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Programming Cookie Monsters In Our Society Who Vampire Life

trial by fire earth air and water.. When people have been victimized, they become vampires. Trying to get back what was stolen from them. And then end up sucking the life out of everything.. Everything becomes disposable.. And nothing's off the table... That's why the politics religion science pets friends family and so Many children.. Energy harvesting... Can you afford to get that energy back taken from you.. The whole j world is trying to get your life back.. Get back the energy taken from you.. Get back the energy that you gave away freely.. And it does require changes.. Can you evolve. Getting your humanity back is a gradual thing.. It is not a cold turkey.. It is a process.. It was a seven year process intellectually... It was a three year process for me biophysically.. And I stayed home most of the time.. And boy was I sick.. But I got over it.. I'm not a vampire.. I'm not a god.. I'm not an alien.. I'm a human who faced her own demon..

You realize I figured it out for myself.. The system does not want me looking after people.. And tell them what to do personally. The system does not want me to act like a doctor because it's too much responsibility when people can't handle their own predisposed issues. When you have a license you have a license to attack life.. With f d approved Protocols.. Based on the intention. You are not going to do anything to reverse that.. Until the system says you can do that..

So developing a petition to raise awareness to the doctor's system.. And give people a platform to work from.. That was my plan .

Again I know what i'm up against.. I'm not just a fucking idealist thinking i'm going to change the world today... Change is gradual.. I'm a realist mixed with idealism.. And I know the reality..

Evolution doesn't rise up.. Evolution is gradual..

That was my intention for the petition.. I absolutely have no expectation it will gain traction in the next thirty years.. if You don't plan/t a seed.. Nothing will grow.

We're in a depopulation agenda.. We're in climate change.. Regardless if you think iy is contrived or a cycle.

We're in fucking climate change..

The medical And holistic system will not retract everything they ever did .. That would be counterproductive to their intentions..

But NOW you have a business model for the future..

And people can do things on their own.. Or they can ask her doctor

My book is out there.. And so are my videos.. And I make no claims in my book.

The system will help people stay alive way in the future.. When all the conditions are right..

And they are not GOING TO SAVE you right right now... You have to save yourself.

If you can't save yourself.. The system will do what it needs to do to help you feel okay..

But again I did THE PETITION to make a point.. I can put my money where my Mouth is.. And I have the last seven years..

It's easy to resist something.. But it's very hard to develop another business model..

I can resist shit all day.. But to develop a business model..

You know people have a hard time even maintaining their own fucking life.. Much less a business model.. Your poop is the software..

And your body is the hardware

When the software holds on to so many viruses..

And those viruses cause glitches to your hormones... And then you circulate in your trauma.

Then you get glitches..

That's how it works

Which is why bill gates understood everything.

And you realize the doctors will never tell you this.. Because they will only treat your disease but never have you release it. Unless it's surgery or liposuction.. More trauma to the body..

I don't expect my petition to ever make any traction.. Because we're in a depopulation agenda.. And I can't convert or save people.. I can only offer information..

They'll probably do it in the future..

Way in the future..

Or even behind closed doors

But they won't offer it to the masses.. Because that would be a counter productive to the intention. And how many doctors want to oversee anyone who bitches and complains about their symptoms 24/7.. Some people can't handle a pain and suffering.. And so that's a kind of worm some doctors don't want to open up.. Other people can.. I'm sorry if you can't.

But I did the petition to make a point..

And i wrote to the head of the american medical association.. Just like you went to the interpol f b I c I a and the ohio attorney general..

And when you say you hope I don't succeed.. Then you're asking the system not to help people.. And i'm fine with that.. If you're fine with your friends and family, not getting the help around getting on the food supply.. And that's what you want to happen..

That's what a system is doing what it's doing.. You are saving people to death.. Your belief system is to save people to death. That's what this system wants you to do.. And you were playing right into that.. But I could give a shit if you believe what I believe or not.. I will give somebody else hope.. While you shit on it.. And smear iton the walls..

That's what a system is doing a great reset.. Because you will save people to death and faster..

And you don't want the system to help people. This is to the people who don't want me to succeed about anything ..

I have no commitment that everybody gets it.. The right people will understand me.. The other people will do whatever the system tells them to do.. Just like it was originally planned..

I also put my money where my mouth is..

And I know what I have.. And I know what the doctor system does..

And people will be angry.. And they will disbelieve me.. And want to believe the doctors. Because they were told for so many years they can't even wrap their minds around what i'm saying..

Remember i'm not the enemy..

