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Programming People

Jilliith/lillith negative Lila/leyla positive

spell casting..names hold some much weight

correction lilith in frasier crane was enigmatic.. She was unflappable.. Frasier was emotional and entertaining.. And flappable..

I see what you did there.. Fifty years later..

When you found a solution that doesn't develop more demons and can explain it. This is why I do what I do.. I'm not trying to save the world because not many people can release their demands/demons or want to.. I'm giving people unawareness that there is a way to release their demons if they're willing to do the work.. And it is work and it's not over and it will never be over in a world of diversity... Take on demons and release them.. But to hold them hostage and harbor them for many centuries you'll develop wars.. And those wars will destroy you..

chaos = organic gmo = organized

casting spells of "moving on up"..

America the old world.. You have exhausted your body.. Time to take a rest without dying.. Redirect your energy... Now it's time to use your brain..

First world.. You have a chance.. To save yourself.. Those coming in and doing the hard labor.. They don't know.. But you know..

Let them be under the spell..

Break the spell

When someone else is manipulating the stock price and the perception, Even the market..

There is no guarantee the money train will be there and stay there consistently..

You wanna stay alive.. Stop trying to move up in a society that has the intention to keep you humble..

We're not in the eighties anymore and money is not flowing freely..

Figure it out or you will destroy yourself trying to keep up with something you have no control over..

There's nowhere to go.. Moving up in this world is a fantasy when all you're doing is using up more resources.. There is nowhere to go because the more you make the more you spend so you're not going anywhere.. You're just lining in the pockets of somebody else selling you a dream.. That was a spell put on you at birth.. All you did was convert cash into an object/bauble.. And you can't eat it.. Status is a curse.. Status is a spell.. If that is your goal.. You can't take it with you if you assume you will die someday.. Did you really have fun making it..? Because if you don't live long enough to enjoy it .. Then all you did was make it converting your energy into material goods lining somebody else's pocket.. You didn't make it for yourself.. You just thought you did because the curse of King Midas was bestowed upon you.. Chasing dreams chasing wealth chasing material goods and baubles and an image... That was the spell of sleeping beauty.. You didn't make it for yourself when you think about it because you expected to pass away.. Someday... And when you don't control your own body mind and spirit somebody else will control when you get to enjoy the money you made for them, and you may never get to enjoy what you made for somebody else.. It's okay to slow down and smell the flowers.. Those who you are trying to keep up with they don't have much longer.. They are sucking you dry.. And you are being sucked dry.. What people do is they destroy themselves trying to keep up with an image.. Nobody cares if you have the best of everything.. Only you care.. You might have been "successful" for yourself.. Or so you think.. But did you really do it for yourself..? Or did you do it so you can get validation.. Making People jealous of your so called success.. How do you define success... It is different for everybody.. If you define success as material wealth.. That spell has not been broken.. For every dollar you make.. More than half is going to somebody else.. And you can't even eat it.. What was it all for.. To push society forward but at some point save yourself.. Relax Let the new people come into this world and let them work hard and relax, America.. You've done your part.. Don't destroy yourself working for something that you know is a fallacy a dream, a fantasy.. Let the new people from the South East North and West come in and fill your shoes and you relax and take a breather.. Lobsters die from exhaustion.. Don't become a lobster.. You've been running so hard.. America needs new blood to do the really hard work because you need a rest.. That's the american dream.. You already put in the time.. Take time for yourself and give someone a chance to fill your shoes and give you a rest.. Once you wake up.. You will save yourself.. Let some other poor soul work themselves to d e a t h.. Open the borders and relax americans you deserve it.. When you realize you don't need that much too exist and thrive.. You don't have to destroy yourself.. Keeping up with a guy next door.. You deserve to live without the pressure of somebody cracking the whip.. If you are barely making it.. Because of financial issues from health issues and other drama in your life.. Time to reassess where you put your energy.. Do lobsters die from exhaustion. yes

What did people know and when did they know it?? who told you.. who told them, who told who, and who and what was their incentive telling you? Were you being manipulated and are you the manipulator? you will never know.. plausible deniability.

people dont ask those questions... they just believe blindly on repeat, until their body, mind and spirit programming breaks down..or shuts off..

so if you do not know every single factor/action/reaction/action reaction what people knew and when they knew it and understand every biophysical component or someone's comings/goings, you cannot make absolute accusations...

but watch people make absolute accusations with absolute belief systems with absolute fixed lifestyles... good luck with that. Americans were bred to go to war because that was the innovation..

Your politics your religion your science.. Even chasing money wealth Fame and power.. It's all about war..

Time to relax... Let the younger people who think they can handle the war figure it out..

In this environment.. Not only are you fighting whatever enemy you have developed, but the environment is working against you as well..

Some people will keep fighting and we thank you for your service..

Peace Why do I explain myself the way I have been..

I will not let anyone in my past present or in my future mischaracterize me..

F u for thinking that way about me..

F u for thinking there are disposable children out there..

F u for being intolerant..

Because humans do only what they were taught and then when they don't like the jail they are in they try to break free.. And they do something about it,

And yeah breaking free is not easy.. When you have intolerant people around you trying to stuff you back in the bottle..

F u for forcing people back in the bottle..

But if people are only doing what they were told to do and what they were taught to do why are you mad..

Because they will read this and maybe sort of understand this but they will never change.. And they will still think life is disposable.. And that is their right..

So I'm just preempting all my energy and get it out and then finally resign myself to the notion.

We are in a great reset and I can't save anyone..

But I will not let anyone mischaracterize me..

Have a great day Forgiveness= Implied that somebody did something wrong to you..

Maybe they didn't..

You don't forgive people.. You get the energy out that was in conflict and you move on..

Don't assume because you don't get along with someone means they did something wrong..

They were one hundred percent right in their world with the information they had at the time..

If it doesn't work for you.. Get it out..

Move the f*** on but you don't forgive people because that's Self righteous..

That's religion This is telling you many things...

This is telling you that people are programmed and there are very specific types of programming.. Which result in something like this even though it's a cartoon.. You see the effect it has on the male.. And yes this is extreme programming even though it's A cartoon.. This is what you see in our society..

Now I understand why I have the jewish name leila.. Demon of the night..

Jillith Lillith

ALIASES Laylah, Layla, Leliel, Laila

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