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Preppers, Nicholas Tesla and Free energy and the Gods of the Hormones and Religions

Preppers Tesla and free energy and the gods of the hormones and religions

If you're not fit and healthy and quick on your feet and observant to indicators no amount of preparation can prepare you for things you're not prepared for. What you can prepare for is the death around you. But you can't even prepare for your own death because you don't know when it is going to happen if you believe you should die anyways.

My world we are preparing for life and we are living life and facing life not running away from Life preparing for death. Most people out there who refuse to change are preparing for death. Those who can't handle air food and water living in groups and religion are preparing for death. They're not preparing for life because they can't handle it

When you have subjugated yourself and your children and your family to the medical holistic energy healing religious political and dogmatic Sciences world you are preparing for death even if you think you're preparing to survive the fall Society. You're preparing for the fall of your family and even yourself and youre advertising it to the world.

I prepare for Life by facing life because there was no amount of preparation that I could have done in the Preppers world to prepare me to survive climate change when all the conditions are right and that's different for everybody

How to make and prepare for calamari

You get people out in the heat under a slow and then a hot boil. Preppers are boiling to death out there in the elements. And people who are prepping are just wasting their money because they're not prepared to deal with their internal immune system and they don't understand how the climate has changed so drastically because remember they're in denial.

Many Republicans and right wing people don't believe climate change is here or is happening. Left wing people have solar Farms boiling themselves and everyone else around them to death or freezing them out

When you are extremely obese you will get boiled to death developing calamari and when you are extremely skinny you are falling apart and boiling to death developing calamari

You have to know how to fluctuate with the environment and with your own immune system internal environment. If you don't personally know how to fluctuate with the internal and external environment that's called calamari. You are making calamari in your body Mind and Spirit. That's called blood clots

You really can't prepare for something you're not aware to be prepared for. And those who are under the influence and afraid of air food and water can't prepare to save themselves from their own death because they can't feel the indicators and so they die suddenly. Remember most people are starving and under the influence and they cannot handle air food or water. And they're under remedies and surgeries and everything else. Gluten-free salt-free sugar-free everything free

People are not prepared for what's to come and what's here. Just ask the died suddenly people next of kin they were never prepared to die suddenly

Nobody can prepare for something they don't even know it's going to happen. But it's the choices you're making on a day-to-day basis is what sets you up for the fall of your own society and the family

And when you have little skirmishes like tornadoes and hurricanes and derechos that's a tiny fall of that Society. But the bigger picture is all the choices you're making especially in areas that are so hot and flat. Just look at where all the different solar panels and solar Farms are. California Georgia Texas Arizona. And then look at all the crazy weather in each of the areas and the aggressive heat that's cooking you from the inside out. That's boiling The Hitchhikers in your blood called blood clots.. or calamari

preppers were also another organized gaslit logical fallacy society..

No one can really prepare for something they speculate could you can see all the preparation has not helped anyone, really..

Can you really prepare for a tornado except to listen to the weather reports or go outside and look up?

Can you really prepare for the fall of society, when the fall of society is not in the way it was presented to you in the fear mongering world?

Can you really prepare for lights out and darkness and food scarcity when deep down inside, all govt do not want mass chaos or else anarchy, coup and going back to the drawing board and they invested too much to do that.

Can you really prepare for anything?? You can be warned. You can be educated. You can be aware. You can also be frugal with less obligations and desires.

But can you really prepare for inclement weather when you have no idea when it will hit? Can you really prepare for an earthquake? Can you really prepare for a fire?

You must be personally fit, healthy, aware, clearheaded, clear minded and able to process aggressive information at a moment's notice to save yourself and only yourself. You could also do what I do if you have the body, mind, spirit, freedom and capacity for pain, suffering with no issues with air, food and water.

But you can never really prepare for what is here.. what is coming..

what has saved me time and time again?

my choices..

Just look at the Facebook reels of abandoned homes of past preppers who were preparing for the fall society and it never came and they died in the process because the choices they made. When the fall didn't happen the way the expected they just gave up and went back to what they did originally and then they died because the choices they made

Frogs don't feel a slow boil until they die suddenly..

You are in the slow boil and it's increasingly become extremely hot but you're used to it until you can't be used to it anymore.

The choices you are making is the fall of society. People won't change. And they're getting all the free energy they could possibly want from the solar panels and the CERN and the haarp and the Wi-Fi

Tesla would be proud of you..