I never gave you all the pills and powders and detoxes and diets and supplements.. And surgeries..

I didn't do anything to you..

People are angry at me because i'm giving them another side of the truth they were never told.. Because they didn't realize what the larger agenda was..

If they wanted you to be alive and save you.. The system would not have attacked life systematically throughout your life.

I'm not the fucking enemy You need food.. You need salt.. You need water.. You need milk.. You need eggs.. You need gluten..

Anyone that tells you different. Starving you..

And the internet is an amazing place...

You get to experience cultures you never ever would ever encounter..

If you don't like the cultures out there.. Get off a facebook get off the internet..

But many people are shocked to what is out there because they stayed in their tiny little town and little group.. And they never ventured outside of their homogeneous world..

Now you get to see the world you live in..

It's crazy.. It's amazing.. But no one out there is your enemy.. You are your own worst enemy.

Now you see how words have power.. Now you see when you say things to people, your children.. You can build them up and make them amazing or you can destroy them..

Words have power.. And when my words said on my facebook makes you so angry.. And i'm not attacking your race your ethnicity or your sexual orientation.. Then you know how powerful the medical system words are..

You know how powerful words are in general..

And then people see how powerful words can be..

What words can make you believe or disbelieve..

If you really believe you should die some day.. And it's okay to attack life..

Serial killers think the same way. Don't become a serial killer.. Then you realized the doctor system are made of a bunch of cereal killers.. Because they are attacking life.. And empathy is disappearing.. When you attack life for a living is very difficult to be empathetic.

Because that is the antithesis to what you believe and promote given your attacks on me..

When people say you should not live indefinitely.. And you tell them no you are supposed to die..

You don't make sense when you're attacking me saying that i'm harming and killing people..

When you have just said you don't believe people should live indefinitely..

That's how fucked up it is out there..

You can't even give people hope without somebody shitting on it..

But fuck them.. That's the fucking world you live in.. People will save you to death and say they saved you.

That's what the walking dead was telling you.. The saviors will be the killers.. Release cancer not cure it Feed cancer and release it


And it will come back harder..

Yes the salt and water can freeze cancer for a minute. But it will only come back again so you don't want to cure anything.. all cures are deadly.. because NO evolution

How do I know the salt and water can cure everything but that's not the intention.. Because you get constipated.. Salt has a curative effect.. Salt water has a curative effect.. Fermented cabbage shows you that life can grow in salt water..

You need to release but you need to feed it first..

Like a good host.

I outlined the release process in my book and it's not for the faint of heart.. You have to be comfortable with your whole body..

Cures are deadly because it will cause entropy.. Because you have to release the demons and then take on substance..

Relying on cures is why people die..

The laws of thermodynamics says you cannot be cured in a dynamic environment..

Yes everything can be frozen for a minute with Salt and water.. But if you rely on that.. Not only will you starve to death.. Because you won't be hungry.. But you won't release that deadly spirit inside of you.. Causing all of your frustration.

And you will starve...

I already proved that way back in twenty eighteen..

I was fucking skinny cause I always do it was drinking jj.. And hardly eating anything..

Then I got off the j juice.. Ate all the food..

And I am surviving climate change..

If people are telling you i'm claiming that j j j can cure cancer forever.. That's a lie.. I never said that.. People paraphrase based upon what they want to sensatialize.. Read my fucking book if you want to hear from the horse's mouth..

Stop believing all the sensationalists out there.. Because they are scared..

Spend five bucks and some time in your life and read something different other than your fucking fears.

That's why we're in a great reset.. Because people failed a fucking read, and they make up stories so they can look good.. And get market share and then get you all radicalized.. So you do some stupid shit..

Understand all the laws and get from the horse's mouth.. Instead of believing all the stories..

And if you're angry at me.. Somebody traumatized you.. And you are projecting that anger onto me..

I didn't do shit to you..

And I will block every single fucked up email someone sends me.. I owe you no personal explanation because I wrote a book..

If you need someone to convince you of anything..

You need to stay in the system.. And let them tell you how to do stuff..

But don't fucking come at me with your bullshit.. Can you imagine an RFC (refeeding clinic) Opening up its doors down the street.

You walk in with your identification to make an appointment with a general practitioner.

And you tell them every single issue that you've ever had. You tell them all the issues your parents may have had. You tell them all the trauma you went through, the last however many years. You give them everything in your history you can think of.

What drugs you did... What supplements you've done. What kind of surgeries you went under.

Like you tell them everything..

