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Intellectual and physical enemy combatants.. That's what you're grooming your kids in the system for.. Or religious enemy combatants.

And they live hard and die young.

And you can watch them on youtube.. Learn what not to do.

The college system has become the system of the 1960s Weather Underground..

Parents what are you grooming yourselves and your children for..

Because if they are smart they will be groomed for exploitation.. And you can't guarantee it is going to be a nice life.. Once they get indoctrinated into a very specific system.. Their life expectancy will be cut short..

If your intention is to get rich because you see people out there like taylor swift or whatever.. The system will exploit your greed..

It's not like it used to be.. Times have changed now..

the system is giving every one the chance to compete.. They are giving the system energy so your kids have the energy to make connections faster.. Grow old faster.. Die sooner..

Just look at what these 20 somethings are dealing with.. Major issues with their immune system.. Their sexual reproduction system..

Once the system gives you everything that you didn't know that made people famous.. And you try to copy them with the information they gave you..

It's like giving a fifteen year old a million dollars and they blow it in one day and they don't survive.

Who's the enemy of the day today..

It seems before it was britain..

Then it was america.

Now it's israel..

You see the propaganda of giving you the enemy to blame for whatever.

And then the kids fight a(war)d they can never win.. Kids were never meant to win the war.. If they survived the war in childhood , they could survive adulthood.

But there's no guarantee.

Adult my age can't even understand the other side because they have been indoctrinated into the patriot system..

And they are also resisting and fighting a(war)d they won't win.

When you start hating/loving a person place or thing..

Even A.


You've become cannon fodder

The migrants.

The freedom fighters.

The activist.

The parents.

The children.

The mainstream.

Are cannon fodder for the system..

If you want to survive this.. Educate yourself.. Don't hate anyone.. Release those demons of trauma from the last thousands of years..

Stay home and stay safe.. And be careful embracing who somebody wants you to hate or love..

Good luck.

The system wants you to die for your cause. And it doesn't matter what cause it is..

They want you to die for your politics.

They want you to die for your religion.

They want you to die for your science dogmas.

They want you to die for a cause.

They want you to die for your country.

They want you to die for freedom.

They want you to die for your friends and family.

They want you to die for love.

They want you to die for peace.

That was the whole thing about john lennon. He was basically casting spells of rest in peace on everybody , especially during woodstock.

When you have professed you will die for whatever..

The system will make sure it happens.

Remember how many people were dodging the draft during the vietnam war..

Once you get wind of this is what the intention is..

How will you get out of the war..

That's my question to you.. Because the war is everywhere..

As soon as you indoctrinate yourself into a group.. Into group think..

How will you go AWOL without being court marshalled.

Not everybody will survive..

If you understand where i'm coming from..

You have a chance.. I'm not saying you're going to survive..

But at least you might have a chance. Because you will have to fight your friends and family to get the fuck out of the war.. Because they will keep you in it.

That's why the system is censoring biblical scriptures.. Because you are declaring war on somebody else with that information.. It becomes an us versus them situation.

And it's even implied in your beliefs..

That's why I stay home and I stay safe..

I know how dangerous group think is.. And during these unpredictable times.. Those who love you could also be the ones to destroy you..

I would rather respect myself than be loved by millions.

Parents conscript their own children into war of politics religion and science..


Here we go.

He gets it.

Sending your kids to college is now like sending your kids to war to learn terror ism

Prairie Fire part deux

I understand shedding a light on discrimination and whatever and I get it there's a point where if you didn't know what system's intentions were, now it is time to know..

And so what do these kids do when they have been sent to war called academic prairie fire.. The liberal way to change the world..

there is nothing to do.. they have been conscripted by their parents to fight a war and die for a cause ..

Maybe it's time to look online.. Maybe we look at the local community colleges.. But even then you can get radicalized there.. Maybe then do online certification or go to a trade school..

What are these kids getting college degrees in when the competition is astronomical.. American youth are fighting it out in the classroom and on the campus.. They are being used as tools

. For your kid to be so extraordinary that you get a free ride to a european school, yeah that's few and far between..

But how many kids are really that smart.. I'm sure they're smart.

But how many kids are so smart that they would get a free ride to a european school away from all the violence in america..

So maybe it's time.

To stay home.. Home school even college..

I'm not sure what there is to look forward to in the future now until the system has cleaned up the mess in america the west all over the world..

I Think what there is to look forward to is pain and suffering and expanding your brain for a climate change.. And condition yourself to deal with hardship..