Tesla is making calamari.

Cocktail sauce anyone?

Arteries are blood vessels that can expand and contract to regulate blood flow and maintain blood pressure. Arteries are made up of multiple layers of elastic tissue and smooth muscle that allow them to expand and contract:

Expansion: When the muscle layer of an artery relaxes, the diameter of the vessel increases, which is called vasodilation. This process lowers blood pressure.

Contraction: When an artery contracts, it squeezes back to its original size.


When the climate keeps changing so aggressively it taxes the arteries and the blood vessels and people can't handle the pain and suffering of growth and then expansion and contraction of the blood vessels pushing the growth through as the heat cooks the microbes in the blood vessels causing aggressive outcomes

Without eggs and sodium and flour and sugar and "meat milk and cheese and eggs" you get greasy gelatinous sugar cookies aka people

Baking soda is necessary when you bake cookies

Main takeaway about activism and deniers and what have you. Some people want to die in the ignorance than suffer through the knowledge.

The only reason why I'm suffering through the knowledge is because I have hope that I can survive this. My protocol and my background and my ability to handle food pain and suffering and evolution is what is giving me the hope and the ability to suffer through the knowledge of what's going on.

Activists, who believe they should die anyways think they could stop what's going on and so they're living on hope that they're activism will draw just enough awareness to stop everything in its tracks and we go back to 1985.

the system banks on that they keep living on hope until they die from the hope. Especially if they can't handle food pain and suffering..

It's a vicious Loop that many people are under the spell of and I wish I could make them see s*** for what it is but again you can't force people to see what the demons have blinded them to and so you just have to watch the train wreck


When the system wants to dissolve life they need a lot of heat and Direct Energy. What do you think happens in the oncology office? Which is why I stay very hydrated and I make sure I release disease and I eat all the food.

Because the system is using the oncology system on the world and some of you have choices

others of you don't even know you have the choices, so you don't have choices.

Demons are on the move because they have been woken up from their long slumber in your immune system and they are poised to attack and they do.

and they grow astronomically and you have to be strong enough to release those demons. But you must feed them as well so your system can be strong enough to cast them out of your body.

The Sun Burns white hot.. and the storms are insane and the growth is exponential.

And hurricane season is revving up and South Florida Central Florida will be under so much water. I don't know what 10 inches of water looks like on a peninsula, but I can't imagine it will be an easy situation for anyone dealing with that much water at one time.

Solar panels radiate energy and heat and even absorb heat and energy, so the winters are colder and even though they were marketed one way they also have a dual purpose that some people will dispute.

why do you think they promoted the green machine?

I mean it makes sense and I know people have been talking about this, even the Alex Jones world.

but again the system knew people were going to rebel and resist and they knew what your reactions would be because they gave you the other avenues to go down to make the knowledge more palatable for you, if you thought you were doing something about it. Yes you were warning people to prepare but it was not something that you could ever stop nor anyone else but you want them to be prepared.

That's why people are activists because they think preparing you is going to save you. And I don't know if I can argue for or against that.

How much preparation can a person deal with if they don't have what it takes to prepare anyways.. some people just want to die in the ignorance because it's easier than suffering in the knowledge

And that I can understand.

Activism gives you something to do while the system continues to do what it does.

I know I can't stop what's going on but I can release the Demons of stress and frustration. But I know I can't stop it and I can't save any of you

Which is also why the system gives people so much money to keep people distracted in entertainment and influencing and making you think you're doing something to help the world.

The system already is helping the world. The plans were already laid out hundreds and hundreds of years ago

Even giving you so much money until you cross the line. Because people make money off of activism but they could never ever stop what's to come and what is happening.

They never could stop it.

But they can sell you all the "protection" in the world that you know doesn't exist.

Protection just protects the demons. If you need protection from a person place or thing maybe you are also the demon.

You're not protecting anything you're propagating what you're resisting.

And if that's what you want to do is to make money off of the system, the system will reward you keeping people distracted selling them something that will never ever protect them.

No different than the vaccine industry. It's all fertility. A little fertility is safe which is why it was okay many years ago

but now so much fertility is deadly because climate has changed and the growth is deadly

Regarding the solar panels

It makes sense now that I've embraced another argument about the use of solar panels. I never even suspected. It never even crossed my mind until I read the other argument

To describe the pictures. The black and white checkerboard is the Freemason signature of logical fallacies that you can't get out of you'll get lost in the loop of trying to go from one extreme to the other. That's in all the movies and signatures with different companies.

