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Possession is nine tenths of the law..

Very muscular, skinny, larger, weightlifting, athletes may suffer more with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Hypertrophy bodybuilding develops this condition.

Possession is nine tenths of the law.. Once you release it doesn't own you anymore..

Right now we are probably going to experience indian summer..

Indian summer.. In california it meant it was very cold at night and hot during the day and that was also cold and flu season.. It was the fall..

“Indian summer” is a phrase most North Americans use to describe an unseasonably warm and sunny patch of weather during autumn.

Pay attention to what's not being said.. It is implying that it's called because it is an unseasonally hot patch..

Giving birth to yourself is not a one time deal.

Giving birth to yourself Is a continuous process when the climate keeps changing and shifting..

Because you're dealing with demons who have been activated to possess you and take control of you.. Which is why all the mucus And the diagnosable conditions and the constant trips to the Emergency clinic.. And the continued pursuance of antibiotics.. coupled with the terer process..

But just releasing mucus is not enough.. You need to cough sneeze and blow your nose..

You also have to eat protein milk. Carbs fruits vegetables but not too many vegetables because you will not eat the protein and the milk.. You must have Sugars and salts..

Very skinny people in a dynamic environment need to pack on the pounds so they can release that demon within.. They literally have to gain more weight so they can release the demons and keep themselves alive.. If you're so skinny there is nothing for the body to release so it has to hold on to the enemy just to keep you alive but for only so long..

How long can you dance with the devil..

Very obese people need to release that demon within that's causing them to have so much weight to them.. But people either starve the demon.. Or they cut it out.. Or they get operations to make their stomach smaller essentially starvung the demon..

This Last climate shift I felt like I was pregnant and bloated.. I felt lethargic.. I felt like I had a big piece of whatever in my colon.. I couldn't get it out when I wanted to so my body had to go to that process..

I had to eat a bunch of food.. And I had to take naps.. I finally released that demon..

You can be pregnant and release an organized demon.. Called a baby.. An offspring of you an organized offspring... With a very specific frequency relative to the state of your Body mind and spirit during conception.

You can be bloated full of proteins or viruses parasites protozoa proteins fungus and bacteria replicating and releasing waste.. Don't ever attack your viruses parasites protozoa proteins fungus and bacteria..

Don't ever take an anti anything if you don't want to develop more demons later on..

People who take antibiotics which is basically anti fungals andti parasitics.. Anti bacterials.. They develop more demons.. Because it causes replication.. Because if you truly destroyed the parasites, all them in your body..

That's called rest in peace..

People are doing that to themselves as we speak.

Oh my gosh just had the worst muscle spasm in my left calf. I had not had that in a while.. that was crazy..

I used to get a lot of muscle spasms a lot before the j world.. Because I would stretch right after waking up in the middle of the night and stretch my leg.. And it will be frozen in place spasming..

But the last couple hours I woke up stretching my left leg.. It froze in place.. And the muscle just kept clenching and clenching and clenching.. Like it kept constricting.. Like something was squeezing and wouldn't let it go.. Even touching it I couldn't stop it.. Before a long time ago I'll sort of massage it out a little bit..

But this time I had to let it do its thing and there was nothing. I could do and it finally stopped and I was sweating.. Because that was a lot of energy exerted..

I looked up muscle spasm causes and while that might be true in some cases in my case it would be different.. I get enough potassium calcium and electrolytes.. I get plenty of nutrition..

It just so happens with in the last couple weeks the frequency has shifted.. Very aggressively.. I've been doing a lot of data dumping.. Even my husband feels the frequency changes... My facebook community is also feeling the changes..

Could you die from a muscle cramp ..

A sustain muscle spasm is called a cramp. So if your heart cramps, then yes, you can die.

The symptoms of a cramp can be similar to those when having a blood clot. So it would be important to know the difference. Usually cramps happen in both legs (I use the legs for example because that is where they are the most frequently experienced, though every muscle could possibly cramp), so if you have a cramp, no, you most likely won’t die unless you are swimming and the cramp is so strong that you may drown.

If is caused by a blood clot (it would be in one leg only) then that clot could move and create a life threatening situation.

So yes, you could die from a cramp.

And I definitely did release a bunch of demons yesterday..

Pain is the body releasing.. You don't know what lurks in the heart of mankind.. And so when you start feeling pain you better make sure your body is prepared to deal with it..

Because something like a muscle cramp in the middle of the night like a few hours ago, A lesser person would die.. Or could die.. Remember you can't control the environment.. But you can control how your body responds to the environment and what it's prepared to condition itself for..

If I didn't have the strong blood vessels that could handle very quick and aggressive constriction because it wasn't dilating it was constricting, I could have died from a blood clot.

But the pain was the body forcing the blood through even when my calf blood vessels were vasoconstricting.. Because obviously if you don't have blood flowing through your veins that block movement, lack of oxygen could cause death..or stroke.. If you live through a heart attack or stroke and you are Still coherent..

You have Time to redirect the potential deadly outcome. But you're going to have to face that demon again but with a Stronger body..

Vasoconstriction Vasoconstriction (muscles tightening your blood vessels to shrink the space inside)

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