Or go out easy.

during this climate change, that flare up on my scar I posted recently, from the scratch my dog gave me a few years ago is probably connected to the arm pain I had recently and my body was releasing more of the bacteria I was exposed to..

because after my dog was put down, and I was on facebook live, I had a major stiff neck and been releasing that demons the last two years or so..

her scratch was like a vaccine and activated my immune system causing major cytokine storms.

this time around of climate change induced immune system activation, no stiff neck, just sore arms and needing to sleep, but that is about it..

I am definitely improving by NOT treating the disease of release of all animal/human exposure from the last 50 years and whatever else I held in my genetic line from Vietnam.

in an influential environment, animal and human microbes can be very deadly if one does not release and retain as swiftly as possible.

gene silencing can only last so long before those genes bite back..

which makes sense why the avian flu will be a killer.. the system told us.

the next pandemic will be the bird flu.. and how many people are exposed to birds??


Current Pandemic Threat

The current spread of avian influenza H5N1 in domestic poultry flocks and wild birds across the world, as well as the demonstrated ability of this virus to cross the species barrier and infect humans, has lead to a high level of concern that a pandemic may develop.

The Bird Flu: A New Emerging Pandemic Threat And Its Pharmacological Intervention

Why has my marriage lasted for thirteen years..

I was thinking about that last night..

I didn't shackle my husband with heavy emotional/financial expectations and financial obligations and children and animals and a heavy social life.

No children.

No health issues.

And my circle is very small if at all..

And i'm constantly improving myself.

My husband is there for me to keep food on the table..

I'm make sure he doesn't have to worry about me in body-mind or spirit or financially

Or medically..

I get the best of all the world out there.. So does he..

It's those who have children with medical issues who put a constant strain on that situation.. Which is also why I don't have animals..

Because they too put a constant strain on a situation due to all their health needs..

Over time it becomes taxing..

It's hard on everybody.. Some people can see it through others can't..

That's why I don't give any room for something to fail.

So I make sure I take care of myself.

I don't like gambling..

It's hard enough out there and during climate change.

Why add more to anyone's stress

Which is why one person has to be so strong or both people have to be so strong to see things through to the end whatever that is .

When both people are sick..

That's when things go south..

My husband was there for me during the most extreme times the last three years..

I will fucking make sure he is ok whenever he is extremely sick..

People do get divorced because someone has health issues or anger issues developing safety issues.

You have to know what you're in for with people when you get married ..

And sickness can get very messy .

Are you prepared to deal with somebody in sickness. And in health..

That's why I lessened the amount of variables that will cause a destruction in that relationship..

Because there are already too many things working against people..

The economy and the climate are major ones. Adding animals and children and a heavy social life with addictions just makes things even more scary and unpredictable.. Adding more financial burdens to an already cash-strapped household makes things even worse.

It is a transition... It is a major lifestyle change.

And i'm glad I made those changes.. I'm glad I don't have the stress like I did even three years ago..

When my dog passed away I didn't realize how good that freedom felt.. Oh my god , it was such a weird feeling.

Not taking care of anything but myself..

Oh my god it was a freedom like no other.

I spent eight years opening the back door so my dog can pee and poo .

Eight years of my life..

When you don't have to worry about letting an animal in and out to go the restroom..

Right there is your freedom..

When you dont have to worry about anyone , but yourself and another capable adult.

Oh my god the chains are free..

When you don't have to worry about adult children or children..

What a new lease on life.

When you don't have to worry about pleasing people around you proving yourself..

Can you imagine what you can accomplish..

My husband is so spoiled by NOT having to worry about me medically and I did not bring children into his world, and he did not bring children into my world.. and I have no addictions, or material needs or wants..

All I need is food, some relative safety and a roof with climate control and the ability educate myself and communicate with the world.

All he needs is a little release every so often, but not too often or he ages quicker, someone who is educated company, who is relatively presentable and balanced and someone who does not get in the way of his fishing..

If he were to find someone else, he would be facing cancer, disease, major spending habits or potential infidelity if the person was aggressively sexual..

And when you're married to a very strong person who doesn't have any health issues really.. You have to make sure you match that on some level..

Once the power dynamic is off things can go south very quickly..

be the person no one else can replicate... be yourself.. and be the person you would want in your world.

I don't want to have to worry about him but I will if I need to..

But I will make sure I don't become something he needs to worry about.. To change the world I change myself..

And I uphold my end of the contract to the best of my ability.

That's how I make myself valuable in his world..

Because women out there are a dime a dozen..

What kind of woman or man are you to yourself and the world..

What causes successes in relationships and what causes failures in them..

