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Prepare for Loss

Two days ago I felt like I was so drunk as if the atmosphere was so influx.. Well.. We had major devil winds yesterday.. Mississippi got hammered.. People were in storms traveling south.. You saw the map.. full of green red and yellow..

If you were in pain the last few days.. If you felt like you were drunk.. If you had to take more medicine or increase your dosages or get new medicine..

Yesterday storms and the day before storms in mississippi.. Was the outcome..

Does correlation equals causation.. We have plenty of time to observe the patterns of how we feel..

Cytokine storms are not just immunological.. They are whether related as well.. But now with climate change the intensity of your immunological storms will be increased exponentially..

Hermeticism is duality/as above/so below.. all rosicrucian

The duality is the distra/uction (black and white checkerboard)

When you're playing one side or the other you lose objectivity

That's how the n w o was able to fool so many people

Duality is not the answer... That was the intention..

That was the trickery the Deception

Taking sides kept you distracted.. Kept you looking for a hero or a satan..

Once you realize you're being played.. You stop playing


The 10 plagues are:

water turning to blood, (algae bloom) frogs, (water or flooding) lice, (trolls) flies, (death) livestock pestilence, (human livestock pandemic) boils, (infection) hail, (tornadoes) locusts, (eating crops) darkness (power outages) and the killing of firstborn children. (When the children are too young/immature to change their programming)


I'm not saying anything is intentional because that's just a "conspiracy theory".. So you can figure out scientifically how s*** falls on people.. Good luck i'm trying to figure out the physics... maybe there's a giant in the sky s******* on earth.. I mean h*** anything is possible.. “I started crying (and) I’m like: ‘I'm covered in poo,’” Susan Allan told news website Castanet. “It was just falling from the sky. You could feel the drops hitting you. When I looked up there was nothing above but a plane flying.” (even if there are no planes flying)M

Everything is Rosicrucian..

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