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Pump and Dump, Gambling, Fear = Ignorance

911 2001 was the kick off of the fear campaigns

main take away.. pump and dump gambling and fear equals ignorance..

Emotional pump and dumps coupled with gambling away your life and bank accounts = politics religion and science and the finance industry

When you put your money into a fluctuating account or turn that money into rocks sitting in your house, WTF ARE YOU DOING???

Gambling or freezing your own assets?

Fear comes from ignorance.. We will be learning the hard way..

Why because we allowed somebody else to run our money our body mind and spirit..

If you don't want to know the rules and how s*** works.. You will be manipulated into fear..

I experienced that last night.. I even got caught up in it myself.. It's hard not to when we have so many fear campaigns we've been marinating in for years..

However.. pay attention to the weather.. pay attention to climate change.. Take necessary action geographically.. Be cognizant of the particle acceleration..

Everything else google.. If you're not sure.. If words scare you please look up the words and the laws and the rules.

If symptoms scare you.. Understand why they exist.. Don't just automatically stop them.. Understand why they exist.. If there are EPA issues in your environment because of chemical leaks fires and what have you.. You need to listen to your government..

The weather.. You won't know how bad weather can get until it happens but then you must listen to indicators which is past experiences and future projections and written information in the climate engineering manuals from the climate scientists..

It's written in the government.. They're telling you..

Climate change..

Pay attention to weather and climate change. and make necessary changes..

Please keep a cool head..

Cooler heads prevail..

The reason why I had so much push back.. Because I knew symptoms were something necessary but I didn't know how to explain it..

We were brainwashed by the medical and the holistic industry to always disappear pain and symptoms, associating untreated symptoms with like torture and self harm,

But they never gave you an alternative way to deal with your symptoms.. Then demonizing the food supply and the elements and the minerals worshipping the pump and dump alchemists selling you a remedy.

And so if you didn't understand what minerals and proteins did for you and how to balance everything out, People demonized the energy based on IGNORANCE, like they are demonzing Wells Fargo.

I'm not saying Wells Fargo is innocent.. I'm not saying they aren't part of a bigger picture that's going on.. Obviously there is plausible deniability and computer glitches happen..

It happened at my regional bank.. But nothing crazy.. it Didn't go viral.. They corrected the problem.. And that was it..

I will not run out on my own bank.. The banking system is relatively safe..

You have to understand the fine print.. Maybe now it's time to learn the fine print. If not you will always be in fear you're getting screwed somewhere..

Maybe learn how your body works or you will think any change is poison or dangerous or deadly..

You keep giving away your body to professionals, you will always be in fear. You keep advocating ignorance, you will always be in fear. And you will continually troll the shit out other people because you know it is true.

People blame me for the design of the system.. sorry, I am not the architect of the system, I am just like you, a participant. I was brought into the system, just like you.

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