It's the stress that destroys everyone..

the past culture was major capitalism/slavery at the expense of a person place or thing..

the system made it desirable until people started killing people over money, wealth and power..

that world is leaving..

When you don't own a person place or thing..

You won't kill for it.

People kill for their addictions.. They kill for ownership.. They killed for a lot of things..

They kill for happiness.. They kill for power.

I kill for no one..

I don't intend to own anyone or a person or a place or a thing.

Now you see why the system does what it does..

And people are enslaved or they enslave somebody else.. They kill for their slavery.. And they kill because they are enslaved..

They do it to themselves and then they blame someone for the slavery they put themselves into..

That's the activist..

people will kill for peace because they cannot handle life and they allow people to torture them.

When you kill for yourself, you will only defend yourself and when backed into a corner , you will do what you need to do to protect yourself..

When you are radicalized to kill for a person place or thing.. Politics religion and science, you become used as a tool and a weapon of mass destruction..

If a system radicalizes you killing yourself in defense because you think someone is harming you, who is nowhere near you or you gave them permission to invasively cut into you..That's how the system got you to feel like you own yourself by defending yourself against an invisible enemy..

And then you kill for your lifestyle and belief system which means you just destroyed yourself.. You died for your politics , your religion in your science.. You died for your family and your country. You died for your friends.

You died for somebody else's sins

And you resist change so much you will destroy yourself..

At your own hand or you give somebody else permission.. Through the federal government.

And when your immune system is trying to release and it needs to be noisy and little bit painful.. You destroy yourself little by little by destroying the energy so you die for peace.

You die for western/rip peace.

And then children are quelled from life.. The parents keep silencing their life and their immune system. Or carving it out..

And kids will die for their parents and parents will die for their children.

That's how they got us..

Through friends and family..

That makes sense..

It is possible to maintain your own emotional self sufficiency.. Even your physical self sufficiency..

Then everything else is just a division of labor.. And then you won't have to develop clones of yourself to keep you company and give you meaning. And you won't have out of control suffering.

Because you know people hate suffering.. Well they bring it on themselves.

I'm watching Selling the O.C

People who maintain friendships with the opposite sex who could be attracted to each other if they were single.

They are options...

That's why I don't want friends..

They become a substitute for something or they become an option for something else..

So I become emotionally self sufficient.. It's impossible for any one person to fulfill all your needs.. Nor should they.

You have to be the one to fulfill most of your needs..

This is how I have conditioned myself to be relatively emotionally self sufficient.. And I don't tax others with what I need or want from them.

Emotional self sufficiency will also develop a space for biological self sufficiency..

And then it opens up doors to other opportunities as far as self sufficiency..

Then worlds opens up..

First, you must be emotionally self sufficient..

I was watching the new netflix show girlstrip with queen latifah and they're all about relying on their girlfriends for emotional support.. slamming the infidel husband.. Saying a woman should never sit with being disrespected and should never be afraid to be alone, and so she should leave her husband who disrespected her to go hang out with her girl friends who will be her emotional punching bag.. And she won't be alone like she was saying in her speech.. It was her girlfriend that gave her the motivation to leave the relationship.. It wasn't her.

She just traded one addiction for another..

But it it is a process..

But trading your husband or boyfriend for your girlfriends isn't being alone..

If you can be emotionally self sufficient.. You can still have a relationship with someone who respects you.. And you respect them.

But I think if you can figure out how to be emotionally self sufficient in a marriage, that is a great way to develop space and boundaries.. And then you won't turn to addictions or other people..

That's my world...

But it took me seven years to develop this mental clarity.. Nobody can tell you this.. They can tell you their experience..

You would have to develop a path for something like this on your own.. You can't buy this kind of mental clarity.. There is no drug in the world that'll give you this type of clarity and emotional self sufficiency.. Even those who meditate hang out in religions meditating together..

Humans are social creatures.. But they take their social needs to an extreme.. That's why you have the internet.. You can block the extremes..

And you can start over again..

And then you learn how to express yourself..

That's the path to freedom.. Self expression without the intent to harm someone.. You give people the choice..

And you can become the architect of your own world using words.. Your own words not regirgitated or copied from somebody else.. You have a lot more to say supported with somebody else's quotes from the past present or the future to help drive your own argument..

But your thoughts are mostly what people see not somebody else's.

That's the path to freedom..

Architects must learn all the different rules .. Architects are designers..

They have a vision..

Architects can defend their position..

Lawyers defend other people..

Architects defend themselves. They design the world according to them..

When you have a healthy defense process that you designed yourself, you take accountability for what you allow in.. And what you keep out..