The cloudy white out Skies is from all the different particle accelerations and the sun reflecting the white hot beams of energy that radiate onto your home office and community.

The solar panels the black solar panels are no different than Black Mirror. It absorbs and radiates out. Just like your television when it's turned off and when it's turned on.

The system is extremely strategic and they are the Gods. They are the ones who developed the mythology and bioengineered Adam and Eve .. yes Aristotle and the people of his day were extremely intelligent and they had to develop stories and mythology so people understood Humanity from one aspect so they can evolve Humanity into something different when the time was right.

Shakespeare was amazing because that was how a society was going to be constructed so there was some kind of order until the system had to rearrange itself once Shakespearean outcomes became deadly to all of humanity. I know people get tired of families fighting each other no different than Democrats fighting Republicans and vice versa

and you don't even know where it started from but you can only guess and you can say it's aliens but I guess everyone can argue where Humanity came from.

Even if they told you the absolute truth would you believe it. Especially if you've been indoctrinated into your politics religion and science. If the system actually told you where humans came from,would you actually believe it and would it even matter at this point

Lauren Lapkus and Donald J Qualls they have to be related but obviously they're not but oh my gosh the DNA is so similar.. I know Hollywood plays bioengineering and genetics. It's very interesting seeing how many similarities they can perpetrate on the Silver Screen.

I guess we all have a male and a female version of ourselves as nothing is ever really unique. We were never ever special

So many people think that men are women and women are men in Hollywood but no it's the hormones that are distributed as well as what they started out with and then what they end up with down the road because hormones change and they get depleted and then other hormones have to overcompensate

Once you surpass the hayflick limit your hormones will be cattywampus and you won't look like what you did when you started out in this world. You'll end up looking quite a bit different and thinking and acting a bit different if you allow yourself to. Evolution is inevitable you can't fight it but you can survive it if you know how to

I don't doubt this just survive it. The programming is embedded.

When they say Save the Planet, save it from who? and when you realize they're saving the planet from you that's when you have to survive the storms and listen to indicators and don't resist because it's futile.

The programming the script is embedded.. and the Sun is burning extremely hot. White hot. I look outside and the Sun hits differently outside

Nobody pays for your sins but you

In a slower frequency environment, there is a difference between being injected with your community and then having sex with your community and then breathing in your community..

Climate change makes everything that you do in your community so influential that you can't even tell the difference what caused what but everything is a factor.

And when climate change wakes up your immune system then getting injected with your community may not have the results you're looking for. People can't get ahead of the growth.

Could they have survived the community if it was just climate change and breathing in or having sex with one person at a time or the same person. It's hard to say. I can never tell you what could have happened if you hadn't done or did what you did or did not do

When you reach the point of Atlas with that hump on the back of your neck and shoulder pain and you can handle endurance of pain

I don't know what that means but maybe it means something amazing

A mighty Titan, Atlas is one of the most well-known gods in Greek mythology. Having been doomed to carry the heavens upon his shoulders by Zeus as punishment for his role in the Titanomachy, Atlas is commonly associated with the trait of endurance.

What is Titanomachy short summary?

Titanomachy is the battle between the Titans and the Olympians in Greek Mythology. It began with Uranus, ruler of the Titans, imprisoning his children, the Hecantochires and the Cyclopes, in Tartarus, the depths of the Earth.

How everything works together.

When you understand how everything works together you will carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and it will be a heavy weight. Sometimes a burden to know what you know so sometimes it's better not to know. I understand Atlas

And I understand why ignorance is bliss

Men and women who carry back pain, carry the weight of the world on their shoulders because they were exposed to the world adding to the weight of knowledge.

It's very painful carrying the weight and then exchanging the knowledge for other knowledge so that way the weight doesn't become so burdensome that it destroys you.

Carrying so many viruses and demons is carrying the weight of knowledge of the world..

Eventually the system must purge out the excessive demons and viruses so that way we make room for a new world.

i understand atlas..

atlas carried the weight of the world on his shoulders, the back of his neck...

viruses are also demons.. people are viruses and can be demons to each other if they do not control their demons

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