-A is an antibody. Anti-A is an antibody that occurs naturally and is mainly an IgM immunoglobulin. It attacks and destroys red blood cells that have the corresponding antigen. For example, anti-A attacks red blood cells of Group A or AB.

2. In the Presence of Diverse Company relative the speed and reproduction, how does the antigen coming from someone releasing antibodies affect the recipient?

3. Marriages: relative to the speed and reproduction. Even though personality compatibilities might be favorable for two blood type As to hang out together, their antigen with no antibody protection for their own blood type A will deteriorate them faster during particle acceleration. We are in particle acceleration called climate change.

Why are there 3 sets of rules?

Because they are based upon the internal/external environment speeds of particle accelerations, life styles and belief systems and expectations.

Which is also why clinically obese/emaciated people and all diagnosable conditions are all blood related..

what kinds of demons of opposition are you holding inside..?

And all disease and sickness is the body trying to release the demons and most people disable their own immune system doing what it was supposed to do, not programmed to do..

humans are programmed to eventually self destruct..

what if you could redirect the intentions of the system..

Everything is script and programming.. You're just not aware of your own biological scripted programming.. And if you are, you bought into the storylines given to you.. Many people are writing themselves out of the storyline.. By developing a script of self destruction.

please remember: if you feel anyone is judging you or people like you, unfollow them because you will feel bad.

You choose who you follow or "listen" to..

Judge me, as I will judge the world and become better for it..

Personal ambitions are not something to defend against..

Please unfollow me if my information triggers you.. My info is NOT meant for everyone..

sobering thought

when dead bodies are still moving in the morgue, those were the opposing forces who took them down..

According to a 2019 study, dead bodies can move significantly for more than a year after death.

when I am releasing gases of decomposition, it is smelly, but yet I am still alive....

funny how that is..

And when there is so much growth during high aggressive frequency days there's also decomposition..

For every life there's a death and you can still stay alive..

You don't have to be the one that dies during aggressive growth rates during high frequency days..

But you have to know how to release and feed the body to make sure you make up for what is lost..

According to a Quora user, bodies do not move in a morgue. However, other sources say that bodies can move for more than a year after death.

Here are some other things that happen to bodies during decomposition:

Ligaments contract: As the body mummifies and ligaments dry out, the body may move due to contracted ligaments.

Maggots and other critters: Maggots and other critters can contribute to post-mortem movement.

Skin slippage: The top layer of skin may loosen, leading to skin slippage.

Purge fluid: The gastrointestinal tract decomposes, resulting in a dark, foul-smelling liquid called "purge fluid" that is forced out of the nose and mouth due to gas pressure in the intestine.

Blisters: The bacteria that consume the body's tissues produce gaseous by-products like methane, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia. These gases cause blisters to appear on the skin, and eventually the skin will slip away.

Insects: Blowflies and flesh flies are two species that are closely linked with decomposition. The flies lay their eggs on the cadaver, and the maggots that hatch feed on the body.

Just remember for every life during infection there's also a death.. Make sure you have enough "money" or currency to spend or convert..

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