And then you won't need a lawyer to defend you.. You stay out of trouble.. You even stay out of harm's way.

But first emotional self sufficiency is paramount..

And when you use your words matched with your emotions.. That's the chemistry of new invention..

You can't be so controlled that you strangulate creativity..

And you can't be so chaotic that there is no organization..

Tapping into both sides of your brain is so amazing..

That takes emotional self sufficiency.. Coupled with biological self sufficiency..

And then you leave society.

Because society is always cherry picking what they need to survive.. And they could be sucking you dry.. Taking the best from you..

I post what I post not to make you think i'm better than you..

I post what I post so when you're ready and the situation presents itself, you have a path to make a change.. And you set yourself up financially and even medically to deal with what you will have to deal with..

Some of you are going to retire soon. Some of you won a bunch of money.. Some of you are going to be empty nesters.. Some of you will be divorced and living on your own.. Some of you are looking for your own place. Some of you will have roommates who need to be aware of your situation.

It's always good to have plan b.. Not everything works out the way we intended or thought would work out..

So when situations present themselves to set yourself free in some way shape or form..

There is at least a starting point.. I have no idea what that is for you.

Deficiency=War=politics, religion/spirituality, biased sciences=decline then a blip in the timeline of humanity

Your inability to understand science doesn't mean it's not science it just means you have to develop another credible argument in science.

But that would mean you must understand the basics before you develop an argument..

You cannot develop an argument without understanding the basics of a cell and a protein.. And what are the laws of life and death..

The United States is considered a global leader in scientific research and development

, and in 2022, 61.7% of the world's top scientists were from the US. The US is also the most prolific publisher of high-quality science in the world, according to the Nature Index

, which tracks the world's best natural science research. However, China is rapidly closing the gap with the US.

The meme below is very inconsistent with its accusations and claims..

To say that companies use fake science with the word science in quotes and then say the majority of the science without quotes is used to their own benefit not yours just a diminished the argument..

You gave people your truth and then took it away.. And then you made an accusation that was based in science..

You developed an argument of a logical fallacy..

The premise assumes the conclusion..

You already don't believe in the science provided to you, therefore, it is fake and it's only benefiting them..

When you already work from disbelief it won't matter what someone proves to you through science.. Because you're conclusion is it is fake.. Your conclusion is they are the only ones benefiting from it..

Therefore, it is not credible..

But the fact they're benefiting from it means that the science is credible because someone bought the science presented to them..

Any company who benefits from the science means that somebody already bought the premise and the conclusion..

Just because you didn't buy the science doesnt mean it is not credible or beneficial for someone.. Or everyone.

Even if the outcome is not what you agree with..

Or the outcome is what you agree with because you've already proved it in other experiential circumstances..

You just couldn't see the connection, therefore the ignorance(0) turns into conflict(1)..


(same intention and outcome)

When you replace one scientific method with another one with the same premise and the outcome and then claim the other method was not based in science.. You have just negated your argument and annihilated your premise..

You're in equilibrium.. You are in an impasse. You've proven the science was sound.. And you didn't know it..

Everything was about a standstill and cured.. Everything is about resistance when it comes to arguing the science behind something with a preconceived intention and outcome.

Silencing conflict with conflict. Until the energy disappears.. Or is silenced.

What if 40% death rate is a benefit to everyone.. Less competition..

Everybody wins.. The scientist wins. The pharmaceutical companies win. And so does humanity..

Be careful what you claim is not science or beneficial to the human race..

Because that argument could be twisted around on you..

The grateful dead electricity sign on the head..

Direct energy weapons to your brain.. But you have a chance to survive it

Right in your face

They want you grateful to die..

So you get a choice..

Follow in your parents footsteps..

Or decide and choose a different path for yourself.

Ohio people will shank you in the front.. If they don't like you. (physical)

California people will shank you in the back.. If they don't like you..(psychological)

They both will shank you, if they dont like you.. Some are just more upfront about it.

Violence is fucked up no matter what.

I prefer neither.


The duning krueger effect.

But to diagnose someone with that would also be an example of this type of effect.. Because who are you to say your experience and knowledge is far superior than somebody else's. Who's to say you have enough knowledge to understand the other persons point of view.. And since they can't even see that that is the example of someone not knowing they don't know enough to know something..

This is a logical fallacy.. You don't even know that that you don't even know you exemplify this when you diagnose someone with this..

When the premise assumes the conclusion.. This whole effect is an oxymoron..

Why would you say it's oxymoronic?