The general practitioner then develops a report and then brings in different professionals relative to the issues a person had, to discuss different ways of dealing with someone going through a release process.

Would they be a danger to the community. Could they be danger to themselves..

What kind of foods they need to focus on. What kind of symptoms are going to be expected right off the get go. When to stop taking the j juice . When you start getting constipated..

Then you drink milk and cream.

If you're allergic to milk.. The system will help you bring it in slowly. So you can get the fat calcium and nutrition. That's why kids bones are brittle.. They are malnourished.

And then developing a routine.. Habits..

When someone encounters an experience they're not familiar with or they are afraid of during the process of release and retention there is a 1800 number with on call operators twenty four hours a day to help the person deal with that situation..

Because you're either going to feed the energy.. When possible. You're either going to release the energy without substance.. Sometimes you don't want to drink milk or cream at the time.. Or you will sleep it away.. And then wake up and do what you have to do..

But there would be someone on the phone who would remind them those options if they forget..

Even talk them through whatever they need to.

If it's that bad and the person is afraid of symptoms like heart attacks, strokes, and seizures Or epilepsy.. They would be qualified for an inpatient situation and monitored the first thirty days or more relative to the need..

But you have to be careful how you advertise this..

And maybe it requires a psychological eval to see if the person has the ability to deal with pain and suffering .. With the inevitable lessening or no symptoms at all in the future, except for minor manageable alimentary canal triggers..

And so then the system could be picking and choosing who they will help bring back to life..

And then you must have a training program FDA approved and overseen by a doctor going by the ISO standards of the RFC process and there are specific standard operating procedures to go by.. ..

Maybe it's using your phone logging in notes about your day. ..Maybe it's checking in every so often. Maybe it's sending in fecal samples to study what kind of microbes or hormones are coming out..

Maybe it's a tele appointment during the process..

It's not that difficult to develop another wing in the hospital to reverse everything the medical system did to people.. And they would have the infrastructure to oversee what's going on and take notes.. To make the process more streamlined and predictable with all different body types and situations.


Are doctors willing to acknowledge people don't have to get oncology?

Are doctors willing to give people the choice to live when they did not give them the choice before?

Because the person ended up in the morgue, anyway?

How many doctors wanna flip the damn script..

And then the thousand million dollar question.. Who will they choose to do this process first?

And how expensive will it be?

Will insurance pay for it?

What type of situation would warrant insurance to pay for you coming back to life?

Who are you to get this kind of help from the medical system?

What is your status in the community?

Do you deserve to be brought back to life?

Some pretty interesting moral and ethical questions around this..

Which is why you don't want to depend upon the system..

Don't let this system dictate whether you live or die..

But if you are that dependent on the system and that scared.. You will roll the dice..

And you could be on a waiting list and die on it..

If you can do it on your own to yourself first, proving to yourself and the world you know what you're doing.. Totally do it.

You can let the system know what you are doing and they can help you monitor the situation.

That's how parents are going to save their kids.

When they have saved themselves and proved saving themselves to the system, then they can take care of themselves and their family..

Then you don't have to rely on someone to save you.. And potentially die waiting for someone to save you..

That's how you become a self sufficient productive member of society.

You are motivated. You don't want to break down and destroy anything. And you don't want to cost taxpayers so much money.

And you see so much more for humanity..

And you want to make the world a better place. And that why cannabis is so Prolific..

It desensitizes people.. And they live in an alternate reality of no pain.. Even when they inflict pain.. They don't understand it because they don't feel it..

When people don't feel not only is it easier for them to be controlled.. But they have no trouble following orders.. Even when the orders are deadly..

And it's very difficult to ask questions when you're under the Influence..

You'll just follow the crowd and follow orders..

That's how the system was able to control you and your family..

But it's not just cannabis.. It's also prescription drugs and painkillers.. Andd detoxes.. And diets..

When you fail to feel the pain of your body alive.. Death is welcome.. Death is sold.. Death is familiar.. When humans don't feel their own pain.. They won't feel the pain of anything else..

That's what Drugs an alcohol does..

That's what herbs do..

That's what remedies do...

When you are not connected to your own pain... You will do things to yourself... You will do things to your animals and children and friends and family.. You would not ordinarily do..

That's why humans have become monsters and not by choice.. Because they are so disconnected from their own pain.. They don't think twice. Allowing someone to commit painful acts on themselves and their children and animals.

That's why we're in a great reset..

We get to look in the mirror.. All over facebook. . If we're willing to look..