Because the assumption is the person who has made the statement is smarter than the person who they're referring to this statement, therefore exemplified their own accusation by their personal representation..

They become what they accuse others of..

Classic projection.

I just reduced it down to even one word..


If I were to place this in a psychological category..

It is immature defensive.. You claim you know more than somebody else.. That the person doesn't even know they don't know, coming off like they know..

And if there is a societal construct that will support that belief or effect based upon what is acceptable in certain circles.

that's how those who have indoctrinated pieces of paper will use that immature defensive to their advantage..

Therefore, dismantling any freedom to develop a new argument until their peers allow them to entertain something different..

Then it's oh a new discovery and science is never settled.

And maybe the person they thought didn't know something actually knew way more than that other person did..

That's why your licenses out there are limiting your ability to evolve..

But it is the egocentrics who develops these types of theories and concepts about how they keep people in boxes until they're ready to set what's in the box free..

That psychological operations..

And people fall for this type of psychological operation all the time.. Especially when they cannot develop another argument or they're not ready for people to develop another argument..

The big bang theory was thought up almost 100 years ago. And scientists and the public have accepted it as the origin of the universe for over 50 years.

"The Big Bang was not the beginning."


Thats right.. no singularity

The ONLY difference between a "smart" or "stupid" person is how well they can articulate their position while keeping their mind open at the same time

Smart/stupid depends on their audience, too

When the poles flip, stupid becomes smart

Which means they were only stupid/smart via consensus

What are we con/senting too?

Dont let your college degree/licenses limit your evolution or you become a vicious intellectual exhibiting vicious intellectualism

Climate change is phucking up the provacvine industry..

The science in the vaccines might be "safe" but the EN(VIRON)MENT has sped up and CHANGED

Academia and University was the backbone the heartbeat and the immune system of the western world or at least america..

The students were the antigen and the antibodies relative to what they were studying and why..

In a slower frequency time they were used as tools to develop experiments and social constructs and even write the past the present and the future.. They were programmed to develop cultures and families and organizations.. Developing positive and negative reinforcement and even constructing arguments supporting or developing conflicts around whatever it is they were doing..

Everything would be well documented.. Justified.. Financed.. And awards were given out for the most creative innovation developed..

One day.. The University immune system, the heartbeat of America, would be weaponized against itself and whomever they were experimenting upon.. The students would be antigen and antibodies against whatever it was programmed to target..

Then the students were seeing things they didn't want to see and they would look for the enemy like spybot search and destroy..

over time, the academic university system would annihilate itself once the mission was accomplished..

This is the beginning of the ending..

It doesn't matter if you think one group or a bunch of people run the world..

What matters is you know that nothing last forever.. That there's no point in resisting what's already set in motion with people who've been radicalized to set it in motion..

Even if they didn't know what it was they were doing.. They might have been told one side of the story.. But maybe they didn't know there was another part of it that would also be involved..

It doesn't matter whatever story was told to you.. What matters is you earned your keep..

Now survive whatever it is you supported in the past present and potentially the future.

Because all of us have been complicit.. We were born from evolution and some of us will choose to pass away.

Others will survive evolution..

There's no point in resistance.

And you will never ever ever be in charge.. Because whoever was in charge twenty years ago is not in charge today.. It might be born from the same people.. But remember everybody changes and evolves.. What was developed a hundred years ago has evolved into what it is today..

But you as a person will never , ever be in charge of society

The kids in the military are like the students in academia

Cannon fodder

"Cannon fodder" is a derogatory term for soldiers or other combatants who are considered expendable in the face of enemy fire. It can also refer to an exploitable person, group, or thing. For example, "celebrities who have become cannon fodder for the tabloids".

When you realize this.. You don't engage in war that was never started by you.

If you're born in war , then you do everything you can to survive it.

But that should be a lesson to never join in wars that were never started by you.

I'm fifty years old. I was born in war.. Fought everything my whole life.. I even started wars and I finished them..

I paid my dues..

Now it is up to the youth to learn their own lessons..

I hope they have the strategy to survive them.

If you're a student or a person in the military.. This is the time to strategize your survival..

I was in college and I was in the military..

My parents had a choice.. Join the military or go to college back in the 1960s.. They were against the war and so they went to college.. And they became academic combatants.. Intellectual soldiers..

I understand the reasoning..

But now you have a choice..

You can become a physical or intellectual soldier but survive the war.. Which means you must understand both sides..

Because if you take a side.. What happens if the system deems you as the enemy.. ?

You could be hurting yourself, thinking you're hurting the enemy..

It was never your war...

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