When you finally feel the pain of your own predisposed issues..

You'll know exactly where i'm coming from..

Real empathy... You won't own an animal or child.. Because you almost have to become unfeeling to deal with the amount of suffering.. When it comes to growing up..

You have to be a monster to own something and raise something.. So they can survive..

And then you have no control what happens when their immune system is out of whack and you can't force them to deal with life.. And so then you have to give that child and animal to a doctor death and will get further traumatized...

And then when the animal dies.. You never get another animal again because that's just too painful..

And you hope your offspring survives the environment and the predators out there.. You hope they can battle the battles worth battling out there.

And then you never want to raise another child again. Because to be a monster, so your kid is survives.. Is devastating..

Because look out there in the world..

It's very dangerous..

If they don't have what it takes.. They won't survive cancer and disease.. And they could be food for a predator.

Now I understand what parenting is.. I could do it.. But I don't want to do it.. Not in this world.. Not ever really.

Parents out there.. Yeah many of them most of them do not have what it takes. Because you really have to be a monster to make sure your kids survive the monsters out there.. And that also means the monsters in their body.. What they inherited from you..

If they can survive you..

They will have an issue surviving in the world..

When your kids love you.. Not hate you..

They will have a difficult time dealing with hardship.. But then the double edged sword is.. You come down too hard.. Your child could cry abuse.. And the system would be correct.. Because you're not trained to behavior modify your child in an aggressive monster way. And so then you have to let them get away with everything..

And when that happens..

Will they survive the future...

We will see..

So now you know why the world economic forum does not want you to own anything.. Because you have no respect for life..

When people own a person plays or a thing.. It's disposable.. And subject for harm.

Since you are not going to be around anyways according to you.. It's easy to destroy a person place or thing and then leave.. With absolutely no connection or commitment to the life or quality of life.. It's all for show.. Or filling up avoid in your life..

Look at how many people sell their houses which have been destroyed.

Everything is disposable to them even friends family and animals and life..

That's why we're in a great reset..

Entitlement is destructive..

He is correct.. He understands humans.. The whole system has studied humanity..

When you don't own something.. You have a respect for it.. Because there will be parameters of how to take care of something.. So you don't destroy it.. Can you imagine the fear the animals have when they are dropped off at the vet to get butchered..and injected while the owner is shopping.. completely oblivious..

can you imagine the fear in the farm animals when it is slaughter day???

can you imagine the fear your children are in when going under the knife??????

can you image the fear of the cells when antibiotics are shoved down the throat of the child/human/animals

can you imagine the fear of the animals forced to deal with kids who pull their tail and ears???? And the parent just laughs and says good boy for not defending yourself.. omg...omg..omg..

can you imagine the fear of the child when the parent uses aggressive corporal punishment and then uses antibiotics showing "love".. can you imagine the feelings of hunger because that child is starving because YOU mom have weight issues...too skinny or too obese..

can you imagine the suffering of all animals and children owned by people who have NO idea what they are doing and allowing them to be used as experiments in the vet/medical/surgical system..

And so they think if they don't use the system, they are better doing it on their own, and then they fuck up their kid even more..

That's why I have the fucking petition.

can you imagine sitting in that animal's/child shoes for a day??

sit in their shoes for one whole day or week.. and then look at the future of the world they live in..

this is why we need to reconsider owning someone else or an animals..

slavery you are advocating the slavery system... and you claim you want to be free....

freedom starts with the parents... and i see many parents enslaving their kids, grandkids and friends and family.. and animals..

you are not advocating freedom..

This is why it's now extremely hard to watch the world.. Because you're watching slavery.. And you're watching people get butchered..

And then the suffering... Exponential suffering. ..

And then they do it all over again..

No matter what..

All kids are suffering under the weight of their parents ignorance.. Because they know they can't do it on their own.. They have to have the medical system.. And the grandmother cannot wait to get her hooks into those grandchildren..

And if your animal has been damaged.. Or you have a rescue animal.. That animal is suffering too.. Because when that animal starts evolving.. You will stop the evolution..

Right there tells you those children and animals are suffering exponentially.. And no one intends to keep them alive..

Just making their exit easier for everybody..

And you can't promise them a good life because you can't guarantee they will survive their childhood or this environment. Or your predisposed issues. And so they become a slave to your family and religion and politics..

That's what I gave you that petition to use..

So you have some kind of platform to work from.

I hope you realize why I use that metaphor of stacking skulls..

If you don't intend to live indefinitely mother.. Your children are food for the vampires .

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